Base now limits the number of missions on a planet level

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A quick update: We have just release a new update, which enhances the utility of the Base. Base now limits the number of missions that can be done simultanously on one planet. The number of possible missions is calculated by the following formula:
Number of mission = Base level divided by 2. This means that at level 2 you can do 1 mission, at level 10 you can do 5 missions etc. The number of missions allows is rounded off, so mission control level 11 also allows 5 missions.

The total number of missions continues to be limited by the mission control skill. One other change we have done here however is the fact that we have eliminated the "plus 1" rule for the starter planet. So the global limit for missions is now always "Mission control level x 2". In order to help new players, new users will start with Mission control skill level 1 already.

Stay tuned!


Hi there,

I think that an update is great but I believe the devs need to focus on some of the underlying problems that NC community is currently facing.

There should be less benefit offered to those who use BOT. I was thinking you would INCREASE the number of missions a single account could do, therefore reducing the benefit of having multiple accounts... That would have been a welcome change, but I don't really understand the underlying purpose of why you made the currently announced change. Maybe you could elaborate as to what you guys had in mind when you decided to implement...

If there aren't measures put in place to acknowledge and address some of the issues the game is experiencing, I fear the game will go the way of the DO-DO. Or just have a gave full of AI....

I don't understand why Devs make these changes over anything else like...

  • Better managing planets...
  • Reducing button clicks. Build all (ships or buildings)
  • still lots of work to be done making the market better.
  • explore closest tile.... outside of the SPACE UI.
  • What is happening to reward pool after the 10 months?

We need to start making the game more inviting and playable so that we can attract and retain new players... I noticed that new players get lvl 1 MC now but is that enough ??? Love to see making the game better for newbies but I'm not sure that is the final solution.

So much to do yet when I see this I feel it is quite a superficial change when there is some systemic stuff that needs work.


Totally this.

This was actually almost unavoidable after we allowed respawn. It was very easy to game the system by respawning, doing 20 easy and fast explorations, respawning again and again.

maybe implement an additional variable cost to respawning alpha. 250 SD * number of discovered planets. That way it favors new players being pillaged and discourages well established players from abusing...

Really don't like it because I got used to something else ;)
It might improve the game. Curious to find out how the game will change

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Keep moving. (:

Ouch! That changes things a bunch for me. I can't say I'm against the change though.

Available Missions: Planet -23/7

I think this is a very nice update, finally the base building is worth something. It also slows down the exploration of the universe, which is nice too.

That are the positive outcomes besides closing a gap, yeah.

Thanks, @sco! (:

I don't think this change is useful.

I would prefer to see the start production of all ships button. The number of my planets is increasing and in each I have to start production manually. This would be a wonderful update!

There should be a way to automate ship production; I second that!

Something like that's gonna be necessary soon, yeah.

It's the first time ever I used the new downvote pool feature in steem, this is to stress how mich I dislike this "feature" (in fact, it's a bug, because it is bugging me): it's fracking rickdiculous.

We wouldn't call that feature, it's a necessary adjustment.

I'd call it a failure. You grounded old Players who only have an Alpha in their desperate effort to find their Beta. They have mission control 0, the extra mission for Alpha is gone, so they are grounded for at least 5 days until MC lvl 1 is enhanced. If I was such a player, I would just say "fuck you" and leave the game. After all the effort put in, leveling shit to build explorers, exploring a lot of space without success.

We had to close a gap quickly. This is a little uncomfortable but necessary.

The problem with centralized backends for blockchain games is, that you cannot fork if you don't like changes in consensus rules. This would be a fine reason to make "NextColony Cash" or "Nextcolony Classic" or even "NextColony OV (Olis Vision)" :D

Es ist nun ein Fakt, egal wie sehr dich das nun auch triggert. Ich kann es nicht immer allen recht machen. Das weis ich und das weist Du. Natürlich werden wir weiterhin Lücken schließen, wenn wir dafür die Notwendigkeit im Sinne des Spiels sehen und in diesem Fall war sogar Eile geboten. Also atme ein paar mal tief durch, schlafe drüber und in ein paar Tagen ist das überwunden. (:

Die Lücke zu schließen war nötig ja. Die wurde aber durch das defekt implementiert respawn und das schlecht gebalancete Markt feature aufgerissen.
Problem: dicker Account respawned -> Explorer am Markt kaufen -> exploren -> direkt danach nochmal respawn -> goto 10
Ein verträglicher Fix wäre zum Beispiel: nur 1 (2? 3?) respawn events pro Account zulassen oder das Respawn pro event exponentiell teurer machen. Euer Fix: man fuscht fundamental in etablierter Spielmechanik und zerstört den Spaß. meh.

