Auckland Steemit Meetup - 14th August 2018

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Hello Kiwi Steemians!


Let's get real!

If you are in Auckland or near Auckland (NZ) come and say hello at the Meetup!

We are meeting up at 6PM , Tuesday, 14th August at the Dogs Bollix pub!

There is a Bitcoin ATM there and the bar accepts BTC as payment so it's an ideal location!

All sorts of mysterious token lovers and coinholics can be seen loitering around there, so it's a great place to come and mingle if you've got the altcoin fever.

Let's share some beers and talk about how Kiwis can take over Steemit :P

Go Team NZ!


If it would not be a gazillion miles away I would love to be there.
The Bar sounds perfect to me and Auckland is a place I always wanted to visit ...
Well, maybe sometime...
Good luck and have fun !

Danke dir ;)

Awesome... I don’t consume alcohol, but I ll try my best to come :) hopefully I will reach there around 6:30 pm :) so excited to meet Kiwi Steemians and crypto investors :)

Sorry, I am unable to come, as hubby is too tired to drive. It would be great if you arrange next meetup on a weekend.

Awww you guys up there are so lucky! What a great opportunity to forge some friendships and share knowledge in the crazy Steemian world! :)

fun fact: when you guys mentioned the Dogs Bollix I thought you were talking about a band!

Bugger, I wish I still lived in Auckland so I could come to the meet up. I live in Queenstown!

Next meetup in Queenstown then :P

So cool. Cant make it as i live no where near aucks. But hope to hear how the meet up goes.

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