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Missing Children Vanish from Virginia

The rates of missing children in Virginia are astounding. Since this is a lengthy post I will provide you with the stats first and let you decide if you’d like to continue reading as this post is lengthy.

2017 Missing Children (up to Nov. 9th, 2017)

Virginia: 347

Rate per 100,000 : 4.13

California: 178

Rate per 100,000: 0.45

Alarming Number of Missing in Virginia for 2016

This is a follow up post to Virginia where we explored the available data on missing children in the state of Virginia for 2016.

The data clearly shows that there was a disproportionate number of missing children per 100,000 in the state of Virginia when compared to the all other states including California and New York. Although the numbers are certainly alarming, the researcher who made the original analysis, and posted it to YouTube, cautioned that the results may be a result of poor reporting or incomplete data and that we should be cautious about reaching any definitive conclusions.

Even though 2017 has yet to come to an end, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to dig into data supplied by the NCMEC in the state of Virginia for this year. Since no complete databases with statistics on missing children exist, I decided to gather information manually and build a data set plugging in individual profiles into an Excel spreadsheet. All the data comes from the NCMEC database of missing children for Virginia and California (accessed - October 10th to November 10th).

Virginia Records NCMEC

  • Records Found - 370

California Records NCMEC

  • Records Found – 603

The NCMEC’s public database is organized and sorted alphabetically with the profiles of missing boys and girls from different years all intermixed onto one page.

If for example, you’d like to search for missing children in 2017 there’s no way to separate this year from the remaining profiles. As a result, the process of gathering all of the profiles (for a specific year) is a slow and painstaking process.

What I’m about to share with you is truly shocking

I collected the data over several weeks in October and early November 2017 and I can still hardly believe some of the numbers and patterns that emerged.

The numbers compiled here are from January 1st to November 9th, 2017.

Missing Children in Virginia 2017


If you want to find data/information on missing children in the state of Virginia you may find yourself at the Virginia State Police page in association with Virginia.gov.


When you click on ‘missing’ you are redirected to a page dedicated to missing children in Virginia. A repository of missing children is compiled by the

Virginia Missing Children Information Clearinghouse

This organization works in conjunction with state law enforcement, the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

Unfortunately, the links to the Virginia Missing Children Information Clearinghouse are broken. Therefore, we must rely on the NCMEC’s website for any available data.


As I mentioned, the NCMEC website leaves a lot to be desired. There are plenty of pages on how to protect children, the various programs and partnerships of the NCMEC, etc., however information related to actual missing children is not as accessible as you might imagine.

You can search for individual profiles However, there’s a certain lack of organization. This is certainly perplexing to some extent since it's well documented that the organization uses some of the most advanced real-time data analytic software available, namely the CIA seeded Palantir.

Palantir software is used by the military, government agencies, financial institutions and even charities such as the Clinton Foundation. Essentially, Palantir is an infrastructure for data analysis that can incorporate existing software used by any given organization to help them make sense of their data and increase efficiency.

Yet, the organization that receives tens of millions of dollars in private and federal funding, which also uses the most advanced data analytics available is somehow unable to provide basic numbers regarding missing children state-to-state.

Granted, some of the difficulties of tracking the number of missing children in America is that there are certainly cases of; runaways, children that return home but not reported or even false reporting of a missing child.

Comparing Virginia and California

Let’s start with the total amount of reported missing children from both Virginia and California.


  • California: 40 million (approx.)
  • Virginia: 8.4 million (approx.)

Total Missing Children (January 1st 2017 to November 9th, 2017)

  • California Total Missing Children: 179
  • Virginia Total Missing Children: 347

Rate per 100,000 people

2017 (to date)

  • Virginia: 4.12
  • California: 0.45


  • Virginia: 3.76
  • California: 0.41

VA state miss1.png

Already this doesn’t seem right.

Virginia has over 100 more missing children than California, a state with a population 5 times larger. Just by examining the total numbers we see similarities emerging with the 2016 data.

As the 2017 data comes in, it appears that the shocking rates for Virginia discovered in 2016 are not an anomaly. It would appear that Virginia’s, indeed, at the epicenter of missing children in the United States.

How is it that Virginia has more missing children than California?

What’s going on in Virginia, why are so many children going missing?

Norfolk, Virginia Beach - Missing Children Bermuda Triangle

One of the most striking things about the data from Virginia is the concentration of missing in the Norfolk area.

