#NewSteem Twitter Memes & Gif Contest! Continued.

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PLEASE READ HERE FIRST: https://steemit.com/twitter/@theycallmedan/newsteem-twitter-memes-and-gif-contest

Prizes for the #NewSteem Meme/GIF Contest:

1st place: 530 Steem Power + 5,300 Steem Power delegation for one year.

2nd place: 530 Steem Power

3rd place: 260 Steem Power

4-8th: 80 Steem Power


TO ENTER: Post your Twitter links to your #NEWSTEEM Meme/Gifs below!
Your tweet must include both the hashtags #NEWSTEEM & #STEEM - with a New Steem meme/gif to be eligible. Bonus points if you add reasons why you like New Steem.

Everyone will get upvotes for participating!
I am just putting this up as a refresher. I am hodling my upvotes back until the end as to not interfere with the contest. Everyone who participates will have a chance to earn an upvote in a future post where they can post proof of work after the contest ends.


Old #steem had the heart, but was too easily knocked down by bullies. To realize his potential, he had to make a choice. #NewSteem my hero

Reposting here just to keep my meme in the running. On Twitter it's up to 29 likes and 9 retweets. Not bad!

Now that is a very clever gif!

That guy doing pushups looks the way I feel when I do my daily 20 pushups!

Well, same here... we can't all be Captain America!

okay, the "fork it" part got me

After HF21 and HF22, #STEEM will no longer be a jungle!!!
Welcome to the #newsteem baby!!!
Big Hard Rock Hug!
Steemitri The Mannequin


Credits/source: Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the jungle

Welcome to the Jungle! Really cool gif and one of my favorite songs. Was sort of an anthem when I was serving in Panama many years ago. Gave me a chuckle. Thanks for that!

This is pretty cool. Very nice artwork.

Love it!

My entry for the meme contest by

What I like about #NEWSTEEM and #STEEM:

It forces everyone to overthink the way they use this platform and are thus perceived by its' community.


Really great meme and very funny.

Perfect representation! 😂🤣

Hi @theycallmedan. I have confidence in blockchain steemit and the #NewSteem. My twitter user is MARGABELLA and I made my meme to share the joy of this new era https://twitter.com/MARGABELLA/status/1168709619474214917
Twitter NEWSteem.png

Now I really like this one! My favorite so far! Very imaginative!

Thanks @sgt-dan. It seems to me that I reached concepts of time and technology at the same time with this meme. I like that you like it. In addition, the future, like #NewSteem, can be fast and dizzying but it can also have "weaknesses" because at some point it will become past.

Here's my entry.. Thank you for organizing it...


Now that is absolutely hilarious!

I'm a shoe in 💩 the auto votes or stupid people voting for a post with declined rewards is just too perfect 😂

Don't quite get this one. Then again, maybe I do?

Ah, well different. Not sure what the message is here.

Glad you are participating in this @cryptopie. Hoping your day is going well.

Very nice. Love the anime gif! Very creative!

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Very good. Another clever one.


I don't get it, but cool for sure. Not your fault. I can be dense at times!

I don't get it, but
Cool for sure. Not your fault. I
Can be dense at times!

                 - sgt-dan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thank you @haikubot!

That is very cute. Especially like the Panda! Awe...

Thanks for your kind comment. Would appreciate if your support translates into a vote here https://dpoll.io/detail/@theycallmedan/newsteem-twitter-memes-gif-contest-dpoll/

I am on #93

Cosa Hermosa! Jajaja!

Here's my participation Dan thanks a million for hosting this



Very, very clever.

That is a pretty neat looking meme.

just started using twitter



Ill come with a better meme when I got more time. This was just off the top of my head.

I will upvote it for the good effort. You gonna have to bring your best game though. Some impressive memes/gifs in this contest bro!

Here is my entry:

#Newsteem is a place where everyone will grow. No need for hoarding of votes as 50/50 curation will favour both quality content creators and curators alike.

Thanks @Theycallmedan for thinking this

Very clever infographic!

Thank you!


Got another one for ya! Dont get it twisted, new steem is more badass than Heath edger's Joker


Not sure if this is what @theycallmedan was looking for, then again I could be wrong. Funny none the less in a snarky kind of way! 😂😂

Now that is funny!

After Tweeting then deleting about 5 or 6 times I think I finally got it!


Steem Newsteem GIFdownsized_large.gif

Do you think @fraenk will like the #googlyeyes? 🤣

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

Really great to have you back @pennsif.

@stg-dan I literally made that meme in one sec after reading the post before I had to leave the house :) Maybe you will like this one better.



Hahaha, love it!

One of my favorite movies too! I like the card with the arrows going both ways. Genius.

its the reverse card from the card game UNO.

I knew I had seen that card somewhere before! I interpreted it in the meme as rewards going in both directions, but just my perception.

after kicking old steem lets celebrate ...
download (6).jpg

Hi @theycallmedan, your #NewSteem Twitter Memes & Gif Contest! is just great and ingenious, so I got carried away to create a second GIF.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/depot69/status/1167711716022595584

Mad Max and Ben Hur? Cool. That is what I call thinking outside of the box!

Thank you very much for your comment.

Sponge Bob and Richy Rich? LOL.

@theycallmedan, Kindly find my piece below.


Keep up brother and these initiatives are encouraging one's.

Nice meme. I agree with you. @theycallmedan is doing a great job in not only spreading the word of STEEM on other social platforms, but also cheering on current STEEM users which is much needed right now.

That's true and it's so vital aspect for sure. Enjoy your time ahead.

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