Explorer II: How to get the best result

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The Explorer II is a powerful tool when used correctly. Apparently, there is one important point we don't have explained sufficiently.

We have already explained the basic functionality of the Explorer II in this post. What we haven't explained sufficiently is that you have to fly at least 36 tiles in order not to have a disadvantage in the droprate (chance for a planet) compared to the Explorer I.

We use a nonlinear equation and the droprate increases with the distance. This converges towards a droprate of 5.5% (soft cap). That means...

  • 36 fields -> 1.04% chance
  • 60 fields -> 2% chance
  • 99 fields -> 3% chance
  • 198 fields -> 4% chance
  • 1300 fields -> 5.31% chance
  • 2300 fields -> 5.42% chance
  • and so on...

But that means also...

  • 8 fields -> 0% chance
  • 13 fields -> 0.05% chance
  • 23 fields -> 0.40% chance
  • 33 fields -> 0.89% chance
  • 35 fields -> 0.99% chance
  • 36 fields -> 1.04% chance

In contrast to the nonlinear equation of Explorer II, Explorer I has a fixed droprate of 1%. To beat the droprate of Explorer I, you have to fly at least 36 tiles with Explorer II.

To avoid confusion, we will show the droprate (chance for a planet) directly in the modal (right where you need it). This is already active on the test server, and with the next update, we will upload this on the live server. You can see an example on the screenshot below.


The Explorer II is designed especially to reach distant areas. The free tiles in the current galaxy are decreasing, so it is important to have the chance to settle further away. The Explorer II is best suited for this because of the speed. The higher droprate (chance for a planet) comes on top.

Pro-tip: From a 15 tile distance on the Explorer II is more efficient per time. This means that from a 15 tile distance on, you will find more planets per time with the faster flight than with the Explorer I. From a 36 tile distance on the Explorer II has an absolute better chance to find something.

If you want to learn more, please read the post How to effectively use the Explorer II in NextColony by @rondras and here is the post with the basic functionality.

Like all other blueprints, the blueprint for the Explorer II is limited. There are currently 1799 blueprints left and after they are sold out, the Explorer II will only be available from ingame producers and merchants.

The Explorer II blueprint is available in the shop.

Stay tuned.

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It is always an honor to appear in The Steem News. Thanks! (:

It's great for @nextcolony team to explain further the game details when you spot that a significant chink of players didn't understand something properly. This serves as proof of your close eye to the community's needs and your speed to take action when needed.

I read in some comment that each new feature is created in a supplemental fashion in order to maintain each element of the game with some use cases, that's great because this game's economy relies on the value the digital assets might posses, thus avoiding ships deprecation is just great! Kudos for that one.

With the exploring mechanism, the only thing that prevents me from fully enjoying the process is the need to load the mission_fleet page each time I deploy an explorer, if this could be optional it would be a great enhancement in exploration UE.

Then you might like this (already done on the testnet):

Great!!! It would be much more smooth to launch out exploring missions now. Keep on with the awesome performance!!

Yes, we will. Thanks! (:

If you explore a square and there is a 0% chance of finding a planet, does it still prevent that square from being explored by someone else?

Actually, yeah.

Very interesting strategic approach! Kudos.

Alright, so you can still snipe with the exp II at close distances if you want to be a dick and prevent anyone else from having that square.


This explain why my intensive use of Explorer II resulted in no findings... :(

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We're glad if we can help to optimize your explorations.

Hm, very interesting equation for the droprate (chance for a planet) using the Explorer II. This post has given a surprise for those players who love fast flights on short distances using explorers II ;)

Can you show this nonlinear equation in algebraic view (like y = exp(x) or something else), for our calculation itself?

Just I have great interest for too long distances, like 1500? 100 000? 1 000 000? any other?
Whether there are some real limits for distance in space of NextColony?

"This post has given a surprise for those players who love fast flights on short distances using explorers II"


"Can you show this nonlinear equation in algebraic view (like y = exp(x) or something else), for our calculation itself?"

=5.5*10^-2 * EXP(-60 / distance)

"Whether there are some real limits for distance in space of NextColony?"

The entire Deep Space is 11 times 11 galaxies big but potentially unlimited.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-05 um 07.17.35.png

Oh how I love these insider treats!!! So the next Spawn Area is Number 2, upper right???

We will publish a post with detailed information about the systematics of the Galaxy in the next weeks.

Thank you very much for explaining this detail, I really had no idea. I thought explorer II was better than explorer I in all aspects, but it seems that for short distances is better to use the explorer I

You're welcome. (:

We try to implement all expansions supplemental to avoid cannibalization. E1 still has a legitim job.

Woww that's really good....

It is. (:

Great, thanks for the update..

You're welcome. (:

I really like the update which shows the droprate, as well as how many missions you have available. Very, very useful! At the moment, I'm using several frontends, plus a spreadsheet for the droprate, to organize my explorations. This will make things so much more efficient. I really appreciate how the NextColony team pays attention to detail, as this is also what makes for a greater gaming experience! Thank you!

These were essentially the proposals of the settlers and raiders.

Thanks for your kind words, this motivates us! (:
We've said this before and we'd love to repeat it...

"We have the goal of building an imaginative and enormously large universe that offers great adventures. We get our motivation from our strong community and our fuel is donuts and coffee."

Source: https://nextcolony.io/press

Great news - so from now on set my focus to loooooooooooooooooong range exploration <3

Even longer.
The next galaxy will emerge soon.

Consider me one of the ones that didn't pay attention at first! Thank you for this explanation!

You're certainly not the only one.

Thanks for the explanation... I have still unexplored tiles near to my planets. Maybe in a close future, I have to build some Explorer II. BTW, great game.

You're welcome. (:

Thanks, @heroldius!

great news

Yes! (:

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Is anyone still looking for some explorer I ships?

I am selling.

I'll take Е1s as a gift :)

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

I am sending you one explorer ship as you wished. The problem is it will take the ship like 24 days to arrive. Hopefully you are a very patient person.

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

Thanks for your sending me one explorer I, I keep it in my memory :)
Good luck!!!

The E1 is dead, long live the E1!

  ·  15 days ago (edited)

Person below wants E1 as a gift. I want to send him one E1 ship, but I am actually not sure how to do that.

Can you help?

Mission: Deploy

Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-05 um 11.22.46.png

What is Deploy?
Deploy changes the home planet of a ship or a fleet. This might be one of your own planets or that of somebody else. It can be started from the fleet or galaxy menu. If the planet belongs to another user, the ships are changing the owner to the user who owns the target planet.
Source: https://nextcolony.io/faq

  ·  15 days ago (edited)

That's what I know, but how to find this exact player in this vast galaxy? Does he have to tell me his coordinates? I suppose so, I am just getting sure.

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

Thank you very much - the deploy mission will only take 24 days, haha!

Thats tooo far, yeah.

Wait for the new skill...

"Speed increase skill : +0.2 speed per level."

You cannot discover new planets without Explorers and from the look of it the Explorer II gives you the advantage between the other players. More chances, more speed, just better and more advanced technologically.

Soon you will find Blueprints and Stardust during your explorations.

Yes! Soon you will find
Blueprints and Stardust during
Your explorations.

                 - nextcolony

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Everyone needs a haiku bot.

Oh, Boeing finally updated the manual for the 737-Max 8 now it can fly better 😎

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Great! (:

This is awesome!

Could you please also give an error message if the explorer can't explore for some reason? It took me forever to realize that I didn't have enough uranium . . . .

Yes. We have already implemented this on the test server and will release it with the next update.

Thank you!

You're welcome. (: