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awesome man. thanks so much. sucks that you couldn’t come out for the event but i appreciate the plug!!

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Yeah, life got in the way. Can't wait to see all the footage the following weeks after the event.

Love it! Thanks for the shout and kind words, I appreciate that 😊

Getting Gary onboarded to the Steem blockchain would be a game changer! Let's hope that the master of social media joins us soon!

Keep up the good work my man!

Great new for new users my friend. A hug from Venezuela.

I really dig your daily videos you do a really good job summing up whats going down in out favorite platform. I got to know who did your intro and exit? Also how do you get added to the "new Steemian spotlight" I've been getting friends to sign up and I think they might get a kick out of seeing their name come up in your videos.


Leave their links below, Thanks.


That easy huh :)

JA WENO, more good news everyday :D


Vzla ;)



Thanks for all the hard work you put in everday on steemit!

Hey I am just following your work now. Could you check out my work and see let me know what you think? i am looking to reach a wider audience.

Wowww...@reseller, what a happiness when I saw my video here. Thanks a lot for your support!!!!!