The Owner of - 'Truth' and 'Fact Checking' Website (Used by Facebook and Paid Off by Monsanto) Is In Court + Could Be Shut Down For Lying.

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This is an old story that has just made it into the mainstream media.. Snopes has long been a source of half truths and investigation held up as 'absolute fact' by those who themselves don't bother to do their own research into controversial topics and now it is finally becoming clear that it is far from being run by those with the utmost integrity.

For those who are unaware, is essentially used to host writing about topics which are possibly 'fake news' or 'hoaxes' and claims to be doing the serious research into the topics that is necessary in order to get to the real truth. A noble aim, but how exactly do they or we know that what they write is actually the truth? Well, we have to do our own research - which kind of invalidates the whole point of their website in some senses. They 'would' have had a useful service to offer if it weren't that Facebook actually uses their work when defining what is and what is not 'fake news'. Obviously, having the capacity to effectively censor the world's largest social network is itself a highly controversial 'story' in itself and one that deserves deep investigation. Predictably though, we don't need to do much investigation at all to find evidence of both poor research on their part and also outright corruption and lack of integrity.

Snopes Doing Financial Deals with Mon saton

The 'food' and chemical corporation 'Monsanto' is just one vested interest who appears to have bought off Snopes employees (or the owner) as it attempted to control public perception about it's highly probably cancer causing product 'Round up' - As you can see in detail on this page. Snopes originally published a page covering the story of Monsanto's products being probable causes of Cancer in humans which stated that there was some truth to the story. Monstano now appears as an advertiser on Snopes and there is clear evidence that Monsanto agents worked closely with Snopes agents to vastly edit the Snopes page about Monsanto such that it later made Monsanto sound great and their products totally safe.

The Monsanto page was then edited again to correct the fact that it was obviously wrong by stating that the World Health Organization had overturned it's previous decision that Glyphosphate, a chemical used in Monsanto's 'Roundup' was a carcinogenic compound. I really recommend reading the page I linked above at as it makes very clear the methods used by Monsanto AND Snopes to hide the truth for financial gain.

Snopes May Be Shut Down - It's Owners up on charges of financial fraud

If the details of this court case are accurate, the owner(s) of Snopes have very low levels of integrity, which makes all the more obvious the intentions that Facebook's operators have in using Snopes as a 'fact checking authority'. Given that Facebook is partially run by CIA operatives, it is not at all likely that they are unaware of the reality of Snopes and so their choice to use them is a major and obvious red flag.

The court case is being launched by a media company who previously worked closely with Snopes' owner to generate advertising revenue and who then bought up 50% of the company from the Wife of Snopes' owner 'David Mikkelson'.

David broke up with his first wife and then married a Las Vegas Prostitute who it is alleged he continued long standing lavish spending sprees with - using up the company funds in the process. The media company bringing the case 'Proper Media', states that if David is allowed to continue running the company he will bankrupt it due to his illegal and fraudulent use of company funds.

David has setup a GoFundMe program to attempt to gain more money for Snopes which he has framed as being needed because he is being 'held hostage' by Proper Media - rather than being open about the claims of impropriety being made against him. His campaign raised half a million dollars, but it appears that the donors didn't bother doing their fact checking again.


Really, this should serve as a wake-up call to anyone thinking that being lazy and always relying on the same people to 'get yer truth' for you is a recipe for disaster. Facebook fans would do well to wake up here too and realise that the guiding hand of your public expression on Facebook is in league with this kind of phony, groupthink inspiring logic. :/

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Oldie but a Goodie!
Great post, Snopes is bullshit and far too many people blindly accept their version of reality as fact. I occasionally listen to the Joe Rogan podcast and I cringe when they check Snopes to decide if something is fact or fraud.

Embezzlement and prostitutes... seems like Mr. Mikkelson is easily lead astray. Says a lot about the company... lol Go Fund Me!

Yes, I don't listen to Joe Rogan though choice - mainly because I know I could do a better job of getting to the truth and he also went on a dumb and heartless 'mission of truth' against vegans. Bad move.

@ura-soul @v4vapid They use Snopes? Didn't they use it just to mock the site or something?
Snopes has as much truth value as Wikipedia, lot's of people go there to see the truth while any random person can simply write there and from that point, that's the "truth". There was a Ted talk too about this, how big corps pay Wikipedia veterans to post/allow articles that can give them higher sales. The speaker also mentioned a story about a book writer. There was an article about an author and his book but there was a mistake in the wiki article. The author of the book wanted to fix it. He changed it but they changed it back every single time because he wasn't credible enough! :D
Edit: I found the video:

There are some good Joe Rogen Experience episodes but after a while, I started to dislike the new videos. These days if I happen to watch such videos, then I go to Steven Crowder's channel.

