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What a great year to be a steemian!

For @papa-pepper, my time on steemit began back in July of 2016. This means that 2017 will be the first entire calendar year that I've been on steemit. Trust me, coming into 2017 is a lot different than heading out of it, and what a year it has been!


At the start of 2017, the steemians had just been through a pretty rough spell. The value of STEEM had plummeted at the end of 2016 all the way down to 8 cents each! It was a rough time for a lot of steemians and morale was low. Many of the "better authors" had concluded that it wasn't worth their time to post on steemit and departed in search of greener pastures with more $$GREEN$$ to go around.

This set the stage for some very interesting things heading into 2017...


The video above was uploaded in early January of 2017, almost a year ago now. It is one small sampling of the steemit-inspired creativity that I was able to be a part of this year. A big thanks to @anarchrysalis for helping out with the call!

This was a weird one for me, especially since there was no real way to state the fact without sounding like I was bragging. Remember how I mentioned all of those "better authors" leaving steemit due to the drop in value of STEEM? Yeah, someone in their absence I actually managed to become the # 1 trending author on steemit a few times this year. Now that was strange. Ultimately, it was just a huge blessing that we embraced and has lead to lasting effects that we are still grateful for. Don't worry, eventually the value increased and they came back, LOL!


Just a few months into 2017, @dantheman aka @dan resigned from steemit.inc to pursue other things in his life. There was once again a lot of concern and a loss of morale, so I entered the steemit Open Mic Contest sponsored by @pfunk and @luzcypher with my entry above titled "steemit > @dan." Ultimately, I was just trying to put things into perspective for others and encourage the community. Actually, I took 3rd place that week too!


Then came the rise in value, and all of that cheap STEEM that I earned when the "better authors" departed and people stopped posting suddenly became worth a lot more. Over the period of just a few days I watched as my account hit over $10,000 USD in value. This was a game changer in perspective.

Over the following months a lot of USD worth of STEEM and SBD was enjoyed by many, and the community rejoiced as they began to see a more significant return on their investment.


Then, one of our own had a serious need. @Darthnava got some discouraging MRI results and humbly requested that the community help him if they were able. The post itself paid out at $17,502.81 total, and a pile of donations also rushed in. I think that it was the first time many of us fully realized the power of this community. It was an amazing situation to be a part of.

Yes, among many others I also made a donation, which got many people talking about how "great" @papa-pepper was. I made the video above to set the record straight and testify to my lack of greatness.


Our fifth child was also born around that time, "Buddy-Pepper." It was another amazing change in our lives, and a special time for us as we shared it with our amazing new steemit friends all around the world. We really appreciated all of the love and support that the steemians sent us at that time! Thanks!


2017 was a very interesting year for @papa-pepper in contests too. First, I ran several seasons of the STEEM-Pocalypse Survival Game Contest to the point that I needed the help of @noveatebatman just to try to keep it all sorted out. I still plan on running another season of that, I've just got a few things to take care of first. While STEEM-Pocalypse basically started its own subculture, I decided to try something different with the Daily Selfie Challenge, which also not only became huge, it paid out huge too, as we split up over $10K in SBD between the 10 remaining players. I can't wait to see what happens in the land of contests in 2018!


This was a wonderful year for teaming up with other steemians too. Just check out the video above that @beanz edited to see what I mean. There is no way that I could have pulled off a video like that on my own. I can't even thank all of the great steemians who have partnered with me, or allowed me to contribute to what you've been up to. From videos to audiobooks to interviews to artwork and more, it's been a lot of fun. This one that @andrarchy made was probably one of my favorites.

What a fun bunch of people you steemians are to hang out with and meet up with too, as I was blessed enough to meet a lot of you!


Obviously, I like to have a little fun too, but this year really marked a transition for me into becoming a content creator on a much different level as well.

It is fun to "find the post" in the various situations in life and enjoy sharing the journey as we live our lives. It also came with some good warnings on the importance of being safe!


While their may have been a lot of factors, the homesteading community absolutely blew up here on steemit. I actually know a lot more homesteaders in my area just because of steemit, and it is such a blessing to be able to share advice and knowledge, while encouraging one another in our lives. This was probably one of the biggest blessings for us.


Besides the "regular interviews" for posts on steemit, I've had the privilege of being interviewed on the radio too, thanks to @xtrodinarypilot! I appreciated getting to know his family this year, being able to crash at his house, and having a "home away from home" in Houston. While it may not seem like a big deal, travelling to one of the largest cities in the US for radio interview was definitely different for me. It's not how I normally spend my day.


Anyway, I just wanted to recap some of my year for you. For a few, you probably got to catch up on some things you missed. For others, it most likely brought back some memories. Either way, thanks for letting me share it. I look forward to 2018 and I'll be glad to see you there! STEEM ON!