The area consists of:

  • Norfolk
  • Virginia Beach
  • Portsmouth
  • Newport News
  • Hampton

We can also add Chesapeake and Suffolk on the periphery. Taken together the region’s population totals approximately 1.4 million people.

Norfolk   Google Maps(2).png

In combination, this area makes up half of all the missing children in the state of Virginia with 159 to date.

In the Norfolk region, there’s been an incredible 131 reported cases of missing children in 2017.

Norfolk city has 38 cases, thus far.

Calculating the rate per 100,000 for the greater region we come to an incomprehensible number of:

9.11 Missing Children per/100,000

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 5.47.41 PM.png

Not to be ignored, other areas that have high rates of missing children are Fairfax (30), Manassas (23) and Alexandria (12).

October Occurrences

If the overall statistics were not enough, the October 2017 numbers are even harder to comprehend. While compiling the individual profiles for Virginia’s missing, it soon became clear that the rates in October were off the charts.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 5.40.58 PM.png

According to the data collected from the NCMEC, the number of missing children in just the month of October is:


The numbers from the Norfolk region are equally incomprehensible:


Here are a few graphs with comparisons that help us get a better idea of how the significance of these numbers really are. Comparatively, the total number of reported cases in California is just 12.

Rate per 100,000

  • Norfolk Area: 9.113
  • California: 0.454

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 6.01.56 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 5.39.31 PM.png

October Raw Statistics

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 6.11.30 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 6.11.47 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 6.12.02 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 6.12.19 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 6.12.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 6.12.51 PM.png

Norfolk, Virginia


Norfolk   Google Maps(5).png

What can explain these unbelievable high rates of missing children in the Norfolk area?

First, let’s find out a little bit more about Norfolk, Virginia. According to the US Census Bureau, Norfolk county has a population of 245,115 inhabitants.

The American Prospect

According to Wikipedia:

  • Historic military and strategic transportation point
  • Largest Navy base in the world – Naval Station Norfolk
  • Location of one of NATO Strategic Command headquarters
  • Headquarters of Norfolk Souther Railway
  • Maersk Line world’s largest fleet of US-flag Vessels
  • Extensive network of interstate highways, bridges, tunnels, etc.


Let’s look at a few stats comparing Norfolk to the State of Virginia as a whole.


  • Population: 8,411,808
  • Average household income: $65,015


  • White 70%
  • Black 20%
  • Latino 9%


  • Population: 245,115
  • Average household income: $44,480


  • White 49%
  • Black 43%
  • Latino 7%

US Census Bureau 2016

The census information indicates that Norfolk has a much higher African American representation compared with the overall state percentages. This is also reflected in the number of African American children featured in the NCMEC profile page.

From my limited knowledge of Norfolk, it appears that Norfolk has higher crime rates than the surrounding areas.

Crime in Norfolk  Virginia  VA   murders  rapes  robberies  assaults  burglaries  thefts  auto thefts  arson  law enforcement employees  police officers  crime map.png

Crime in Norfolk  Virginia  VA   murders  rapes  robberies  assaults  burglaries  thefts  auto thefts  arson  law enforcement employees  police officers  crime map(1).png

Crime in Norfolk  Virginia  VA   murders  rapes  robberies  assaults  burglaries  thefts  auto thefts  arson  law enforcement employees  police officers  crime map(3).png

Human Trafficking in the Hampton Roads Area



Most people would not identify the Norfolk area as a major hub for human trafficking but according to the Virginia Beach Justice Initiative human traffickers have been known to be active in the region.

McKenna is the director and a co-founder of the Virginia Beach Justice Initiative, and he spoke at the church to let them know human traffickers like Hampton Roads because the network of interstates makes it easy to ferry women below the radar.

The Virginia Pilot

Similarly, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) identifies the area as a major connecting point for Interstate highways suggesting this may be a major factor in the disappearance of young men and women from this part of Virginia.

Experts believe Virginia’s central location along major interstate corridors and its international points of connection make it vulnerable to human trafficking activity. Through June 30, 2016, Virginia had the 13th most cases reported to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline. This year, the hotline received 339 calls, reporting 73 cases of human trafficking in Virginia. The majority of those called referenced women forced into sex work against their will. In 2015, the hotline received 624 calls, referencing 145 cases of human trafficking in Virginia.

