Alex Jones is not a warmonger, unlike war criminals in mainstream media

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By now, I'm sure you've heard that popular alternative media figure Alex Jones has been banned from Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and other major social media networks.


The mainstream media are having a ball, celebrating Jones' ban as a victory for 'democracy' and a triumph in the ongoing war against 'fake news' and disinformation.

About that disinformation...

Those who are celebrating Jones' ban are the ones most guilty of disseminating fake news and disinformation, only their fake news has been in effect for many decades and has had devastating consequences on the American public and, more poignantly, the foreign 'enemies' (innocent civilians) in the Middle East.


Alex Jones may be many things (mainly an entertainer), but warmongerer, he is not. It's laughable that these mainstream media networks are claiming the moral high ground and celebrating Infowars' ban, while they routinely deceive the public and lead America into senseless wars of aggression and justify or often ignore blatant war crimes and crimes against humanity (google image search: 'depleted uranium Iraq'. Ever heard the media report on that?)

It's not Alex Jones' 'dangerous lies' you need to worry about, it's the lies you're taught in the indoctrination centres known as schools and the dangerous lies continuously peddled in the mainstream media, who ultimately serve the military industrial complex and the bankers.

So, say what you will about Jones, but he was most certainly not a war propagandist, unlike the war hawks and prostitutes in legacy media, who are always thirsty for another blood bath on foreign soil. By far the worst form of 'news' is war propaganda, and all the major networks are GUILTY and have blood on their hands.

Remember when the media lied about Iraq and WMDs? An estimated 1 million-plus people died as a result. Unlike Alex Jones and Infowars, this brand of fake news has chilling consequences and helped paved the way for the unlawful invasion of several foreign countries. Those who disseminate such fake news must be held accountable. These people are war criminals and psychopaths, and have covered up some of the most sickening crimes imaginable.



Must read:

In A Corporatist System Of Government, Corporate Censorship Is State Censorship

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I literally migrated here from Facebook because they are attacking free speech by way of suppressing Alex Jones. I hope this site this Pro free speech. Brand new to Steemit.


Good to see you hear. Technically, nothing can be removed from the blockchain or deleted. Posts and comments can be down voted and hidden, but you just have to tap to reveal them. If you look at the bottom of the comments on this thread, you'll see I down voted some spam links.

Whether we like Alex Jones' content or not is beside the point. He should have the right to express his views and promote his content just like any other news network promotes theirs in social media and content creation platforms without being censored by them just because they don't share the same political views. It's unbelievable that they ban his content but allow pedofiles to openly express their views on youtube. This is insane!!!


Indeed it is. Well said.

Alex Jones Is NOT a WARMONGER...
... but he is a fearmonger though.

The big news networks, along with twisted dudes like Bush and McCain, are the real war-mongers.



That last image sent a cold chill down my spine. The media outlets that are censoring Alex paved the way for the bombs that caused those mutations by perpetuating propaganda about Iraq WMD's and U.S smart bombs that were not so smart after all.


Those pictures really are horrifying. No one has been held accountable.


Those that dropped the bombs are primarily accountable. That being said, they will tell you they were just following the orders of their generals. Those generals will tell you that they were just following orders of the president. The President will say he made decisions he thought were in the interest of National Security based off the intelligence from the CIA, FBI, NSA and frankly isn't the one that dropped the bombs so doesn't bear the greater weight of moral culpability.


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Im shocked what happened noe

Good article! Keep on keeping the people informed and waking the sheeple who know no better.