So true! They banned Crypto Ads saying it was for consumer protection, without any real evidence of actual consumer harm and when they allow much worse. When really it was about slowing down their upcoming Crypto competitors.
They really harmed the Crypto Industry and now they are going after alternative political viewpoints.
Its time to fight back by Joining the Global Class Action against Facebook & Google's anti-trust violations.

Yep, they are loaded up with State actors conducting their censorship regimen and acting as if its all about looking out for the publics interest. Oh, the irony. :)

Don't worry though, as they have every base covered! Facebook can also teach you how to become a responsible citizen who only reads 'real news', with their ingenious interactive game built by NATO!

Thanks @clarityofsignal! Lol, you went on a voting spree in there😂. I don't usually like to leave links like this, but I thought it was quite relevant on this occasion, especially with regards to the overall theme we are dealing with here. Anyway thanks for the support and the nice comment:) Keep up the great work you do!

Nah, never worry about that. I like it when people leave links to their content, particularly when it has real value, such as yours does, as that is how we exchange ideas and move past these bastards that are holding us back from true human progress.

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