How Chess Shaped My Life

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How Chess Shaped My Life

There are 3 stages in Chess: Opening, Middle Game and End Game

  1. Opening is the stage where player start deploying pieces to battlefield and make things ready.
  2. Middle Game is where pieces start engaging and fighting in the battlefield,
  3. End Game is the final stage where players utilize all remaining pieces to win the game

Opening — The Setup

My Journey of Chinese Chess started from a high school book report back in 1999 when I was 13. I randomly selected a book in the library for my assignment and was fascinated by the stories about Chinese Chess. I was fascinated with the possibilities and depth of the game.
The beauty in “Openings,” the competitiveness in “Middle Games” and the harmony in “End Games.” I started reading and practicing Chinese Chess Theory and Literature day and night, and started playing in a park next to my home.

13th World Chinese Chess Championship

Middle Game — My Chess Life on the Streets

My parents disagreed with my passion and kept Chinese Chess away from me. They disagreed because Chinese Chess players were not highly respected in the society and as a career.
At that moment, Chess was my life and only light in this world. I ran away from home at the age of 14 and slept on the streets to continue my pursuit and training in Chinese Chess.
I challenged everyone in that park and stayed focused, no matter if bystanders yelled, smoked or shouted at each other. The resistance I faced from my family was something I could defeat on the chessboard.
In my heart and soul there was only 32 pieces in this universe. I would go out and play for money in order to feed myself and survive.

I met my first Chinese Chess Mentor, a professional player in one the parks, and that started my formal Chinese Chess training in 2000. After few weeks, the Chess Association exchanged words to my parents and I eventually went back home.

End Game — Beating an International Chinese Chess Master in 18 Moves

December 6th 2001, the night before my tournament, I felt nervous and wasn’t able to sleep. Being 15 years old, I represented Hong Kong in the 7th World Chinese Chess Championship .

Team Hong Kong at the 7th World Chinese Chess Championship
That was my 8th game in the Championship, and my opponent was International Master, Lay Kan Hock,dubbed as the ‘West Malaysia Chinese Chess King’. I needed to win this game to stay in the lead for the Non-Asian World Champion title. I analyzed his game habits, specifically his middle game habit thoroughly overnight and defeated him in 18 moves the next day.
This game earned me my very first Chinese Chess World Championship and a Federal Master Title. However, the celebration was brief. I went back to school to finish my exam on the same day.

From Chinese Chess to MindSports IO

Similar to most people, I stopped playing professionally after joining the workforce. Earlier this year, I moved houses and found my previous trophies stored in a box. It made me reminisce my teenage years playing competitive chess. The struggles and victories seemed like a distant memory.
I started to pick up both Chess and Chinese Chess again and came across a very powerful thoughts from Gary Kasparov,
“ I thought that we could reform the organization, depoliticize and decentralize it, and make it more of a giant social network, with chess for education as its key project”

Then one day while my co-founder and I were playing Chess at a co-working space, we were brainstorming about the power of blockchain technology and the idea of decentralized governance. The idea of making a decentralized social gaming network for the intellectual game came up.
MindSports IO was born.

Island Kon is the Co-Founder of MindSports IO, you can learn more about their mission and work on Twitter or go through their WhitePaper

You can join our presale here!

Feel free to leave questions and comments below!

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If you want to learn more , feel free to check out our whitepaper



I love chess but I never learned nor know the difference of Chinese Chess. I have played Chinese Checkers.

thanks for ur interest blockgators.

Chess, chinese chess, shogi, korean chess all originated from Chaturanga

In terms of game tree complexity, chess is 10^123, chinese chess is 10^150, shogi is 10^226.
You can learn more here :

Interesting ... will look into it! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks cryptomatic1. Appreciate any technical feedbacks. Thanks !

Kindly check out our whitepaper.

I like chess but I didn't play it in a long time. I have to change it as soon as possible! :)

thanks andreiprochazka, we are more than a chess platform. Chess is the first game on the network.
We except there will be 5 mind games on MindSports IO Network by 2019. Thanks !

Every 6 months token holders can propose, vote and decide the next mind games to be build and deploy. Thanks.

Kindly check us out and learn more about our mission and value. Thanks !

If you want to learn more , feel free to check out our whitepaper


chess is great game 😉 i upvoted you worth 0.03$

thanks hassanabid.

Chess is the first mind game to be deployed on the network. Every 6 months token holders can propose, vote and decide the next mind games to be build and deploy.

We except there will be 5 mind games on MindSports IO Network by 2019. Thanks !

i must say you are really informative person much appreciate 😍

likewise hassanabid.

Kindly check out our whitepaper and learn more about our mission and work. Thanks !


Do people like mindsports games?

hi hellkinglong, yes people love mindsports games.

Theres 1 billion mind sports players and more than 6000-8000 chess game playing at this very moment. (reference:,, wikipedia) Thanks !

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