Steemph.cebu New Year Challenge | My Steemit New Year Resolution

Hi Steemians!! It's been a great 2017 with you! 🍾 🤗🎉

Having a New Year's Resolution will always be a tradition for us. Fulfilling it will be another thing. If not all are fulfilled, at least, we started our year with a direction rather than just running around in circles. Another year will be an opportunity to try again. Nothing compares to the feeling of satisfaction if we reach our goals for the year.

Do you already have a New Year's Resolution? If you haven't thought about it, let me share to you what I want to achieve this coming year.

So here are my goals for 2018:

Wander around

For 2017, I have started taking some risks and conquering some of my fears. I have traveled with my friends outside Cebu (I normally travel with my family only). I learned survival swimming, where it lessens my fear of swimming in deep waters.

2017-09-09 07.21.59 2.jpg
First travel outside Cebu with friends only

Just keep swimming..🏊 😁

This 2018, I am challenging myself to do more travels than I have done this year. That is to explore more of the Philippine islands and hopefully also abroad.

Must visit Philippine tourist spots!

Be involved

As a self-proclaimed introvert, I challenge myself to be involved in the community, not just with a small group of people. Belonging to the Steemit community has been my stepping stone this year. For 2018, I should be more active in programs and other good causes initiated by Steemit members.

2017-09-25 06.34.46 2.jpg
My first steemit meet-up

2017-10-21 09.20.41 2.jpg
New steemit friends

Never stop learning

I challenge myself to learn a skill this year. I may learn a new skill or hone old ones. Discovering different styles of writing is one of my goals. Lately I was hooked with writing Filipino poems. "Ano ba tong nangyayari sa akin?" and "Pagbabago'y Simulan" are my latest works with this genre.

Lessening the bad habits

There will be effects for having those bad habits. I am challenging myself to prioritize my health. I have experienced the consequences of not taking much attention to it. Most of young people take for granted their bodies. Eating those unhealthy food and not having those regular walks are not much of a big fuzz for us. It would then be too late when we feel the effects of such lifestyle.

Motivation is the key to keep up with your New Year's Resolution. Keep that fire burning in you to fulfill that goal of yours. Wander around; not just through your feet but also your thoughts in finding your purpose and always be driven in life.

Love Lots,

@wandergirl ❤️‍

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Happy New Year @wandergirl !


happy new year @brokemancode! asa ang pakals? hehe


hahahah ooops. maki kaon lng nya ko sa inyo haha

Happy New Year, lady.


Happy new year @darthnava!