The average age of teens entering trafficking 12-14
Nov. 10, 2016


Recently, the Hampton Roads Human Trafficking Task Force was created with funding from the Department of Homeland Security in coordination with: the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, the Virginia Attorney General’s Office, Homeland Security Investigations and the police departments and commonwealth’s attorneys of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Hampton and Newport News. Samaritan House, a Virginia Beach-based nonprofit, is helping the victims.

The goal of the task force is to combat human trafficking in the region receiving a federal grant of 1.4 million dollars to kick-start the initiative.

Although there appears to be some indirect acknowledgement of the severity of the situation in the area, there has been very little in terms of national coverage. A handful of missing persons cases have garnered some attention, such as the disappearance of Ashanti Billie from her place of work on a naval installation who was later found dead in North Carolina. A former naval officer has been charged with her murder. Although there’s no evidence Ashanti Billie’s case has anything to do with human trafficking, the case has drawn more attention to the disappearance of African Americans women in Virginia. However, the vast majority of the cases of missing teens in Virginia has gone largely unnoticed in the media.

The Virginia Pilot


From the profiles available from the NCMEC, it appears that a large percentage of the missing young men and women are African American teens. The following news story reports that:

African Americans make up 40% of all missing people in the United States.


Missing and Exploited Data

I must caution you that if you visit the NCMEC website many of the profiles included in the analysis here are no longer listed on the organizations website.

I assure you that the profiles I have presented here are accurate as I used the NCMEC profiles as the only source of data.

When going back over the profiles I was also perplexed to find that many of the profiles that I had been compiling no longer appeared on the Virginia missing list.

My first reaction was to ask – have these children been found?

If this were the case then you’d expect some sort of celebratory update.

“Missing Virginia Girl Found!”

The return of just 1 missing child is a cause for celebration but in this case several dozen profiles that were on the site the week prior, are now nowhere to be found.

If there were dozens of children that were returned to their homes it would be national news.

So, I decided to search the individual names that were no longer listed using the search query: “(name) missing Virginia 2017 found” and several other variations.

The search results did not display any headlines of children that had been returned to their homes but there were links to the NCMEC’s missing children profile pages. However, when following the link provided with the child’s name back the NCMEC’s missing in Virginia page one of 2 things happened.

  1. Page not found
  2. Link to the NCMEC’s page but the profile did not appear in the listings

This makes you wonder as to why the profiles are no longer displayed on the website. There may be good reason to remove profiles, for example, when someone is falsely reported missing. Yet, with the sheer numbers of children who are reported missing in Virginia, it seems unlikely that a national clearinghouse would profile so many ‘false reports’ in their official website.

When you spend enough time on the NCMEC missing children profile pages you’ll soon notice another glaring discrepancy between state listings. Again, I will use California and Virginia as examples here.

National Center for Missing   Exploited Children.png

Some profiles do not have a photograph of the child with the profile and vital stats. When viewing the California profiles, there may be a dozen or so that do not have a picture. Sometimes, a sketch is used instead or an article of clothing that the child may have been wearing. By contrast, the Virginia page of 370 reported cases has an astounding

179 profiles without a photograph!

Instead, the following message is displayed –

No Photo submitted by Investigating Agency

Have you seen this child  CHERYL FISHER.png

In this day and age of social media and smartphones, having a profile without a single photograph that could be used finding and/or identifying a missing child is truly unbelievable. Surely, these teens have some kind of social media presence or a phone full of selfies.

How is it possible that as of writing this (Nov. 10, 2017), there is an equal amount of 2017 profiles of missing children in Virginia without a photograph (179), with the total amount of reported cases of missing children in the state of California (179)???

Amber Alert


This is an Amber Alert.

If you live in Virginia, if you have family in Virginia and especially if you have children in Virginia you should make everyone aware of the increasing high rates of missing teens statewide. African American youths are particularly high risk. The research shown here shows that the data from 2016 was not a one-off occurrence and that Virginia has the highest rates of missing children in the country.

In addition, I’m of the opinion that teens need to be made aware and educated on the threat of human trafficking. As the Department of Homeland Security has noted, the Hampton Roads area is a prime location for human trafficking due to the state’s interconnected transportation networks.

Notes on Research

For anyone skeptical of the analysis that I have done here I would like to assure you that I have gone over the data numerous times to make sure that I had not made some sort of major error. Of course, there may be some small mistakes but I believe that the information is as accurate as can be expected. There are several points that might create controversy, however.

