A Remedy for Russian Influence, Propaganda and Fake News

in informationwar •  7 months ago

Do you find yourself in the midst of severe brain haemorrhaging, from all the constant and incessant bombardment of Russian propaganda, directly from the Kremlin? They have cleverly disguised and masked themselves as trolls operating out of fake social media accounts to influence and hijack your cognitive brain, as well as undermine every election being held across the globe! How else are they able to do this with such influence and control, while never being detected by the most sophisticated intelligence community and cyber army in the world? I mean, none of these entities can produce any concrete proof of this occurring, so it must be true as a default, right?

The realisation has dawned, that via the kremlin funded propaganda news outlet Russia Today, they have monopolised the entire news space on the internet and mind controlled the entire globe with their own brand of fake news. There is no competition in news available anywhere, full stop. In fact, Vladimir Putin has built this monopoly on news via a button on his desk, which can instantly activate the wave signal at any moment he pleases…As soon as he presses that button, the entire globe completely loses their mind and is unable to decide or disseminate a real, from fictional state of mind!

Now you might ask, how do I know this? The short answer is, I didn’t know because my mind was hijacked remember! Of course the follow-up question is, how do know that you don’t know, if your mind has been hijacked in the first place? Well, thanks to my trusted friends at NATO, I was able to recapture my mind by realising that this global influence and propaganda is such a huge force, that it can’t be stopped without their direct help! So to protect you and your children from this evil and pernicious axis that completely controls the globe in every way shape and form, they have created a cool little game you can all play in your own spare time...Isn’t that awesome! Not only are you protected from this global evil force, but you can also be educated and entertained by it all at the same time! Rejoice and take back your freedom!

Thanks to our noble friends at NATO headquarters, I present to you the global saviour in The News Hero:

News Hero.jpg

That’s right, save yourself and everyone around you, by running a publishing company that publishes only accurate news, by using the gamified approach of an in built Fact Checker screen and verify the incoming stories (never biased or manipulated in any way). This game can be played by everyone’s favourite and most trusted social media partner in Facebook! If you would like to try it out, you can access it at the below link…I hope you all have fun learning how to spot fake news, by engaging with the most trusted authority on real news!


Of course, you can also learn about the Virtual Russian World in the Baltics, Robotrolling, Violent Extremism and Communications and Social Media in Operations – a Counter-Terrorism Perspective. As you can see, every base is covered (pardon the pun), so there is no need to visit any other sources, other than the ones provided right here!


As always, have a great day and PEACE


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Wow thank you for this @palikari123 now I can sleep easy at night and never have to use my powers of discernment again! Although isn't it funny how this latest round of Russian fear porn kind of started around the same timescale as Obama's propaganda legalisation ;) .. Great work my friend, it's good to be back! :D


Great to have you back online and hope all is well! Thanks for your lol and accurate comment also:)

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Long long ago they figured out all the masses want is cake and circuses.
Then they figured out to to make the masses fight their wars , tell them someone or something is coming to take away their cake and circuses. A real bogey man is coming tell them this and they will kill steal and destroy for you.

Its easy to see the real problem is not the government the fools are following.
The real problem is our world is filled with fools who prefer cake and circuses over everything else in life.

Oh if only I had a $50 vote this would get it 100% upgoated, as my old park patrol (police) used to say in the 1980's, yes 1980's, the Russians are coming the Russians are coming, well that old fart is dead now, and they never did come, seems the Russian mind fuck is a very old game, maybe 70 years or more.


And so it goes on and on... Same script, different decade (with slight tweaks of course!).


so is the practice of bombing innocent civilians....

The military never upped their skills, and still rely on stoneage tactics.

I would throw in a goat or 10 if i had the power to hurdle them over the fence


thats one mean goat LOL

NATO filters the news FOR us before it is even published?

LOL you are the best. :-D


NATO is only the first filter...there are also other filters to go through after that:)


hehe So you may eventually end up with the very same article after all if they fix the fixes in the other filters LOL

Oh good grief! It's actually real! Lmfao!


Yep, It's damn real alright 😂😂😂


oh damn that is way bigger than it looked on giphy LMAO


LOL that shit happens to me too....haha

LMFAO, very well written and very funny too!


Thanks bro! Sometimes we just need to ridicule and mock these types of stories, in order to shed a light on how absurd they really are...

I'm so glad you tagged it with 'sarcasm.'..you nearly had me writing a very abusive comment !


Bring it on... I don't mind a bit of abuse:)

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