HEADLINES: Sunday, November 12th, 2017 - A Lot of Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash and Crypto Movement News, Saudi Arabian Turmoil Information Continues, Back and Forths over Roy Moore, Scary Plague, More JFK Files Dumped Nov 9th: Revelations So Far, and More

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Alternative Media - "Right" Leaning

MSM Promoting ‘Gun Confiscation Orders’ As Solution To Mass Shootings
Crypto Chaos Explained - Bitcoin Crashes As 'Cash' Tops Ether For First Time
"Abdication Is Unthinkable": Saudis Deny King Salman Will Relinquish Throne To His Son
Libya: The Forgotten Reason North Korea Desperately Wants Nuclear Weapons
Who Killed President Kennedy And Why?
DHS Warns That "Weaponized Drones" Are A Serious Terror Risk
Plague Fears Grow As New Virus With No Cure Appears: "This Is Worse Than The 'Black Death'"
Exclusive — Alabama Polls: Judge Roy Moore Maintains Double Digit Lead Over Democrat Doug Jones Before, After WaPo Smear
ABC’s Raddatz Disgusted by Skeptics of Allegations Against Roy Moore
Father Uses Gun to Save Teen Daughter From Kidnappers
CNS News
SNL Rips Dems As Elderly Out Of Touch Losers
UN to Host Talks on Use of ‘Killer Robots’
Newswars / VOA News

Alternative Media Section II - "Left" Leaning

Jones Grabs Lead In Alabama
Political Wire
GOP Senator: Allegations Against Moore ‘Have More Credibility’ Than His Denial
“If True”
US brands RT a “foreign agent:” A chilling move against free speech
The Greanville Post
Fake News Used to Justify All Out War: The Bosnian Serb “Death Camp” Fabrication. Pretext for R2P “Humanitarian Intervention” (1992) in Yugoslavia
Trump’s Pivot to Asia: An Arms Sales Bonanza, An Anti-Peace Trip
Veterans Ron Kovic, Oliver Stone on the True Cost of War (Video & Transcript)
Hacker Mines Data from South American, South East Asian Diplomatic Targets

Mainstream Media

Trump complicates his effort to build warmer Russia ties
Tax Reform Is Splitting the GOP. It’s Happened Before.
Alabama polls show close race after Moore accusations
North Korean insults to U.S. leaders are nothing new — but Trump’s deeply personal reactions are
The Washington Post
One week later: Texas church members gather for first time since deadly shooting
USA Today
Nationalist protesters disrupt Poland independence day events
As Trump arrives in Manila, a young victim of Duterte’s devastating ‘drug war’ is mourned
The Washington Post
Prince Charles blames ‘foreign’ Jews for Mideast unrest in 1986 letter

Steem #News

Steemit:Bitcoin's dip is Bitcoin Cash's gain. Also, date finally set for Bitcoin Gold to begin trading!
Steemit:SteemPlus 1.7.1: I used your contributions on Utopian to make SteemPlus better
Steemit:Outstanding Tips for Trading Bitcoin and Altcoins
Steemit:What You Need to Know About the Saudi Purge
Steemit:JFK FILES - NOV 9TH BATCH | What's Been Found So Far
Steemit:If The Saudi Arabia Situation Doesn't Worry You, You're Not Paying Attention
Steemit:V for Vanished - Virginia's Missing Children (2017)
Steemit:How Chess Shaped My Life

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globalresearch.ca is left leaning???

I'm pretty sure that most on the left would classify it as LaRouchian crackpot. Their conspiracy theories seem more at home on the right.


I actually think it might be more centrist... sometimes they are left, sometimes they are right. I was thinking about that today. I was actually provided that site as well as Greanville Post, Truthdig, and Telesur from someone that wrote for the Greanville Post at one point.

Could it be that perhaps not all the "left" is as extreme as TalkingPointsMemo, Slate, and Political Wire. I add those into the post everytime I do it, but it does show that the term "crackpot" is subjective because personally I find those sites more "Crackpot" than just about any others I look at. They take the left of mainstream and exaggerate it even further.

I actually was thinking today as I put that together that GlobalResearch.ca (Canada) was either more centrist, or it might actually show that not all the "left" leaning sites are simply propaganda mouth pieces.

Though it remains to be seen. All I can say is that it was recommended as Left leaning.

Furthermore, I tend to agree more with the Right leaning sites these days, but I sometimes think they are exaggerated and agenda driven as well. Just a lot less outright lies.

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