1.The Disappearance of Profiles from NCMEC Website.

I will do all I can to provide evidence to back up this claim. In my next post, I will provide screenshots of the profiles that were posted previously but have since gone missing. As mentioned previously, there may be good reasons for the disappearance of some profiles.

2.Double Entries

Several profiles were found to have been uploaded about the same missing teen providing different dates of disappearance. Any ‘double posts’ have been removed from the data. For example: The date of disappearance and location of disappearance of Michael William Fuzi has changed/updated at least 3 times since I began my research.

3.More Research

If you care about missing children or you’re interested in doing research please look into this and examine the data available from the NCMEC website. I welcome any scrutiny of the data, criticism and any feedback you might have.

4.Incomplete Data

At the time of posting there’s still roughly two months left in 2017 and the number of missing in November is already at (53) in Virginia. Help me record, organize and keep track of the data coming out of the NCMEC before it disappears.

Thank you

Dedicated to the children who have gone missing in Virginia, in California, all across the US, and the world. Bless their souls.



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I can provide numerous forms of evidence and whistleblower testimony to show that the main 'secret services' and policy enforcement agencies in USA and UK are heavily infiltrated by a criminal network that organises human trafficking for sexual exploitation, experimentation and worse.

Virginia, as i understand, is the the headquarters of the CIA and so it is sadly, no surprise to me to see the figures you post here.

Researchers might learn something in these testimonies:

Survivor of inter-generational satanic bloodline:

Upvoted and Resteemed!

I have had similar things done to me as a child. Pandering, trafficking, and other abuse. NY State Police, FBI, Social Services, Niagara County NY, etc are involved with my parents. Odd problem? I might not believe this as an adult, the child harms were so well buried I could not recall them. I agree this is more than plausible, it likely is FACT.

My witness is here:



You have sure done a LOT of work here!
Thank-you for the effort that you have made and for sharing it with us here.
It is highly disturbing,
but it is something that people need to be made aware of and discussing.


Brilliant work.

Like you said, it's inconceivable how the US federal government can simply 'lose' cases or not have photos for missing children when they possess software such as Palantir which can trawl through every single database and social media profile in milliseconds.

Something fishy is certainly going on. Norfolk is only a few hours away from Washington DC, and all the shady political gangs operating goings-on there.

clinton gangs! thanks for saying it.

Aren't the national numbers for the amount of missing kids astounding?

When I was 17 a couple in their late 20's to early 30's pulled up next to me in a white van and offered to take me on a trip to the woods. Not being stupid, I declined but asked them why. Turns out they wanted to take me to some compound for weeks at a time in a remote area of the state. Once they realized that wasn't going to work, they invited me to go to New York with them.

For some reason the word "Montauk" stuck out and only later did I realize I may have dodged a bullet. I had never heard of the place, but for some reason it stayed in my memory.

This couple got increasingly insistent when I kept saying no and at one point even grabbed my arm to pull me into the rear door of the van, but I got away. I have always believed that I would not be here today If I had gone away with them and I wondered what happened to any one who did.

Thank GOD I was raised to never go anywhere with strangers.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you my friend, you picked out a key point in this lengthy post about the Palantir software. It is inconceivable (princess bride hollaaar) that with this advanced software and data analytics they cannot provide an accurate representation of the situation right up to the millisecond.

Either Palantir is useless or they are concealing the truth. Now which is it?

protecting the clinton allies.

Got Damn!

Excellent work once again!

we need to fight strictly against any attempt to victimize children for money

Wow mate, incredible research.
The proximity to the cesspit of the DC crowd is definately no coincidence. The numbers are staggering. You'd have to conclude that the authorities are doing a half arsed job at best and cover up at worst. I suspect these kids are being shipped around the world within hours of being taken to fuel the rampant paedo elites currently controlling our paradigm. Its horrible to think about. I hope behind the scenes, Trumps work to tear this disgusting network down is bearing fruit, it cannot be allowed to continue.

You mentioned a software used by the Clinton Foundation that shares the same data as NCMEC. That in itself should be illegal. Way too much human trafficking in the United States. Agree children should be educated to the dangers of this crime. Thank you for the stats and the hard work you put into this post. 🐓🐓

Yes, Palantir is a CIA created software and its founder is Peter Thiel (Pay Pal, Trump advisor). Interestingly, Thiel is investing in a company that extracts the blood of young people and is infused into older patients as a fountain of youth. I'm not making this up.

