10 million transactions

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If NextColony had been developed on Ethereum, our players would’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the gas fees. Since the launch of NextColony, there have been 10 million transactions. Because the simplest transaction on Ethereum costs around $ 0.04 - $ 0.08, the amount of money saved by our users so far is a mind-boggling $600,000.

Transaction can take several minutes on Ethereum. Compared to traditional browser games, NextColony's transactions are still slow, and, yes, we want to enter this market. Compared to the comparable blockchains, NextColony provides warp speed thanks to our beloved Steem blockchain.

Don't get us wrong, we love Ethereum and Bitcoin and the whole blockchain movement, and we see ourselves as a part of that, but the comparison is necessary to highlight this incredible advantage of our blockchain. Steem is a beast.

Thanks for 10 million transactions!

Here are some more numbers:

  • Total transactions (market): 36500
  • Total SD sold (market): 12.3 million
  • Total SD burned (market): 0.9 million
  • Total SD burned (all sinks): 1.5 million
  • Total planets: 16052

Note: Stardust is currently linked to purchases in the shop. We will turn that off in about 6 hours as announced here and here.

If you have any questions, join the official Discord server or use the comments below.

Stay tuned.


Congratulations to you.

I like the fiction and description of your game. I'm blind, but I'd like to play. Unfortunately, the graphics are not available to me. Is there a way to play by programming in javascript / node.js? Is there documentation in Russian?
Thank you.

Thanks, @denis-skripnik! (:

Here you can find the API + Documentation:

• API (https://jarunik.github.io/nc-docs/)
• Documentation (https://jarunik.github.io/nc-docs/api/)

Ok. Thank you. I will study how there will be free time. It is necessary to occupy free time with something : -). I'll play.

I've always believed that NextColony would the one to really test the limits of the Steem Blockchain! And this is still only the beginning!!!

Next stop: 100 million transactions. (:

Celebrating the 10mio transactions and ...what 16.052 Planets?! Looks like we need new Planetensets! ;D
@tipu curate

I guess I'm sending 100 transactions per day alone when I make a space fleet or upgrade buildings)

Don't forget about the existence of bots, which also make a huge number of transactions per day.

How can we forget about that? (:

Congrats @nextcolony
By seeing the price of Steem, I believe steem is much better fuel than ethereum and may be future of dapps. Currently it is very easy to accumulate the necessary steem for RC requirement.

To be fair: probably no better than Ethereum, but quite perfect for exactly this use case.

I have stopped playing some Ether games because of the cost/delay/pain. Steem definitely has the advantage here. Glad NC is using it.

Impressive accomplishment... It's good for Steem that NextColony is successful like this. Bravo !



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The only reason im holding the worst investment ever is because of this fact 😂

Steem's not making it easy for us, yeah.

Millions of transactions are a great milestone and I think the next focus should be of million of crypto exchanges to be done. An economy to exchange freely the stardust will make this Universe the greatest of them all!

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