Explorer II: Increase your chance to find a planet

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NextColony Explorer II

Our engineers have been working hard to deliver an improved version of the Explorer. We are proud to present you a faster Explorer, which also has an increased chance to find a planet.

This is the improved Explorer...

Explorer II
Speed (coordinate point per hour): 6
Up to 5.5% droprate

The Explorer II is used to explore undiscovered coordinates which are far away to discover new planets and this increases your chance finding a planet drastically. The Explorer II is six time faster than his predecessor.

The chance to find a planet (droprate) with the Explorer II depends on the distance. We use a nonlinear equation and the droprate increases with the distance. This converges towards a droprate of 5.5% (soft cap) as you can see on the screenshot below.

NextColony Explorer II Chance

The Explorer II will rather find a planet when the target is 36 fields away.

Here are some examples:

  • 36 fields -> 1% chance
  • 60 fields -> 2% chance
  • 99 fields -> 3% chance
  • 198 fields -> 4% chance
  • 1300 fields -> 5.31% chance
  • 2300 fields -> 5.42% chance
  • and so on...

Like all other blueprints, the blueprint for the Explorer II is limited. There are 2000 blueprints and after they are sold out, the Explorer II will only be available at ingame producers and merchants.

The Explorer II blueprint is now available in the shop.

Stay tuned.


Great news and about time. Explorer I is excruciatingly slow and boring to use (except when you find a planet)

Nice news but ...why Daiesthai War and you published the article almost at the same time?

because of love

That's too bad. :(

Hi, I saw you voted for a publication.

They are a Blockchain game by Steem, great.

A consultation to start playing nextcolony I need to invest, buy something to start conquering planets?

What do you need to start?

I'm really disappointed in this. When the idea was originally proposed for another explorer there was a lot of talk about trying balance out the luck of the unluckiest players, giving them a better chance to find a planet.

Instead, you put something out there that ignores a large chunk of your player base (f2p players). Really? I understand you guys need to make money but in the future please don't tease us with new features that will help the most unlucky unless you first clarify they will only be for paying players.

Development is dynamic because conditions are constantly changing. Everything that is available for free, about one third, is also used by bot farms. These crooks stay in moving, so we stay in moving.

You are actively helping the players who are currently doing the best and hurting the players that are doing the worst with the update. I know that wasn't the intent but that is the end result. The players who currently are having the most difficult time are the free players who have been unlucky and this update makes things more difficult for them.

Increased communication would lessen some of the frustration, when new explorers were discussed in chat they were talked about as a way to help balance some of the bad luck players were having. Making them only available to players with steem to spend is a slap in the face of all the free players. If you had mentioned from the beginning that this was a premium feature perhaps free players wouldn't have gotten their hopes up and would be less upset now.

What prevents a bot farm from getting explorer II?

or the notorious "503 Service Unavailable" error, that is happening all afternoon today again. @oliverschmid @jarunik @bronkong @holger80

Do you have any backend monitoring? Do you need assistance in setting up reliable hosting?

Nothing. Nothing. But we don't see bot farms buying blueprints yet.

I don't know if that has an effect or is a cause of this:

And that just kept repeating I had to close the tab to get it to stop. happened twice. Not sure where else to report small issue like this. I am still unable to explore. Errors occurred at 2004, 2006 and 2014 0n 7-4-2019 Alaska Time, using chrome browser

I have also been getting the error repeatedly. NC is very slow at the moment.

Funny how this happened then a sneak attack, no incoming missions and then all of a sudden my two explorers are killed in an attack. If it worked only one explorer would have been killed in a sneak attack. What good are the shields if you have no warning of incoming attacks. This is one of the reasons I have not spent any money on this game. To much gamifiaction seems to be going on to call it a game for the masses. I will continue for another month maybe, but then who knows, always hoping for a nice block chain game, and this had so much potential like the old style BBS Trade Wars game. A once a day maybe twice a day take your time to play game, does not look like that is going to happen.

We fixed this bug. If it should occur again, please let us know.

it is not fixed, I still had undetected attack, there was a time when if you looked at your misson screen you would have some advanced warning of attack. It is broke, and I am done.

