Howdoo: Blockchain powered Messaging and Social Media Platform

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What is Howdoo

Imagine Facebook, but power in the hands of users instead of the owners and few stakeholders. Howdoo is a decentralized platform which combines the best of the existing messaging and social apps and also an vision to bring users, content creators and advertisers together.

Key Focus of Howdoo

Howdoo primarily focuses on 3 core capabilities as mentioned below.

(1) Connect

Connecting people and communities together with relevant content and opportunities

(2) Pay

Generating and sharing value within the platform using the Cryptotoken called uDoo.

(3) Earn

Providing ability to the User to monetize the value of their online content

Why do we need Howdoo

Below the drawbacks of centralized social media websites like Facebook to highlight the importance of why we need a platform like Howdoo:

  1. Social media websites like Facebook sell your personal data like interests and activities to advertisers and neither you can do anything about it nor you can earn from it.

  2. Creators who come up with great content which provide traffic to websites like FB do not get compensated for their hard-work and all the money goes to the platform owners and stakeholders.

  3. Users have no control over what advertisements gets shown to them and also have no ability to limit them.

Above listed ones are the key drawbacks in the current centralized social media websites but if you are interested in more details then you can go ahead and check out Howdoo's whitepaper (link is available in the final segment of this article)

µDoo - Howdoo's Cryptotoken

µDoo or uDoo is an ERC20 token meaning it is running on Ethereum blockchain. This token is responsible for transferring values between Users, Advertisers and Operators of the Howdoo Network. µDoo Wallet will be integrated in the application which will make it easier for users to exchange the value. Eventually one will also be able to connect their bank account where the fiat can be converted to µDoo and can be instantly transferred across borders to their friends or families in need.

How will the Howdoo ecosystem sustain

If any company says that the revenue will be split to the contributing users and they do not cut any profits from it then either They are fools or They are fooling you. Companies are these are not non-profit organizations and they need money to build and maintain their system. Currently Howdoo ECO company is funding the development phase. Eventually they are planning to build a self-sustaining model by implementing the following:

  1. Small fees are every transaction will go to Howdoo's Treasury system
  2. 40% of Advertisers pay go to Howdoo's Treasury system while the rest 60% goes to users and community.


Howdoo overall looks promising and their Telegram group is very active and growing everyday and is at 17.9 K members at the time of writing. If you are interested in this project then you can signup for their welcome bonus using your telegram id and Ethereum wallet address.

Join Howdoo now to receive 10 uDoo tokens using the below link

Given the negative publicity ( #deletefacebook ) going on for Facebook, if Howdoo is able to manage their milestones and an intriguing app then i'm sure that this project could go a long way.


Official Website:

Disclaimer: Please do your own research before investing in cryptocurrency


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This is again interesting. It's time to delete Facebook of the social media network. Thanks for the great work posted.

thank you @wesakab . Appreciate your feedback

Your welcome :)

I think this Howdoo wants to do what Steemit is doing already but just that it is running on Ethereum Blockchain and not its own Blockchain like Steemit. Am i wrong @ramsteem?

yes you are correct. But the main difference is Steemit is more like decentralized version of reddit and quora whereas Howdoo is more like decentralized version of Facebook where you can message , create group etc...

Ok, i get it now. Thank you

Steemit has no groups, AKA hashtags and posts?

Howdoo, well it sounds quite interesting.

it sure does sound interesting. lets wait and see how things shape up for them

just like steemit if am right.. but hey!!! one will eventually be greater who knows?

Though both steemit and howdoo are decentralized and similar to an extent, it serves different purpose just like how Reddit and Facebook are different.

Awesome Project. Following very closely... Howdoo Udoo. Whoop!!!

yeah. looking forward to it very much

Nice try. Im wrote to how tell for #deletefacebook

Can you fix the spelling errors and how is Howdo not Steemit?

just because one can post something on Reddit and Facebook, they cannot be the same. it comes down to the features which make it different from each other. Steemit is not for messaging whereas one can make video call and chat with each other in Howdoo. Thanks for pointing out the spelling errors and im not saying that Howdoo is better than Steemit so dont get me wrong. I love Steemit and i also like the idea of Howdoo.

What about and what about the others?

dtube is a decentralized take on youtube and it is one of the 300+ projects built by steem community. Steemit is a platform mainly for content whereas Facebook is mainly for the social connect.

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