Facebook — Junkie Thief Caught Again!

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According to this week published investigation of New York Times, Facebook (yes, the same one whose boss promised to fix problems) allowed access to Facebook’s user’s information of at least 60 mobile devices manufacturers, including Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry…

Imagine that! Facebook sells your data… Again!

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Well, you could believe sweet talk Zuckeberg prepared for the Senate Committee, but then again, you probably believe in fairies and unicorns, don’t you?

Truth is, Facebook cannot be fixed. It is made on the premise of stealing data, and is created in a way to use human vanity to obtain that data in a voluntary manner. That vanity is probably the sole reason Facebook still exists. Too many people do not want to admit they were deceived. So, they stick to the narrative: “We are not stupid, it can be fixed!” Sad.

A machine for stealing data cannot be made into a scent atomizer. And even it starts looking like scent atomizer, it will spray only nerve agents. Facebook is a junkie thief that cannot stop stealing. On the contrary — it is addicted to stealing and must steal more and more, by the “fine” capitalist rule of profit at any cost. And it is dependent on vanity junkies who cannot leave it. It's a relation made in Heav… in Hell, that is.

But I guess it is just another step in a growing of human race…


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Is there a way to find out who they sold it to? And what was sold?