Tribal Communities: The Importance of 'Crossing Boundaries' Between Tribes

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Yesterday, @jk6276 posted an article that really caught my eye. In his post, he mentioned various tribal communities, which included SPI (@spinvest), JAHM (@reggaesteem), and LEO (@steem.leo). What was really interesting, however, was his first tag. He talked briefly about each of the tribes mentioned above, but actually tagged #actifit as his main tag.

Why would he shill SPI, JAHM, and LEO, but tag actifit?

Well, it was actually quite a strategic move if you ask me. He did include his daily actifit report, but the main heap of discussion revolved around upcoming initiatives and status updates regarding these 3 tribes (JAHM, SPI, LEO). I would have probably tagged #reggaesteem, #spinvest, or #steemleo as my main tag, but instead, 'JK' used the #actifit tag. The idea here was to promote these other tribal communities - reggaesteem, spinvest, and steem.leo - to actifiters on the chain.

Image derived from Pixabay

Specifically targeting a community of individuals that may not have an understanding or basic idea about some of these use case tribe tokens is a brilliant way to spread the word and get more outsiders involved. I know I have been actively shilling @spinvest as much as possible, but I always use the same tags. I have never really thought to switch it up and use other tags to promote spinvest in this manner. @jk6276's post yesterday has made me reconsider the way I am tagging my posts to get as many eyes as possible on use case projects like reggaesteem, spinvest, steemleo and their accompanying tokens - JAHM, SPI, and LEO, respectively.

Image originally posted to by khaleelkazi

This has sparked a new idea and proposition that I wish to share with the entire steemit community. We should use this example as a way to increase exposure to projects that have investors, but are looking to grow. The 3 tribes that 'JK' discussed yesterday all have a solid supporting cast, ideas to implement and grow, with use cases and significant development taking place in the background. Crossing tribal boundaries by tagging to better inform outsiders should be taken more heavily advantage of. There are negatives that could arise, such as receiving downvotes for improperly tagging posts, but the positives here surely outweigh the negatives (receiving a downvote or two).

Well, here goes my attempt at introducing Cross-Tribal Boundaries to some new eyes through tagging

Let me know what you think in the comments below


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That post has certainly received more attention than most of mine do. Not bad for a fairly quickly knocked together Actifit post. Doing these too frequently just becomes tag spam. But I see great value in occasionally sharing news from tribes I'm involved in with other sections of the Steem blockchain.

If the conections and links between our various communities are strengthened, then that will surely help us with the ultimate goal of bringing more people in to the eco-system.

If there are deap links between tribes, not just within the various tribes, then bringing a new person in to one, strengthens many.

I'm thrilled that yesterday's post got you thinking


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Response to your comment accidentally posted as a ‘new’ comment. See ‘response to your original comment in the thread above.

Respect jk

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Hey C nice post. Tribal promotion through various means - tagging being one of them - is important for better informing those who otherwise may not have known. A lot of stuff gets swept under the rug, but this is a good proposition for tribal outreach. The new steem has endless opportunities for investors to take advantage of. I like this idea. Thanks for sharing


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Hey, Thanks for your response. I agree, we need to do our part as best as possible to promote tribes, especially the ones that have a real chance at amounting to something in the future

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Spreading the word to new tribes has done wonders for Christianity, Islam and hundreds of isms. One thing about promoters on Steem I don't like is how they keep on using main keywords and only promote on Steem. Yes, I know Steem is great, I'm already here, and yes, everyone who searches Reggae, Dancehall, Jamaica, Reggaesteem, and Jahm, already know about

Getting people from other tribes is great, but most people who pay attention to Steem already know about JAHM and ReggaeSteem. We really want to start promoting this off the blockchain. ReggaeSteem would really like to reach out to more real people like you who have been on Steem for a while, are likely to travel to Jamaica and realize the potential on this tribe, not just people looking to SPAM for pennies. I'll PM you on discord join Reggaesteem discord so I know who you are there

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It's true that we have to attract people from outside Steem, but there is also a case for continuing to spread the word within Steem. I was surprised by some of the responses to @jk6276's post from accounts that are very active (and large) and knowledgeable on and about Steem but didn't know much about either @reggaesteem or @spinvest. When I went to the meet-up in Cambridge, it was the same thing - active, committed Steemians who put a lot of time into Steem but either hadn't heard of reggaesteem or who had only heard of it in passing. The more people on Steem who know about reggaesteem, the more people who are going to be talking to people outside Steem about reggaesteem. The people who are posting in reggaesteem have quality networks - they interact with other people like them. I agree that if any of us promote reggaesteem as come and earn easy jahm, we get what we deserve, that was Steem's downfall. But if we are promoting reggaesteem as a good investment opportunity, a place where it is worth building a stake, to people who are already in Steem and familiar with cryptocurrencies, that is going to help.

