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Hello Steemians!

Let's start with how my 2017 went and from there, you will have a slight idea about my Steemit New Year's Resolution. About 5 days ago, I made a post entitled Merry Christmas Steemians! A Greeting of Love and Gratefulness. I would really appreciate it if you check out that post because that can be considered as the prologue of this post.

If you did not check that post out, it's fine. I will just summarize it here how my 2017 went and hopefully make a better version of myself in 2018.

If you will let me, let's begin our journey towards 2018!

The Review of My 2017

During the first quarter of 2017, I was so busy with work and I didn't have much time for myself. I can't blame myself because at that time, I felt that I have a lot to prove to everyone. As the days went on, I slowly grasped the range and boundaries of my work that it became bearable for me. To put it simply, I was enjoying back then.

WITH BATCHMATES. During our BOP (Basic Orientation Program)

In the second quarter, I was continuing with that work-life balance. I was taking in everything and learning every step of the process. I had a great time especially when I was dealing with Quality Management Systems which were very crucial in the completion of evaluations and projects. It was not always a smooth ride, but I was blessed with a good team and superb superiors.

Continuing with the work journey, the third quarter was a crisis. It was this time that I realized I was getting comfortable with everything. I was so comfortable that I became complacent. To add insult to the injury, I was slowly declining in terms of learning efficiency and I didn't mind. In a way, I was slowly approaching to a stagnant state. The reason I called it a crisis is because it was always against every fiber of my body to be complacent, and yet I became comfortable with being complacent. It became worse when I couldn't feel anything and I didn't care about everything. I became a robot; just doing what it was programmed to do.

I also suffered a heartbreak which I did not deserve. I am partly to be blamed because I was so naive, but I guess someone's not man enough to own up to his actions. Anyway, this deserves a separate post so let's just leave the details on that post.

In the fourth quarter, this was when steemit came into play. It was a 180 degrees turn that what was once a dull and routinary day became a day that is full of surprises, rollercoaster of emotions, and positive outlook. I will always be grateful to @legendarryll for introducing steemit to me. Steemit became my medium and outlet. It is still until now and I hope it will always be.

Wow! That was one hell of a summary. Forgive me if until now, we're not yet on my new year's resolution. Words just keep on flowing right now that I have to type as fast as I can so I keep up with it. Maybe you can call that inspired and it's rare for me nowadays.

Okay! That's it! Let's now have the main course!

My Steemit New Year's Resolution

Now that I have laid the foundation of my 2018 and everything has been great so far, I will try to articulate my steemit resolutions in a manner that's easier to digest. I will categorize these resolutions into two: for myself and for others.

For Myself
  1. Continue to hone my writing skills. I am always grateful with the positive feedback that I get from the community about my posts, but I always feel that my writing skills are not yet solid. With steemit, I will continue to strive for excellence and keep on posting quality contents. I was studying on how to write with a quality level like that of official publications. I think it's working because my two posts got curied in two consecutive weeks. You can check out these posts: (1) Existence of Art Even in Mundane Places and (2) Kim's Quest #: Olango Island, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. To my fellow steemians, keep on steeming and aim for quality contents. As a start, try to read The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. and E. B. White. It was a big help for me especially on grammar and word usage.

    Image Source

  2. More travels. Travelling really keeps my going. It refreshes my mind and breaks my ordinary routine. For steemit, I will share my travel experiences as raw as possible. I will also provide cheap alternatives especially for those who are on a tight budget, like me. Hopefully I can start to lay the necessary requisites to become a digital nomad.

    More adventures like this!

  3. Learn photography. I don't have to worry about this since I will have a great master if he allows me to become his apprentice. @legendarryll, please let me become your student! One hurdle is I don't have a camera, so I will start to save for that. A good camera and a great teacher will hopefully make me capture at least a decent photo.

    NEVERMIND ME. Me trying to take a photo but failed miserably.

  4. To be more conscious about myself. Since I was young, I was so hard on myself and I set higher standards for me to reach. Once I fail to the standards, I will think that I'm a failure and impose a harsh punishment on myself. This time, I learned that it's okay to fail sometimes. The higher benchmark will still there, but no more harsh punishments.


For Others
  1. More humanitarian efforts. I will continue to support @steemph.cebu's initiatives. I know that the core leaders are conceptualizing bigger and grander activities, so I will continue to support those activities. With the success of Gift Giving Day, I am excited for more activities next year. Also, I will try to tap my organization's current officers to help with Project L.I.B.R.O. It was long overdue and I think I owe it them.

    Project L.I.B.R.O. at Tabla Elementary School

  2. Invite more to the platform. I have been inviting people to the platform and there were others who tried, but I feel like my efforts are still lacking. I will think of other strategies that could help entice people to try steemit. More steemians means more networks which could also be an advantage for me. In a way, I'm helping myself by helping others.

  3. Help those who are struggling in this community. I was once struggling, but with the help of selfless people like @themanualbot and @wandergirl, I was able to change my perspective and manage to pull out myself from succumbing into self-pity. With my experience, I guess I can relate to those who are struggling with their presence here. I will continue to post contents that could help and inspire minnows like me.

  4. Raise awareness about leading issues in the society. Okay, this sounds like I'm running for a position in the government or join a beauty contest, but I believe we are in a greater podium to do so. Steemit will become a global phenomenon that raising awareness through our posts would be mean it could reach to the global audience. Eventually, people will know these issues and will do everything they can to help.

I guess that concludes my new year's resolution. Please don't hesitate to comment your thoughts below. Positive or negative, I will really appreciate them.


To a fruitful 2018!

Best Regards,

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Pak! May nanalo na! Haha! :D


Pak ganern! Hindi naman siguro. Ang galing kaya nung iba at magaganda din mga gawa nila.


Haha! Matay ma discourage man sad ta'g maayo anang gisulti nimo. Hahaha! XD


Ayaw kadiscourage. Padayon lang buhat. It will pay off in the end.

Grabee. Haha @steemph. The competition would be rigged if @ybanezkim26 won't win hahaha joke! :)


Wag naman! Grabe ka. Haha. The judges know better and I'm sure there are those who are better. Let's just aim for the best of everyone.


God bless and good luck @ybanezkim26 :)

very nice article!


Thanks @brokemancode! 😬

happy new year be happy alwas


Happy New Year @manikchandsk! Thank you so much!

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