Is Next Colony Universe already habitated? [Stats + Universe Map]

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I heard that many players don't sleep, because they are waiting for the Next Colony game to start (it starts 21 April 20:00 UTC, more: @nextcolony) so I made some statistics.

Well, the game is not ready and only a few players can beta test it for now... but the data is interesting and I want to assure you that it will be updated on my webpage on daily basis:

If you don't feel like exploring my page I will show you some charts in this post.

Let's start

Very first (above) image shows data about active and new users.

But.. what would be a whole Universe without exploring?


The chart shows the number of built ships, transportation and explorations voyages that happened every day.

It is very important to track the development of life in the cosmos.. so you need to know what is the state of the economics right now:


Watch every day what is transported. Also, quantity data can tell you how fast the development of the neighborhood is.

Last but not least

I made a MAP of the Universe that is showing the discovered planets which are visited with transports (resources)!!!


On the mentioned webpage you can hover the point and see the coordinates and how many times transporters has visited the selected planet!

All numbers are still low because the game didn't even start!

Of course, some of my stats will probably be reset to make data clean, due to the fact that visible numbers in this post are delivered from beta tests (known users testing the game: @holger80, @oliverschmid, @jarunik).

All I can tell you, much more data is waiting to be shown in the future!

Are you ready to establish your colony?

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Ohh wow! Thanks for this stats.

i love the map ! <3

Wow. That will be awesome data and a very good source of information for players once the game starts. Good job!

This is so cool! :)

That's really awesome! One of the most useful projects.
Thank you a lot for this great job.

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