5g will be absorbed into human skin and nervous system

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New studies now show that the 5g network will produce signals that are absorbed into the human skin and effect behavior.

Link to video:


Hmm.....It doesn't sound very promising ..Does it?

Where is the money coming from to do what looks like a very expensive rollout? Will economic collapse intervene?

I’m actually working on a project to turn your average 4x8 plywood sheet here in America into a super sheet if you will . I want to take the most common sheet of plywood used in the construction of homes , and laminate it with layers of protective coatings . Preliminary test were very encouraging . The problem is we want to incorporate lead Incased in plastic , and the code enforcement folks aren’t to keen on that . I’ve assured them that it would be completely incased in a thick polymer heavy duty plastic , but they won’t have it . ☹️ I’m still looking for alternatives as I’m also experimenting with what looks like a small umbrella made of various materials that you can simply pop open , and put right over your electronic devices to keep harmful radiation away . And I usually don’t talk about my projects in an open forum , but since this is on blockchain I will dare someone to steel my ideas . I’ll sue them out of existence . LOL I’m always playing around in my workshop and listening to you ED 🔊. Great show 👏👍 thank you 🙏

There isn't much saying that 3g and 4g are not already affecting us in some way. But since the higher the "g" the higher the radiation, 5g would potentially be the most harmful one yet :(

It's hard to get away completely, but you can minimize personal use with devices. Use airplane mode often, and switch of 4g when you don't need the extra boost. It will also help with battery life!

I hear that the radiation is also a logarithmic scale, so distance from the tower/device makes quite a big difference.

this sounds problematic as some people are already affected by 4g Wi-Fi @angrytwin

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