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RE: The Business of Blogging and How To Take Over The World

in #newsteem3 years ago (edited)

You kind of made that comment sound like the old Batman show..


I feel mildly pleased about this accident.

Unfortunately, over the past while, some silly geese decided it would be wise to pay people to stop coming to the mall.

The customers who were paid to NOT be customers have been earning more than many of the shops.

Just a couple of lines for the skim readers to digest.

Anyway, #newsteem !

stolen from here somewhere.

My writing isn't the easiest on the skim reader. And just in case people want to see more memes....

I made that one awhile ago. I think the post was called Depressed Batman.

Anyway... yup! #NewSteem!

No it isn't, which is a good thing for me. It means I have to concentrate, and therefore the words sink in better.

Fine meme Batman!

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