But if someone really wants to know what's going on and would like to find out the truth, a couple of different sources could come in handy. Looking around on some Reddit threads, talking to people who live in a country you want to know more about, independent journalists, etc. etc.

I experienced an identical result with editing wikipedia for the definition for 'world peace' of all things. They stated that world peace was impossible, so it should have been an uncontroversial edit to simply say that world peace is possible, provided the right decisions are made (I wrote in more detail than that). Within a few minutes the change was removed again. Another time I added a new page for a particular 'personality' that was accurate and well received by people who like him.. Wikipedia editors removed it and then in the discussion area made pretty clear that they weren't interested in the truth outside of what they decide to be allowed as 'truth'.

Based on these examples, I don't even know how anyone will become a "credible source" there... :D
Do you know the TV series called Mr. Robot?
(It's storyline: "Follows Elliot, a young programmer working as a cyber-security engineer by day, and a vigilante hacker by night.")

There was a short scene in it where they could get into a guarded building by putting a fake article about the main protagonist onto Wikipedia.(as a tech genius, a young millionaire/billionaire if I remember well) A friend of his was a credible source, so he could put there absolutely anything. He simply said his name, the people there Googled him, found the article "oh crap, this guy is the real deal" and let him in. Back in the day when I watched it I had no idea how Wikipedia works and I was like, no way! But it seems it is a totally possible scenario.

Note to self: Hire a few Wikipedia editors in the future.

This stuff is fascinating to think about. There's a great book on the topic,
The Art of Deception: - written by a guy who used to be one of the most notorious hackers in the world who basically went clean and revealed all of his secrets to help people protect themselves.

He gives examples of calling a bank three different times, getting a few seemingly innocent pieces of info each time, then making a final call where he can easily manipulate the company into giving him valuable customer information.

Superb update. Thanks for posting.
It will be interesting to follow how Blockchains like Steem can replace websites like Snopes.
Steem ONwards good fellows!


he's a level 1 gatekeeper. There's still 2 more harder to detect levels than that.

What do you mean by this and who is the he you are speaking of, I am curious?

Yea, pathetic on so many levels.

Look for Snopes reliability I would say Facebook and Monsanto as allies ummm, i’d say the two most unreliable source in the world. So for me a Snopes is a political propaganda machine.

You’ve got it right @url-soul research yourself look into things and trust your instinct then you’ll scratch the surface of the truth :)

Any 'voice of authority' must be questioned and when they take money from vested interests to then 'tell us the truth' - the entire concept is absurd for too many reasons to list! ;)

I agree only truly independent research can be considered in my opinion. Why would you trust medical research sponsored by the company that produces the medicine? Yet society does almost daily it is complete madness, yet you tell people this and they say your mad. Now thats effective brainwashing :)

Denial is the root cause of all of this dysfunction, the best we can do initially is to make extra careful not to deny anything - even down to stopping 'white lies'!

I am working hard on a platform of which one can go into more details and give better and viable examples and evidence to what I say next, but for the moment being I can say the root to the psychosis is not denial, but language as a whole, it took me six years and research of many many other subjects before coming to this fact. At best an example I can give which also ties into brainwashing and frequencies and vibrations is the word "kid" this was changed to mean child, but before this the whole history of this word it meant baby goat, so through language and the last hundred and fifty years of use, when you call your children this word you are calling them a lower vibration and frequency then they actually are. Also most likely the biggest contradiction is you are not a human having a spiritual experience, you are a Spirit consciousness having a human experience and when this society as a whole sees this perspective difference then there will be no more dysfunction. thank you for this post also it was very insight and this site continues to blow my mind at the level openness here versus the likes of fakebook.

Greetings! You are welcome. I also study language and am aware of the warping you are describing. I have actually written an unpublished book on that subject. 'denial' has many forms, including the one which denies the right meaning of words and which twists meanings into the realms of error.
We are spirits manifesting forms in creation, yes, and it is important to understand that - however, without ending denial and denial of denial there can be no real balance.

Agreed, when speaking to ones about this level of truth, denying the truth of it in themselves I have found to be the most difficult thing to help ones get pass.

