Obama's Full Speech and Q&A with Bill and Melinda Gates plus some thought on the mainstream media

in news •  2 years ago  (edited)

Here is the full speech :

A good one. Watch it, you'll find some of the points made, interesting.

Regardless of your political orientation or view on how a government should work ( or if we need one at all )

Here is the story of how I found it:

Today a friend of mine posted on his Facebook wall this time.com publication :

"Barack Obama Got Paid $400,000 for a Speech to Health Care Execs.
Here's What He Told Them" :

My friend is an online marketer and usually won't post such things, so I decided to try and find why he did it.

First I looked for the source.

That led me to CNN, where I found a 1m video and opinionated article about some of Obama's speech.

I wasn't satisfied and after some digging found a recording
of CNN's live stream recording on Youtube ( 3m 41sec)

You can watch it here :

Still not satisfied, and feeling that the representation of the story is outside of context and doesn't cover the facts fully

with the help of my friend - the google AI that suggests videos on Youtube to us all, I found the source (48m)

The excerpt about healthcare starts around 11:30 and the speech is 18m long. Afterwards, Obama has a little chat with Melinda and Bill Gates.

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