Until next time…

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You had a great year.
Enough said.
Keep on steemit.

good post


I'll remember 2017 like it was yesterday


Me too. sob

What a year!!

2018 is sure lookin Up!

God Bless you and the Peppers!


May He continue to bless you too!

happy new year @papa-pepper wishing you a prosperous year. lovely story on how you rise from grass to grace, it show that with focus everything is possible. my little problem is that new steemians like me are undervalue and our post is not getting the deserve upvote and comment, if you can help me i will be forever grateful to you happy new year once more!


Newer users having a hard time gaining more attention has always been an issue, I've been there and done that! I hope that you will keep progressing this new year!


Amen @papa-pepper... thank you, thank you, thank you and many more thanks for your help, you have been truly helpful God bless you.

Thanks for sharing your story @papapepper,i am really inspired and certain that i will reach this height someday.HAPPY NEW YEAR


DO it! Thanks man!

I first saw you on American Homestead. This is certainly informative and refreshing. I can see why people are as impressed with you as they are. As to the homesteading community, it will only get larger as more and more people realize the current system is not set up to benefit them any more and that far from having solutions to the problems politicians are the source of our problems. Continuing to participate in the game of tug o war isn't the answer. To paraphrase someone we both know "the best anyone can do is let go of the rope."


Nice! Thanks a lot!

Happy new year @papa-pepper. You might not know it but you have influenced me positively. Gave me a reason to keep believing in steemit. More lectures from in in 2018.


Cool - thank you for letting me know!

You have a lot to be proud of “last” year! By teaching tons of new Steemians how to Steem properly you are always spreading the wealth; both your knowledge wealth and your hard earned crypto wealth. Your contributions are invaluable to the platform and to the growth of Steem. With whale wars erupting all around its always refreshing to take a virtual visit to the homestead and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Thank you for that too!


With whale wars erupting all around its always refreshing to take a virtual visit to the homestead and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Thanks for that wonderful comment. I sure made a lot of great friends this year too!

Congratulations on your Achievements in 2017, Happy New Year

Yeah, This year is great for Steemit !
Happy New Year 2018 @papa-pepper !


I like the looks of that!


Glad you like this work ! Thank you so much ! This is one of from my new year post.

Lovely post ! Thank you and a happy new year to you!

Happy New Year’s @papa-pepper I look forward to following and learning from you in 2018! You are an inspiration to so many of us “little” guys. 😊

Wow, what an amazing story. Inspirational! Happy New Year @papa-pepper!

Thanks for everything you're doing for steemit and staying with it!

(Looking forward to a new series of steempocalypse though!)

Keep it up!

Great recap of 2017. With new projects like Utopian.io and Smart Media Tokens, I'm excited to see how Steem grows in 2018!

Happy new year 2018 success always. @papa-pepper..

Incredibly, I greatly appreciate what you achieved in this 2017 steemit. Hopefully your success will continue in 2018. And I also hope to succeed in steemit like you. I like myself to support me to realize the dream of success in steemit just like you.

Happy New Year!! Wishing you the best one ever.

"Persistence is to the character of a man what carbon is to steel" - Napoleon Hills. You've been persistent when the times were rough and it paid off for you , congratulations!

Great year for steemit and i joind steemit at the end of the year
Happy new year @papa-pepper
Your content are always amazing

Happy new year @papa-pepper
You've been an inspiration to Steemians. God bless you

I been here steeming for a month already. I sign up with no idea what am I going to do. First week, I was just kept on reading post and FAQ . My younger brother @bien recommend me to read and follow all your posts. I would say, you are a great influence to me, your positivity, the eagerness to help fellow steemians to grow. I really appreciate your kindness and I thank you for that. Keep encouraging people @papa-pepper.


Wow! SO cool to hear that!

Happy new year 2018

Starting the year with the thought of doing something new in the year 2018, I think it would be better to forget about all the hardships of 2017, thinking of doing something new in the new year. I think it would be much better, we lost a lot in 2017 but who lost the pain If we are sitting now, then we can not do anything. We need to think 2018 about what we will do in 2018. It is a new year. Work to do something new

Happy new year @papa-pepper!!! I'm glad that you remain and a great supporter to newbies like us. You help us in anyways like having a contest.. again thank you.

Interesting write up, I wasn't here when it was that bad, I'm glad to be on today, and from the way you annualized your review, winning the best author isn't because other good writers had left, you deserve it. Steam has seen it's ups and downs and I know this year 2018 would be a remarkable year in the community. Happy new year to you and all the pepper family.

Moga more successful wrote in the new year ni @papa-pepper ..

YOuve got a prosperous year, last year @papa-pepper!! Hope to see more of you this year 2018! :) keep inspiring people :)

Happy new year to you, do remember this new year is loaded with uncertainty and yes the ever annoying thing called "hurdle", live life to the fullest, have fun and grow. Have a great year!

thanks @papa-pepper for sharing a very useful post in steemit.

