Update From Ceci In Nicaragua

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Hey everyone! We got another update from Ceci in Nicaragua which I said I would pass on. Full of worrisome developments, I'm afraid.

If you want to read the previous updates from our fellow Steemian, here is part one, part two, a xmas update, and an update Lyndsay posted.

image from Havana Times: https://havanatimes.org/?p=147949

From Ceci:

"Update: We have had a wonderful week. New month, new rules. First the prices of basic food items have increased a whopping 50%. Next we have the good news that the poor pensioners will be cut back by a measly 33%. By the way, those new medications coming from Venezuela? Not coming. Oh, and the ones from Costa Rica? Not happening either since Nicaragua has teed off the government of Costa Rica. Nice job if you can get it.

The thing that worry us the most is the sanctions placed on Venezuela oil has a boomerang effect on Nicaragua. All of Danny Boy's oil companies are sanctioned too. Since Nicaragua depends on cheaper oil from Venezuela this means we are cut off too.

This is a big deal, since our electric company, Fenosa depends on cheap oil to produce our electricity. There are only enough supplies in the country for a short period of time. We are aleady experiencing rolling blackouts. When they run out of oil, we run out of power. This means no more phone. No more internet. No more water being pumped from wells. No more power for hospitals. Serious problems for food that requires refrigeration. For foreigners that depend on electronic banking for their money this is worrisome.

Danny Boy is forming a new army using more paramilitary men, the MIB, who only answer to him. The military is being phased out. Police have been demoted to directing traffic and become crossing guards at schools where there are fewer students.

So far we are managing to stay safe and healthy. But the the longer this goes on, the more difficult it becomes.

The moral of the story is be careful of whom you vote in. Folks here thought they were getting a revolutionary leader. What they got were two paranoid want to be dictators robbing and pillaging the country with little thought for the dignity or survival of the people."

image from Fox News

That's it for now - I left her a message asking if she and her family at the compound had solar panels or something so at least their basics are covered when the power goes out like water well pumps, but we crossed paths so I am waiting on a reply (that is, she left me that message when I wasn't online, and so I left her a message now but she's not online).

Keep the faith, Steemians, and send your good vibes to all the people suffering in Nicaragua. <3

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Thank you for the update Phe, and Ceci. :'( :'( Praying you can get out of there!

It is indeed worrisome, this senseless and endless war.. And all for what? Just so you stay in control? My heart goes out to Ceci as things keep deteriorating over there. Just keep hope alive, that light will be at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you @phoenixwren for this update!

Right Wing dictators are being voted in around the world

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Right wing, left wing, when it comes to dictators the results are the same. Venezuela got equality and now they are all equally poor. I think we're reaching a point where it doesn't matter who ends up getting in the results are going to be pretty much the same. You ask for a ruler, you're going to get a ruler.


Right wing + Left wing = 1 Bird. Can't aim for a wing, gotta get it centered.


I agree that dictators are dictators, but the US has been messing with Venezuela's economy from the start, so they were pretty well sabotaged in that regard. Like, you remember Citgo gas? They were banned from the US because it was Venezuelan oil. The US has to be stirring everyone's pot...
This is a video I really like talking about the different economic models in a way that is really well balanced and accurate, imo:


The western world has a habit of messing with other countries economy in general and there's no denying that they started Venezuela's downward spiral. How the government responded to that is telling, though. When sanctions were put on Cuba, they made changes to make sure that the country could self sustain and they made sure everyone had food, medication and education during the transition. From what a Venezuelan wrote, it looks like the current government was voted in as they promised to do something similar and make sure everyone was equally provided for. Unfortunately, it seems they're all equally struggling, except maybe a few at the top.

That's an excellent video and a great example that a comfortable system involves trying to get the balance between extremes. It's easy to throw labels around, but it doesn't reflect actuality.

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I don't know Ceci well, although I remember coming across a few of her brave posts, here and there. Appreciate the update; hope all goes OK for her and her family.

Bright Blessings!

I'm glad Ceci keeps in touch with you. And thank you Phe for passing it on to the Steem community.