I know it's very true. then their next step is to remove their brains from their old bodies and implant it in a stolen young fresh body...

educated and armed, even basic martial arts permits the brain to not shutdown in the case of kidnapping.

Thank you @v4vpid for the very informative piece and the research you have done. This is a subject that should concern each and everyone of us but as we know is one that goes "unspoken" throughout mainstream and most of us here on this page know why.

The dots are there in plain sight but connecting and exposing (shine the light ) them takes a bit of strategy and planning. I am hoping this platform will be a resource and tool which will help promote awareness but also bring together the solutions.

I must wonder through all the research you have done in Virginia if you came across the numbers of these missing children who were at the time in Child Protective Services custody. My guess is that there was no public "missing children" report for children missing from that particular agency. Hoping you prove me wrong.

This video came to me just this morning and I believe with what you already have found that it will interest you as much as it has me. I'll try to get a post done to include this video but if by chance I am distracted I want you to have it:

Keep up the great work and service. The children need a voice!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Though I've read numerous accounts of CPS antics in general but in regards to their involvement with the disappearances I outlined here, I haven't come across any information related to CPS.
The information that NCMEC provides is quite limited; name, age, gender, race, hair and eye color, height, weight, location where the child went missing, what they were wearing, and distinguishing marks.

Aside from that there's very little additional information about each case. No mention of whether any children had been in CPS or foster care. If there was public data on that, I would also be very interested in that.

Thanks for the link, I haven't watched the video you linked yet but I'm very familiar with the McCain Institute's anti-human trafficking platform and its relationship with THORN (Kutcher and Rothschild) and the NCMEC. I wrote several articles about this last year.

I can see why there would be no public notice as to whether any of these missing children were in CPS custody as it would certainly expose and perhaps allow people to connect the dots in too many of their cases. I am guessing here, but I'll bet there are many more missing that are not reported to the public. Will be ISO more info on this as well.

Thank you for all you do, there can be no greater service than to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

I found this Tweet, thought it might interest you.

NCMEC on Twitter   86  of these likely  sextrafficking victims were in the care of social services foster care when they went missing https   t.co wYgEivYugI https   t.co 1ez0wcJQez .png

I know there have been a lot of "Round-ups" of pedophiles by the police trying to make a statement that they are "on the job" with this but most of the arrests I've noticed are individuals engaging in prostitution. I think this big "round-up" is merely a snow job to keep our focus away from what is really happening to a large percent of the missing children.

People will look at the news and say, oh look....they are doing their job finally. The wool has been pulled over people's eyes because the problem is MUCH BIGGER. I will feel better when I see Podesta and the entire PizzaGate crowd locked up. Those are the ones that have a system of child abduction in place world wide. Those are the BIG FISH to fry.

When it all is said and done they will find how involved the local family court systems and Child Protective Services are in the scheme. Exposing them and bringing charges is simply not happening fast enough.

Thank you for your extensive research. I think there are many of us being called to take notice and expend some effort it doing our part. These abducted children are lost to the world and will never have a voice otherwise.

We as a people will never be free as long as this sadistic ritualistic practice continues. :(

Wow. Awesome information collection. Great job.
This is a worrying issue worldwide. The number of cases of missing children in Europe are also counted by thousands per year. Data from other continents, such as the African one, are alarming even though they do not have such precise censuses.
In spite of everything, this issue does not seem to be very relevant for those who should take measures to protect the weakest part of our society that are children.

Thank you for your insightful comment, I coulnd't agree more. Here we have the richest country in the world and stats are very difficult to come by... I can only imagine what's going on in developing nations. We need more open and transparent accounting of the missing.

While I was researching this, my jaw hit the floor. I still have a hard time believing this.

asia? specifically china?

Thank you very much for the meticulous documentation of those heinous crimes @v4vapid. It will be shared, believe me.

compared to this article, everything i read or seen in the last 3 days was fake news.

numbers are alarming. and yet,public reaction to these numbers is even more alarming.

but still, go curse Kim, Assad or Putin, cheer for bombing Iran, boycott flags or NFL..those are relevant and important things..

smoke screens to cover their asses, then add hypersexualization of children, loss of gender identity etc... ultimate goal destruction of the concept of family, be it for some spiritual force or to implement the state as parent.

well it made me start digging for any proof of existence of such database in my area.
i didnt even start looking for international sources yet, im still in region, and its already stinky business.

without cia/other intelligences backing I would be very careful...

