Is Facebook Finally Coming After Organs of its Users?

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News just came out about how Facebook sent a doctor on a secret mission to ask hospitals to share patient data, according to CNBC. Would that surprise you after “Cambridge Analytica” story?

No, he wouldn't do that… Senate just show us all how good Mark Zuckerberg is. He would use that incredibly sensitive data only for research! That's why he kept it top secret. Besides, it's CNBC. They are probably lying anyway. Right?

Let “The Resident” tell you a story…

Duration: 2:43

BTW, did you check Facebook's Terms and Conditions for the ‘Organ Donor’ section? You did? OK, now you can relax watching some old “Monty Python” movies:


e-vizitka - 2017-10-28_131026-mala.jpg

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So this is the new strategy of Facebook. Hmmm