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I absolutely agree that we should promote on steem-every single general tag we use does just that. There are probably 30k daily visitors here, maybe 100k a month. Let's halve those numbers for bots, duplicates and people who would never read someone else's work, so 15k daily and 50k monthly, this is generous.

Out of the 50k, many are people with multiple accounts or apps, 50% of people here are impoverished, unable to afford a flight to Jamaica or investing. A large chunk of users are from Asia where flying to Jamaica isn't common either. Let's be fair, 5000 real people here are potential customers at best.

Now, maybe 1/2 of the remaining people are interested in Reggae and Jamaica, again generous. So low thousands are on Steem. There are millions of people using cryptocurrency. There are billions of people on Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Reddit, who read news and the internet.
I don't think we should ignore the thousands but Reggaesteem is for real we're targeting the millions. #Jahm

JAHM all the way baby. Up until this point, I have been supporting my good friend super-irie get a jump start on steem and reggaesteem. He has so many personal stories and accounts, something different than most posting to reggaesteem. Honestly, the founders should be thanking him. He is promoting and putting Negril on the map.

Since now he’s comfortable with how things work around here and within reggaesteem, I’m going to begin focusing more on MY role in the tribe - stacking JAHM, commenting and curating content.

JAHM has a real use case and honestly think the idea can blossom into something that goes mainstream. It would be awesome to provide a form of universal basic income in place, that as you mention, is sought as ‘impoverished.’ This could be huge for people that are less fortunate than you and I

Thanks, as always, @crypticat

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Let's chat on discord

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Yeah mon- I’ll be on discord here soon to chat... just got off work for the day

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I do believe in organic onboarding

It’s the best way for growth as an ecosystem. as a whole. We need more of it tbh

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Much agreement here. Promotion within must take place before promotion beyond steem. Getting people here equipped with the knowledge and understanding about what’s taking place will only transverse outward when outside promotion occurs. Still issues with exposure and visibility. If we can increase transparency, then steem promotion to the outside world shall follow suit... that’s the hope at least

Thanks for your input and two cents, shani

Talk to you soon

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Surely spreading the word outside of steem will help with user on-boarding, yes.

And this is essential for the future growth of steem. There does however still need to be work done within the platform to increase exposure, visibility, and ultimately, active participation among various tribal communities. Not to mention, steem in general. New steem has helped a bit IMO, but there is still obvious room for improvements.

I’ll see you on discord. I’ll check in there tonight after work.

Cheers crypti

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Linkages between tribes is the real potential. What you have done with the SPI-LEO linkage is outstanding. Really harnessing one tribes utilities and incorporating with another to grow both tribes. Tremendous stuff.

I’ll be listening in to see what you have in store for NEOXAG hodlers.... I have more than 10k to play with.

Please do drop me a link when this comes out... a lot of stuff gets missed around here. Wish there was post notifications or something to know when someone (one of my followers) posts an article. I don’t like missing stuff I like to see.

See you around, mate @jk6276

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@underground is the one setting up the neoxian branch. Ill tag you when it starts up.

Have a good one.

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Ahhh that’s great. We have another club member taking a role. Undy is a definitely a good candidate for the neoxag branch.

Can’t wait to put my 10k to good use

Yes- just let me know

Thanks Jk

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I use and set up autovotes for posters that I don't want to miss (I use eg @spinvest. There's also ginabot in discord but I find that a bit too much noise.

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Steem auto is great. It sort of takes away from the manual curation aspect, but let’s be honest, you’re manually setting the vote to begin with, as to not miss out on posters you follow and support.

It’s easy to miss stuff around here. Steem-auto takes this factor out of the equation

See you :))

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good initiative thanks for sharing ..

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Thanks ‘mari’

Appreciate you stopping by giving your two cents


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Lovely post @conradsuperb. There is a subtle art to tag use, it's not always straightforward. As long as we're mindful about the tags we're using and how often we're cross posting, this is an excellent way to spread the word. SPUD and JPUD offer another great opportunity for some mindful cross-posting :)

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Thank you shani. The tagging art is quite difficult IMO - I have yet to master it.

Can’t wait for spud and jpud - I need to get my bags in order for the 1st

I’ll be cross posting to promote as much as possible. I try to do my part

Thanks shani :))

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Another thing to add re- @actifit is that to get upvotes from the @actifit accounts, you need to post from their wallet. With the wallet, it automatically posts with the #actifit tag.

Also, I believe there’s a feeling in the steem community that @actifit posts like the one you’re talking about here ‘add value’ because the poster has put more effort in than traditional @actifit posts.

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