I live in Norfolk, Virginia and I can tell you that the public doesn't know much about this. There is very little awareness about the abductions and its hard to even imagine that this is going on around me. I have a 2 year old daughter and this article has really opened my eyes. Thanks so much! Might be time to relocate!

Thank you so much for responding! I'm very curious as to what's happening on the ground in Norfolk and Virginia and I assumed that most people are unaware of these numbers. The missing rates are jaw dropping, i can hardly believe the rates either. I think the authorities are keeping a tight lid on this because if this information was well known people would be up in arms over this.
My guess is that the African American community is being targeted because it draws less attention from the authorities and the media.
Be safe, be aware and pay close attention to your daughter and loved ones!

thank you! It's funny because I mentioned this article to my fiancé and she said that she'd seen these similar stats on Facebook the same day so maybe a new wave of enlightenment here is upon us!

Tragic stats, @v4vapid. Thanks for sharing, upvote & resteem.

First off Thanks a lot for sharing such a sensitive and important Blog Post for almost every parent and law enforcement organizations. This post is so beautifully and detailed written that everyone can clearly find what else he wants. I know it needs lot of RESEARCH to dig out the information. Once you start such type of Research you can face hurdles in almost every step. SO A BIG SALUTE FROM MY SIDE @v4vapid
Regarding your Facts and Figures I just appreciate your marvelous efforts. And at the same time I'm feeling sorry for the Parents of Missing children. Also LEA should take proper action in Virginia, why the missing children % is so high there.
At the end I once again appreciate your great job. Keep it up and Stay Blessed!

Thank you , I appreciate this comment immensely. It took many weeks piecing this together. I hope that this contribution can help bring more awareness to this issue and that in some way can help benefit the families of the missing. I will follow up on this in the near future. Thanks for your support and kind words :)

No doubt you did a great job and your words made my day: I will follow up on this in the near future. Thanks a lot for having with us here at steemit. Stay Blessed!

it's not awarness that is needed but war, those doing this are like al-kaeeda... but I guess the same people who commit those crime love to see leos buzy with narcotics and or in foreign lands...

I've been waiting to find the time to sit down and give this shocking and disturbing post the attention it deserves . I must say the level of research you've put into this is outstanding! Equally the fact that the accumulation of this information falls upon the shoulders of a member of the public like yourself is sobering. Firstly the military/naval presence in the area certainly raised an eyebrow. When reading the names and looking at the pictures of the missing children it's heartbreaking to think that although each one has seperate story to tell the figures also hint at the potential interconnected nature of said stories.

Equally shocking is that within this selfie obsessed culture many of the children do not have a picture? Hell even facebook has facial recognition technology. Does this mean that the agencies simply haven't bothered chasing this up? Do these children not warrant this effort or do certain interests not want the images of these children getting out? There are no easy answers, just a multitude of questions and I commend you for your tireless efforts in putting this information out. Thank you @v4vapid.

Very interesting. Numbers never lie.
Maybe they are all getting desperate and sacrificing everyone they can get their hands on to Moloch. This is without doubt cult related.

We live in a very challenging world. Thank you for making people aware of all those issues our society is faced with.

While the sheer number of missing children in the Norfolk area is astounding, one also needs to consider why the missing children of the entire COUNTRY are not foremost in the minds of our "Mainstream Media", who are no longer a news outlet or source but rather a publicity agent for the Democrat Party.
So, if you carry things to their logical conclusion:

  1. The so called Mainstream Media is no longer an actual news outlet but rather a propaganda wing of the Democrat Party.
  2. The media is silent about these matters.
  3. The missing children are in close proximity to Washington DC.
  4. There have been several articles from outlets other than mainstream media that outline a child pornography and child sex ring perpetrated by none other than our own Washington elite.

Just maybe these children are disappearing into the Washington Child Sex Industry.

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Wow! This is indeed shocking.

I am a true crime "addict," so to speak, and I have yet to hear these terrible statistics.

I've recently been watching A & E's crime show "The Eleven." I mention this because it's related to your article, except that this is about a case from the 70's in which 11 teenage girls were brutally murdered in and around Galveston County, Texas.