Natürlich haben wir das damit nicht ausgemerzt, sondern nur ausgebremst, das hast Du vollkommen richtig erkannt. Das ist auch genau die Art und Weise wie wir seit jeher Dinge angehen - wir implementieren keine Brecheisen und wir beobachten das was wir einführen und bessern nach, wenn wir da Bedarf sehen. Easy.

good update!!

It's great to see a game developer group on steemit

An obviously necessary change for the better.
A heads up would have been nice though!

It was necessary and had to be implemented quickly, yeah.

Thanks, @oldoneeye. (:

Yes I can imagine. It was definitely needed immediately. Already such a drastic slowdown on planets found. I think that will be good.

... that at level 2 you can do 2 missions,..

Should be 1 mission?

Correct, thanks.

See this limitation I was furious in the beginning, but as days go by I am understanding the move in this regard. This could prove sane for the economy from NextColony and let's us power up and build up more on our Planets.

But in order for the vision to work I think the game needs quite soon to have a market at every player disposable, by trading IN and OUT of the game using STEEM or TRON as possible options. Do you have any target on this or time line?

We've already announced that:

"Once we've done both things, we'll give you settlers and raiders a chance to figure out the price of Stardust for yourself. Stardust may be converted and traded as Steem Engine tokens. You may transfer it into or out of the game."


Thanks, @cryptorg! (:

You create a game that requires me to subscribe to a bot to play and now I need to go back to my dozens of planets and do hundreds of tedious manual upgrades.

Just give it up and put everyone out of their misery is my advice!

Opinions about this change are divided and we knew that. But it doesn't change the fact that it was a very important and necessary change.

This change sucks for me. I didn't bother to update the base because it had no use and now I can't do any missions (in a practical sense). Please don't do changes without a heads-up. I am seriously considering burning all my planets and dumping the star dust as soon as a functional market is up and running.

Once we see gaps, we close them, once we see huge gaps, we close them quickly.

Once we see gaps, we
Close them, once we see huge gaps,
We close them quickly.

                 - nextcolony

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Wowww that great update

Oh, too quickly gameplay's changing without any announcement in some days before it.
So, I lost my 21 Battlecruiser Tiger's ships in my defending battle in the time of your changes (Mission : M-ZYP4SHZ6LM8 Battle : 1), because I was impossible to lift up my fleet from the ground to the planet's Support mission... having 0/2 missions (instead 1/3 a minutes ago before this changing) on my startup planet :(
So, for better defence of some players with missions' problem now -
Can you change the game's automatic order in Mission slots to first - for Transporter (the best tank) on a planet? (instead the slot #2 now, see in my event)
Please, do it ASAP too ;)

We want to play 1-3 Seasons and see Yamato in action before we continue working on the battle system.

Well thanks, I had just sent a bunch of explorers to a new planet, I guess they won't have much to do for the foreseeable future. My neighbors will be very happy with this change.

The total quantity remains the same, just the strategy just changes.

Panic mode. My bot is lost in space :)

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For some unknown reason, I already upgraded to my base at level 20.
I second that your concern about "abuse" are valid.

So this is why I'm seeing negative missions available. It's nice to see that you have finally created a good incentive to upgrade the base. I had left it alone after Level 12 previously.

Best of Luck with the Stardust Sale!

Thanks, @vimukthi, we appreciate it! (:

I don't get negative comments. This was a fix/tweak that was long overdue. I do wish it had come after I had discovered few more planets. But it was necessary to keep the base from being a virtually useless upgrade.

I'm sure you have your reasons for making these changes and I am enjoying the game so don't have anything negative to say as I am quite new.

The only issue I have now is that I can't do any missions at all as I only just managed to get my ship skill to the level where I can make explorers and now I will have to wait days to get enough resources to get my Mission Control to level 1 :-(

Maybe you could set everyone's Mission Control to level 1 if they are at 0? No new user will ever be level 0 so it seems unfair that existing users now have to upgrade especially when it is going to take days (or maybe even over a week) to produce enough resources.


That would upgrade all bot accounts and we want them to slow down.

Thanks, @atomcollector! (:

Well maybe you could ask people to request it in discord. I have to upgrade all my depot skills now before I can even get enough resources to get something that new accounts get automatically!

If we would do this for each account, we'll be busy for a week. We can't do that. But it is primary technically not possible to upgrade only some accounts.

Sorry - I do not get this @nextcolony - So I have a quite new planet where I moved Explorers - mission control level 14, available missions 22/28 - why can I not explore anything? The formula is a bit unclear to me. See screenshot.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 21.30.11.png

I believe your NEW planet Xi needs to upgrade the Building BASE with the NEW UPDATE. I understand you have SKILL LEVEL 14 but your BUILDING BASE is most likely NOT at BASE 14 for the NEW PLANEY Xi.

That could be it - thx for that! Thought "base" means sth different. Thx for helping

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