There is hope...

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The great war and its devastating destruction of our home planet, which forced people to flee from Earth, dates back several years. Mankind was forced to leave Earth at that time. It feels like it's been several generations.

Technology has evolved rapidly and many colonies are now managed by artificial intelligence. On some planets, there is no sign of life at all, and only robots and artificial intelligence are building ships and empty the mines. If human-level general machine intelligence is developed, how far away it will be from then until a machine becomes radically superintelligent? Optimization power will increase more rapidly if AI reaches the 'crossover' point when much of the optimization power is coming from the AI itself. After the crossover, a 'recursive self-improvement' feedback loop would kick in. AI would become unstoppable.

Many settlers have existential fears and send scouts into space to search for new and safe coordinates. They join alliances that have formed in the meantime to obtain protection. Some settlers had no chance to survive in the alpha galaxy and fled to the beta galaxy to found a new colony to get a new chance to survive.

The secret program 'Nemesis' of the interstellar research community has now been revealed, and it is known that these are plans for the construction of a powerful battleship. About 100 of these blueprints have been sighted in various colonies, many of them have already been activated. There are already several reports with notes about upgrades of these powerful battleships.

The universe is on the verge of collapse, and the Yamatos are getting stronger and stronger. Time is running out. There are only 26 days left. Now we need you to save the interstellar community. Follow the path of justice to save Steem and the whole universe from demise once again. It is time to battle for justice. It's time for inescapable justice.

Embark on a breathtaking journey, brief your alliance, and fight Yamato before it's too late.

There is hope...

The new interstellar currency represents a significant step forward. Iris Schrijver, professor of pathology at the wrecked Stanford university annotated Stardust as follows...

"Everything we are, and everything in the universe, and on Earth originated from stardust, and it continually floats through us even today. It directly connects us to the universe, rebuilding our bodies over and again over our lifetimes."

Thanks to technological progress, Stardust can now be extracted from almost anything in space. The process is costly, and it is only possible to extract small amounts of stardust, but it is important for the interstellar community because it allows settlers and raiders an independent and transparent market.

"There is now a realistic chance to finally strengthen poorer colonies with Stardust to ensure that every colony can operate independently in the future. This is another important step towards a free and justice interstellar society," says Gioquis Baljar, head of the interstellar financial supervision committee.

Not all colonies accept stardust as their main currency. The manipulation of the banks over many decades, high fluctuation, and several collapses of the financial markets continue to create uncertainty. We still have a long way and numerous negotiations to go before we find broad acceptance.

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I like this type of game story telling. Reading @nextcolony post is simply communication to all the NC SETTLERS to better understand the galaxy and to explore in hopes of finding PLANETS, BLUEPRINTS, AND STARDUST! All while defending and making ALLIANCES to PROTECT valuable RESOURCES. Even @malric-inferno decide to RESPAWN and most likely will RESPAWN again for a BETTER coordinate in the NC BETA GALAXY.

Thanks for your kind words, @malric-inferno!
We appreciate that very much.

Your most welcome.

I plan on making a post about some suggestions that might make the game more like AI.

I hope you don't mind and consider it for a future update!

Glad to see that you are a "Brave Verified Creator"


Some of the best proposals came from settlers and raiders and we've already implemented some of them. Because it is matching: We are 'brave verified creator' because @jaki01 recommended this to us.

Yes, there is hope that you will optimize the gameplay. How to send 20 explorers at a time? Every time I have to click on empty tile and wait for the transaction to pass before I can click on another one. It's very slow and tiring.

Everything is linked to the blockchain, so we are limited.
And we want everything to be linked to the blockchain.

Hopes make you stand for your problems

I have also hope that one day my ships are ruling the all colonies.

You will
...unless @cryptomancer decides to destroy you.

Great back story, guys! And now I have some body to send my BAT tips too aslo. Keep it up

Thanks, @fro2218! (:

I think this game reflects that sometimes against all odds, against all logic, we still hope. There is still something in the air, still a feeling of uncertainty of where this game is going to and if the good choices have been done along the way. It still a place for kings, but I believe it should be a place for masses, for all colonists to thrive through their own forces. Hopefully there is a way to achieve that and expand the Universe as never before...

Can 'kings' and settlers exist in parallel?


It is called Capitalism to be Frank!


Oh God, will we see the Earth burned?

Who knows. Could happen. (:


Who is going to NUKE EARTH!


Yes, it would be madness to burn the most legendary planet of all legendary planets.

Who would be capable?

But, if we follow the thread of history... or perhaps, the planet at coordinate 0,0 is a kind of earth 2.0 where humans escaped, then there would be no need to destroy it.

I hereby CALL to the NC Congress to have a written documentation to be submitted into LAW to have a MAJORITY VOTE by the NC SETTLERS if such an act was to OCCUR to coordinate 0,0 EARTH 2.O.

Gioquis Baljar, ambassador of the Leonids, from the planet Tellus and head of the interstellar financial supervision committee AND Deliah' MIIXV, ambassador of Cruq'al and head of the interstellar research community.

If there is ANYONE I missed please humbly accept my sincere APOLOGIES.



Lol, I second this motion.

@tipu curate 2

Thanks, @bronkong. (:

Sorry I will be honest and say I did not read the post... But I'm jumping to questions.. Listen is this game on Google play

I would say that the @nextcolony game is more about STRATEGY and NUMBERS. At first I was NOT drawn to it like I was with @steemmonsters but after I started for FREE just by signing in with steemconnect I GOT HOOKED and CLAIMED PLANETS with my other accounts. Now I have a hard time MANAGING them all! It gets addicting and seems like a job FOR REAL! :)

A job, but without the rewards.

I get rewards.


All for playing and sell in the MARKET!

The game is here: