Mint your NFT's with LootKit's MINTY! Now available for all SETS customers, coming soon for YOUR token!

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Here at LootKit Games we are building, testing, playing and having a lot of fun. Today we want to show you what we have managed to dream up as a tool to help our customers and allies issue their SETS tokens.

If you aren't already a SETS user, please contact @ecoinstant#9078 on discord about becoming one or even having us adjust our tool for your token.

So one of the missing parts with the new NFT technologies was that of a solid interface. At first we were just experimenting, so casting our own customjson into the chain was not a problem, something like this:


But when it came to offering it to others, we really needed a better user interface.

Our first client, @battlegames, began by using the next.steem-engine interface, and that does get the job done. But it too needs improvement, and we know that the Steem-Engine team has a lot on their plate.

Welcome - to LootKit MINTY!


Visit MINTY here!

SETS users can discover a simple one-page UI to put in all of the information on a token, Click Issue, and cast with Keychain.

We still have work to do:


To Keep up with our Development - Follow along with us here on STEEM.

We are here to have fun, and we are here to stay!


Thank you for being a part of the INCOME entertainment Fund, where builders are sought and supported!

This service is managed by @ecoinstant.


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Sounds great. There are a few people experimenting with NFT’s at the moment . It will be great when pictures of your items feature gets added, instead of just text as it is now. Splinterlands is even looking at how they can add NFT’s to their game.
The most successful game using NFT’s so far seems to be SteemCity.
Can’t wait to see what comes next.
Have an awesome day!

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