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Chief Minister Mehmood Khan has agreed in principle with the need to set up a headquarters office in the tribal district and Kakai, which is accessible to the people of the entire district and has pointed out that the matter will be seriously considered. He directed to complete the annual development schemes in Orakzai District as soon as possible and to provide all basic facilities to the people there.


The Chief Minister said that the present provincial government is committed to restore infrastructure and provide maximum facilities in all the tribal districts. He said that special attention will be paid to the construction and maintenance of roads in Orakzai district. He said that the land dispute between Kohat and different tribes of Orakzai district would be resolved jointly through the jirga.

The Chief Minister said that the provincial government has e-tendering, e-budding and e. Billing has been introduced so that construction projects will be completed in a transparent manner. He was speaking to a jirga of elders coming from Orakzai district in Peshawar.

The members of the council included Senator Aurangzeb Khan of Orakzai district, newly elected MPA Ghazan Jamal from tribal district and Kakai and other chiefs. The elders apprised the Chief Minister of various issues facing the people in Orakzai district. The Chief Minister said that he understands the deprivation of the people of the tribal districts.

There are certain problems and problems now, but soon the problems, problems and deprivations of the people of all the integrated districts will be resolved. Now the former FATA province is regularly integrated into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and it is not far off the day that every tribal district will be equal to other districts in the province. He said that he himself belongs to the mountainous areas and is aware of the problems of the people of the tribal districts.\

The purpose of the integration of the tribal districts was that the provincial government could solve the problems of the people of these districts in a smooth manner. The Chief Minister said that holding of the provincial general election in the newly integrated districts of the province is a historic achievement of the provincial government.

Now, their elected representatives from these districts will be part of the Provincial Assembly, so that the completion of development projects and other issues in the tribal districts can be resolved more easily. The Chief Minister said that the provision of basic health services and education in Orakzai District. Special focus is on promotion.

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