@papa-pepper i like you time online, invest it with steemit.com

Happy New Year @papa-pepper!

Definitely an amazing year with lots of ups and down... and you're an awesome "ambassador" for what being successful on Steemit looks like! Here's to an even better 2018!

@papa-pepper, steemit has obviously turned your life around and so many others too on the platform, and I am sure a whole lot of masses are gonna troop in this year too to enjoy the community.
I see steem getting more increased in value this new year and when that happens, people are gonna come and stay for the community.
It can only get better...
Happy new year to you @papa-pepper !!!

great article. I am new to this site and have noticed how much persistence you have, but also that you all help each other out, which is great. I hope to achieve some great videos, once D-tube functions properly and add some great blogs that others may find worth reading. happy new year and great to meet you!

It's only gonna get better, IMHO, Happy 2018!!!


Amen to that!

heppy new year tu @papa-pepper

Great summary! What a year :D Looking forward to an interesting 2018 on Steemit. Happy New year!


Glad to see you made it back and were able to cash out some of that SBD! Be blessed this year!


It was thanks to you! Thank you best Papa Pepper! :D So happy I came back and great to see you again. Hope you'll have an amazing start of the year!

Your post is very good. With the change of year hopefully we all will be better. Let masalalu as memories

I'm so glad I did not sell my Steem back when it was $.07.

We've had some rocky times, but so far I've managed to come out ahead. And I have loved the community here. The people who have stuck with the platform are people who really want to be here. They are an inspiration.


I know people who did sell their STEEM for that much back then! OUCH!

I'm certainly glad that I kept right on posting during that time!

Always good to catch up on your post.

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Happy new Year to all the Pepper's may it be a year filled with Joy.love.health and peace . Thank you for being Papa-Pepper it is always a pleasure to go to your profile and look at all the amazing content Well Done !!

Thanks for being you papa-pepper. I have seen you provide a lot to the art community here via contest sponsorships and support. So on behalf of a lot of artists here, I would like to thank you and wish you and yours a great new year. I know the community can get trolly and my humour doesn't always help, but I just wanted to say you always stood out as a stand up guy.


Hi @papa-pepper
Thanks for the comprehensive summary of your year! It gives a newbie like me a good insight into some of the happenings on steemit
Chat later

Wow this was actually interesting reading it @papa-pepper....your 2017 seems to be a tough and easy year for you....i'm really happy for you.
Happy new year and a happy new month may god grant you all your desires in life


It was tough and easy, and it was a blessing!

Its indeed a great year i must confess...lots of challenges but we are here all the same.happy new year to you @papa-pepper

@papa-pepper patience is virtue we appreciate your valuable time and sincere efforts to make this community amazing and wonderful. Steem is progressing with a good pace only because of devotion of people like you. You people laid the foundation of this amazing community now it's our common duty to beyong horizon. sky is the limit, Thank you for your dedication and devotion. Wishing you and all steemians a very happy & blessed year

you have supported many like us sir..you should be proud of it and we are grateful to you :)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years to you bro and Happy Birthday to me. I am forever grateful for your brotherhood. Enjoy the celebrations and memorable moments of Gods blessings for us all.


Thanks man! Much love!


You're welcome bro, much love

You have had an extraordinary year on Steemit, @papa-pepper! Kudos to you on your hard work and success. I am hoping 2018 will be my extraordinary year. God bless you and your family in 2018!

Happy New Year! Congratulations on all your success. Keep up the good work on your posts. I enjoy reading your articles. Congratulations on your new baby.

Congratulations @papa-pepper on your journey here so far; steemit community is really bless with the amazing people's glad to have come across awesome, Kindness and generous @papa-pepper .... Your patience and endurance on steemit has brought a tremendous fortune to you. You will continue to increase in prosperity, wisdom of God and grace to make it to heaven where our Lord Jesus Christ prepare for us... Amen.
Wish you the best and your family.


2018 is gonna get better with @papa-pepper and peppers with all the steemians.

Happy new year @papa-pepper. You might not know it but you have influenced me positively. Gave me a reason to keep believing in steemit. More lectures from in in 2018.

Semogga di tahun 2018 steemit tetab norma,, # @pepe-pepper

happy new year papa-pepper

Thank you for motivating me with your contributions to advance the magical journey. Steemit, I follow you and I like to read your publications. Greets and a hug.

2018 is a soft year for us all

You are just rocking @papa-pepper and I wish you all the best success for your next milestones!!! Happy New year and Steem On my old Steemit friend since the beginning! :-) Greeting from Berlin. Jonas

Happy new year.....

Great post!
Heartiest Congrats!
May 2018 be the most Successful & Prosperous Year for you!

Happy new year! I will always remember 2017 as the year of the first selfie challenge!