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Today I will introduce a very small ICO project from Japan.

NinjaSoul is an ICO that supports Japanese virtual currency engineers.

A project that creates web services through free development activities and contributes to the spread of NinjaSoul and BitShares.

Overview of NinjaSoul Project

NinjaSoul is an original asset spinning web service and virtual currency.

NinjaSoul Project participates in members and projects with skills of various fields with the aim of supporting the community of virtual currency and development support.

We will develop a service that combines virtual currency into web service.

Achievements of NinjaSoul Project

Referral account number 30 or more

NINJASOUL holder 80 or more

Activity on twitter

NinjaSoul Project website

NinjaSoul Project

NinjaSoul Market

OpenLedger NINJASOUL_BTS market 

Japan 's virtual currency trading volume surpassed China and ranked number one in the world.

How Japan’s New Regulations Affect Bitcoin Exchanges

Although it is still a very small project, NinjaSoul will contribute to the spread of BitShares and OpenLedger in Japan.

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Thanks for posting this info, I found it very useful!

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NinjaSoul Project contact mail( )
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