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We have just released an early beta version of a new feature. Buffs can be purchased with Stardust and are essential for every settler and raider. Each Buff is improving a different functionality in the game. Buffs have a limited duration and thus do not improve permanently. Buffs can be purchased multiple times, so that the periods add up and thus last for a longer period. Buffs have effects on account level.

The first Buff available is the 'mission control buff'. This Buff temporarily expands mission control and increases the mission slots to 400 immediately after activation. The mission limit on planet level, which is controlled by the base level on each planet, is unaffected.

The first Buff can already be used on Jarunik's client and will be available in the next days also on the main frontend. Here is a preview:


We have already defined two more buffs which we will implement in the next weeks and are looking forward to your ideas for new buffs. Buffs are always temporary and available for Stardust. Buffs will be an enrichment for the game and a fantastic Stardust sink.


Note: Stardust is currently linked to purchases in the shop. We will turn that off on November 24, 2019 20:00:00 UTC as announced here and here. Now it's time to stock up on Stardust to increase your influence, build up your liquidity, and grow your empire.

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server or use the comments below.

Stay tuned.


Wie wär´s mit nem Urlaubs-Buff - also nicht nur für 24 Stunden, sondern für 3, 5 und / oder 7 Tage?

Gute Idee. Diesen Buff hat das Team auch dringend nötig. (:

Baut doch über Weihnachten und Neujahr einen Weihnachtsfrieden ein und macht ein paar Tage frei.

Okay, now we just need a buff that will let AI play the game for us so we can compete with botters.

AI buff sounds interesting.

A buff for a day or two days IMMUNITY (to have a well deserved break)

Can we have this buff right away?

I have bought a mission control buff because I lack mission slot to upgrade Yamato. After that nothing changed. I still have no extra mission slots. My nickname is @stranger27. Is it a bug or do I miss something?

This might be due to the display error in the Shipyard, which we just fixed a couple minutes ago.

Good update to keep stardust value high.

Stardust is the way to go.


It could be that one of the two already defined buffs is a speed increase. But who knows... (:

Time will tell!!! ;-) But I'm fairly certain that it would be a very, very, very attractive feature!!! (-:

Could be. ;)

I welcome the buffs and hope they will boost the colonies activities for a period of time. It simply a way to get you further now that there is the limitation of explorations.

I am wondering if "400 mission slots" is capped the same with the base/2 formula which will imply maximum 10 explorations at a time...?

  • Buffs have effects on account level.
  • The mission limit on planet level, which is controlled by the base level on each planet, is unaffected.

Apart from mission control buff, there are variety of items that can be sold for SD like time buffs to make researches or building faster.
But post is not clear that whether mission control buff will overcome "Base" limitation or not.

The mission control buff will buff "Mission Control" to 400. This will NOT remove the planetary mission limits depending on the level of your Base (Building).

The mission limit on planet level, which is controlled by the base level on each planet, is unaffected.

So it’s basically useless 🤓

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Definitely not. This buff even becomes more important from month to month.

Wowww it's nice update

Wie währe es mit einer Bauschleife. Man klickt die Gebäude oder Schiffe an die nacheinander gebaut werden an und kann sich ein paar Stunden zurücklegen.
Man könnte es auch in mehreren Stufen anbieten ... zB. In 3 / 4 / 5 oder 6 Gebäude / Schiffe in der Schleife.
Ich denke das das für alle die ohne Bot spielen eine Bereicherung währe.

Der Vorschlag wurde schon häufig auf den Tisch gelegt in den vergangenen Monaten. So löst das auch u.a. OGame. Das ist also bekannt. Schwieriger ist es etwas derartiges umzusetzen ohne dabei auf grundlegende Prinzipien im Umgang mit der Blockchain zu verzichten. Das klingt zwar profan, ist aber durchaus komplex.

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