Yes thats it hopefully people will wake to it. In my experience more and more are questioning things and that is a step in the right direction.

Ya, I have found over the course of the six years or so of researching I have done is that it has become much easy to have such a dialog from when I first started. These conversations I know will help lead to a place better then what we were born into, it also makes me happy I found out about this website.

Sure thing you are spot on there :)

Always follow the money, it speaks louder than any words...

Man-Satan has long been beyond mere financial gain. They are sociopaths bent on destroying humanity and the planet.

Yes, I agree - they are the tip of a shitty iceberg. :/

Nice work, I am always dubious about the mainstream reaction to fake news (normally created by themselves) and how they try to manipulate the solutions. Often the fakery in the MSM news is what they choose to omit.

Definitely, yes - half truths, lies by omission and just plain bad logic are often their modus operandi.

I used to think snopes was accurate because other people thought it was accurate. But, when I read many of their articles, I found too many mistakes. Usually it was a story that they called "an urban legend" but unfortunately, I was only once removed from the actual story.

After that, I was skeptical. That was 10 years ago. Now it seems that everything that was published on snopes had a left bent to it. And since the world isn't all bent left, it left me never believing the site at all.

Today, people are starting to believe me when I tell them I don't believe Snopes.

I have no idea why anyone thought it was a good idea to 'believe' in them in the first place. lol. Thanks for keeping it real.

I am always surprised when people STILL use Snopes to try to debunk a story. Thanks for the post!

Snopes are a conspiring bunch of individuals without souls who do the bidding in order to deceive people into believing that they are upholding some kind of truth by their "no nonsense, investigations"

No one with 1/2 a brain believes those clowns. Just look at this excerpt from the article:

David broke up with his first wife and then married a Las Vegas Prostitute who it is alleged he continued long standing lavish spending sprees with - using up the company funds in the process.

Yeah, sounds like a credible source to me (sarcasm).

The Internet is a great field for truth and lies. Now it is very difficult to recognize where the truth is.

My advice is to start with the deepest questions about existence itself and remain open on the rest until the puzzle pieces fit reliably.

Prior to Monsatan's involvement, Snopes wasn't corrupted, to my knowledge.

I am unsure when it happened, but Monsatan could have been the factor that began the descent of it's founder into the hell of debauchery and fraud he has undertaken.

Due to it's previous counter propaganda role, Snopes may have been relatively financially unrewarding, and I expect his becoming a proselyte of TPTB might have been worthy of an entrant to the Cannes Film Festival, given his current trajectory.

I don't really ever recall a time when I thought snopes was reliable, but I can accept that they got worse and worse.

snopes, facebook,, twitter, google
The democratic party, Black lives matter, antifa

People are starting to wake up to what is really going on.

And people are getting sick of it.

The NWO, one world government is teetering - and steemit and bitcoin, are part of helping it all along, thank you very much!

nice information . I like it. Great job friends. If you agree then vote me and fallow me.

Ministry of Truth?? Anyone??

I love the whole fact checking bullshit pushed by those wanting to brainwash you.

Thanks for sharing :-)
I am new on steemit !
( Best of luck )

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Their bias truly started to show.

When will people ever learn that correlation is not causation. So much cherry picking going on I could make a dozen pies.

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Great post, and thank goodness they are going down! Fake from jump! How bad does it have to get, when the public relies on people like these, for truth? Oh and don't forget the cat..... plus the prostitutes! ROFL! Seriously??

Finally a good piece of news actually worth reading.

Have a great day! :-)

Yea ,big true.Martin Zuckerberg promised that he will add in facebook with own team option for earn money but he didnt.I saw that on TV.Facebook should go shouldown.Maybe it will really soon.

Well well, this is music to my ears! Snopes is shithouse

Definitely it should be a case of DYOR, everybody should have at least a couple of sources for news, no matter the source if someone listens to and trusts only the one source there willl no doubt be some elements of the story missing.

I thought the whole fact checked by Snopes thing was crazy, why would people allow this company which many have not heard of determine whether a story is true or not.

No thanks, I think as many of us do I will continue to have multiple sources available to fact check myself.

Sweet justice

Monsanto has been hiring "reputation management" firms to post in threads talking badly about them all over the internet. Don't believe everything you read on the internet even if it is in a discussion section like this.

Sure, yes - I advocate for a total end of belief - since beliefs introduce error.

@ura-soul Thanks for your work sir.... Love it.

Quality research makes the site

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