Doesn't fix the sneak attack factor on me, the destruction of two explores, the lack of any chance to charge up and set the shield generator going, or to quickly level up things that were on the back burner due to a pending attack.

I'll stick around a little longer, but my hopes of it being a nice game/challenge is pretty much passing by the wayside. I did like and enjoy my daily Trade Wars days on BBS systems, and this game looked like it could match it somewhat, oh well, life will go on for you and me regardless.

What are the requirements for building the Explorer I?

I believe Building Skills SHIPYARD at level 12. For sure at level 13.

But Ship Skills EXPLORER needs to be level 20 before you can actually use it

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Aw man looks like it'll be even longer than I expected for my fleet to be born. I had a late start, that's why. I was missing-in-action.

Just buy resources and the 50% speedboost. 😉

I don't think my poor settlement, having barely escaped Earth, can afford such luxuries! 💸

6 coordinate points per hour ???

Holy crap that's quick :D

Also what do you mean by droprate ?
I thought all the planets are already in fixed positions.

Great game, I play everyday, well done @nextcolony team !

No, I don't think they are fixed. I think the drop rate is completely random.

@tsnaks it works like a dice game with 1% probability to find a planet, each and every time you'll send an Explorer to a tile. Good luck!

Hmmm, this going to take several milk run to gather enough resources to build one. The amount of coal needed is between Carrier and a Dreadnought.

Wow, und ich dachte dass es wirklich nicht moeglich ist die game balance noch mehr zu verkacken. Glaubt ihr wirklich die planet botter kuemmern sich um die 30 steem, die machen doch 200-500 steem per planet!

Das update ist so ein richtiger schlag ins gesicht fuer alle free to play player.

Great job

Das wird sich zeigen, aber ich bin da sehr zuversichtlich.

Ja ich bin auch zuversichtlich dass es ein Schlag ins Gesicht fuer Free to Play player ist und Bots hilft planets in long distance zu farmen...

Das würden wir ja sehen, wen dem so ist und bislang sehen wir das nicht.

Auch erschließt sich mir Deine Aufregung nicht, denn kommuniziert und mMn durchaus fair ist:

1/3 free
1/3 pay
1/3 reward

Explorer I is free, so Explorer II is pay. Explorer III will be a reward type.

Jetzt könnest Du natürlich die Reihenfolge bemängeln, aber das geht mir zu weit.

Einfach mal locker durch die Hose atmen.

Die Frage ist ob man das klug 1/3 1/3 1/3 macht oder halt nicht.
Wenn 100% aller Bullet Schiffe pay sind, ist das naemlich nicht 1/3, sondern 100% von dem gesamten gameplay element.
Wenn in dem extrem Zentralen game element von Exploration der OP explorer auch noch Pay to Win ist, wobei die payer eh schon einen riesen vorsprung haben, macht es das noch mal ordentlich viel schlimmer.

10$ fuer so ein Schiff ist schon ordentlich Asche. Fuer 10$ bekommt man 5 steem monster booster packs. Und bei nextColony nur 1 blueprint fuer nen schiff.
Das ist uebertrieben.

Aber ich lass euch das einfach selber in Sand fahren. Koennen ja schauen wie viel spieler dann noch uebrig sind.

Pay Element werden nie mit Trompeten empfangen, da habe ich keine Illusionen. Ganz egal wie Du das umsetzt.

Mehr pay to win Kram hat das Spiel klar gebraucht (not). 🙄
Was ist die Verlustwahrscheinlichkeit von dem Ding?

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We always build:
1/3 free
1/3 buy
1/3 earn (reward)

Explorer I is free, so Explorer II is buy. Explorer III will be a earn type.

Ich freue mich auch nich über Bot Farms, aber ich muss dafür sorgen, das die nicht an den Honigtopf gelangen.

Thirds Rule Strategy 👍😎

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Until the map navigation improves, it's going to be difficult to want to explore in areas far away in my opinion. :T

That will definitely help. Will this map be made in-game? Its the constant clicking to move around thats difficult now, as is remembering coordinates to jump around the map.

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You can simply click any point on my map and then jum to the in game galaxy to this exact point to send mission with link

I bought one.

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Nice, good luck! :)

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