They believe a single person may be responsible. This may also be the case in Virginia. There may be one or more active serial killers/kidnappers operating in Virginia which could certainly account for the high numbers.

Another possibility is a human trafficking ring. Just one of those could account for dozens, even hundreds of missing children every year.

The really scary thing is the fact that in many cases, the statistics don't even reflect reality. In reality, the numbers may be even higher. Some cases may go unreported, especially if one or both parents is involved.

In today's day and age, children are much more alert when it comes to "stranger danger" than they were in years past, which is a very good thing. Yet, these numbers are still way too high.

I believe even ONE missing child is too many.

Maybe several law enforcement agencies from throughout Virginia can get together and form a task force. If the numbers you have presented are indeed correct, then it's certainly warranted.

Excellent post.

This isn't just happening in the US, I saw an article recently that hundreds of thousands of children in the UK go missing every year. People going missing. Around 140k young people per year and where do they go? Clearly some sort of sick/evil thing is happening but its nearly impossible to investigate every case

What's really astounding is that many times, no trace of them is ever found. Thank goodness I was old enough to yank my arm away from them. Imagine if I had been 10 years old instead of 17...

Inspirational work. Absolutely incredible.

People like you are why I keep going.

Thank you, that means a lot coming from you.
This comment truly made my day.

People miss you around here, no kidding.
Hope we can welcome you back soon ;)

Wow the title and picture gave me goosebumps before I even opened up the post. Very interesting story here and you laid it all out like a boss! This is a fantastic piece bud 😎

Thanks, i do tend to research some pretty dark stuff. I need to learn how to scrape websites in the future to speed things up. Appreciate the comments as always ;)

poor kids :((

Amazing and informative post.. thanks for sharing this important information.

very happy I see this post. thanks for sharing my friends.


Wow, @v4vapid. It is impossible! I have never thought that there is a place with a missing rate like 0.45 :O

I know, it doesn;t seem possible that Virginia's missing rate is 4.12 per 100,000 - but i keep crunching the numbers and this is the result. Last year the number of 3.76 per 100,000 seemed like a mistake but now...

I had some interesting notices just a couple of days ago on Kansas too. Will look for it and post somewhere for you. Child trafficking is HUGE, a lot bigger than people can actually wrap their heads around and sad to say it runs deep through out many communities, counties and states (And the entire world). #familyprotection @familyprotection is building a Steemit outreach, are you following them?

All the kidnapping that's been happening is done by elites for their own selfish desires. I have read many articles on experiments that are performed on humans. Either those experiments are performed on criminals or cell inmates or children's and adult (homeless people) as they are easy target. The kidnapping is done not only for experiments but also for human organ trafficking and also for children pornography.

WoW thank you a lot for this super informative post. I really appreciate when problems are tackle heads on, and data doesn't lie.

My first explanation is the current. It's way harder to dispose a body off of california coast, as the current will most probably bring it to the shore.

The second point, would be that the triangle is closer to D.C. / NYC... and as some very influential once presidential and recently tried to place a second one, I guess that it's there that it has to be looked for. I know it's quite freightening to think that the so called leader of the free world was recently implicated with so many cases. Look at how they attempted to defuse it with a so called pizzagate (harming pizza sells), while protecting all their affiliate, foreign and domestic.

I am curious to have rate comparison with some chinese cities...

you should upload your work on decentralized systems like i2p or freenet, otherwise it may be deleted for you.

and please be safe !!!

I have had similar things done to me as a child. Pandering, trafficking, and other abuse. NY State Police, FBI, Social Services, Niagara County NY, etc are involved with my parents. Odd problem? I might not believe this as an adult, the child harms were so well buried I could not recall them. I agree this is more than plausible, it likely is FACT.

My witness is here:


All this is information is so disturbing...the average joe can see what is going on yet it seems the law enforcement just can not work it out ...i hope i am wrong and that there is some big operation going on to break all this wide open...nice work with all the research

it's easier to arrest a dude smoking some crack than to fight real criminal gangs (remember narcotics used on one self is a consensual act, that can't be criminalized, like rock climbing, dangerous, but a personal choice).


The old information gatherering mechanisms are antiquated, inefficient, and inherently secretive. This calls for a blockish solution where networks of people can collaborate to find out information and connect the dots.

good work

Very informative post, thanks for sharing.

wow nice post @technical.googel

Very tragic statistics? How to stop this brutal kidnapping?


The elite kidnap them for their sick rituals and personal pleasure. They are pedophiles and satanists. Sick.
Btw cool gif, how did you make it? Would like to make one for myself.

This is certainly a real possibility as the most vulnerable in society appear to be targeted. We need to drag this into the light.

Yes, the GIF, made by the one and only @animate! check out his templates and custom options!

There is nothing we can do about it when 90% of the population is too dumb to realize this. Or they are stuck mindlessly browsing their cellphones.Also a lot of people nowadays care for no one else but themself.
That's why we cant stop the chemtrails, HAARP, geoingeneering, constant poisoning of our food and water supply or anything else for that matter.

I disagree, the best thing we can do, is first try to clean our bodies (water, healthy food, sport and sweat etc) then inform as much national and foreign security forces, once to warn them about what is going on while for some are in foreign land (I don't think navy seals, or what ever american or foreign assassins like to know his children in dangers) and for the foreigners it may permit them to organize defense and offense against those criminal gangs. Big data will expose those people, what ever the dumbdown understand... then it will get fast... then question is when.

Lol. That's pretty funny, seeing as I'm reading this on a cell phone.

very true, and they are supported by a vast overseas network too. One of it's most public front is called the clinton fundation.

I am very happy with your post for it, and I will always follow your post

Time to get rid of these evil people trying to control the world!

][umanflesh red leather shoes and the Podesta Group

Things get even more disgusting.

Would love to see them all go down hard. Seems it is a "club" too big to fail thus far. Still hoping this shake up going on
is real and heads will roll, sadly to say hope may be all we have :(

Very informative topic you wrote @v4vapid, I really appreciate and support you for point out this topic of "missing children" I your article. Missing children is very alarming situation all over the world. You in detail shared the statistic and updates and it will helpful for us. Thanks dear.

This is a wake up call for sure. These facts are about one state. I would like to look at all 50 states and what the total is. We must act to protect the innocent. Amber alerts, faces on milk cartons and posters were started many years ago, to help find the lost and exploited and we can do more. We must find ways to identify predators lurking out there. Great article with good information with data that is compared to California.

of course the msm will not speak about it... why? clinton affiliates pay good money for ads.

It's so sad to hear such a news. I can't believe this world is turning into a hell. It looks like the government and other authorities can't work it out. I hope this stops.

bhoot fm

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This is pretty interesting! Why do you think Virginia's rates are so high?

Very Happy of your post ,@v4vapid. It is impossible!

denial + cognitive dissonance, like the ostrich.

Woo this is scary story.
As a mom with 2 kids, this Alarms a lot to me.
God , please save those kids.

Wow! Who is near Virginia? Comment here! WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING.

If the situation came to show the figure of abnormal level in missing report like this, it's rational to have a doubt on serial killer around Norfolk.


Wow! This is truly disturbing stuff. I hope they investigate and get to the bottom of this.

This is scary, just imagine your life just take a 360° shift when u got kidnapped. Be happy to healthy and alive.

A great informative post ....
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Great job fraind... Nice information collection fraind...

Very horrible, in addition to parental supervision, the role of the authorities is very important for this issue.



wow amazin

OMG!!! it is really horrible news for Parent's. They need to more careful about there children.

Theses paedophile motherfuckers are going to jail. #pizzagate

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Just fantastic! You did such a good job and this is so important. And so sad.

The very statistics make you want to quiver at the thought of what the world has come to. It's awesome that you got out such a descriptive statistic post about a really sensitive matter. Prayers from the other side of the world xx

It's a concerning matter . The rate of missing children is really high . This is a worrying issue worldwide. It's should be prohibited quickly .Thank you very much for the meticulous documentation of those heinous crimes @v4vapid.

A great informative post ....
thanks for sharing...@v4vapid

Hi, @v4vapid Welcome to steemit. Looks Like Amazing This Post Happy To Have Fun a Day ( ^,^ ).

Wow! This is why Steemit is so powerful. Where else could one freely write this type of information and keep his freedom?

It is a quite hard case to crack about missing children. If they had been sold to what or not is just too hard to investigate.

Similar high numbers of woman and children are going missing in MI - this is a war, folks.

Do you or anyone on this board have any idea or comment on where are the 26 children who sang at the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show.

good picture and post

Sadece Amerika'da değil tüm dünyada önemli bir sorun.

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