gets Featured in HuffingtonPost article today.

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The Rise of the Blockchain: 3 New Inventions of the Blockchain Revolution

Granted the article is the second part of a three part of a three part article the fact we are getting featured in a major publication is a good thing for and all the steemians. STEEM will also be able to benefit from publicity.

Ill give you the first paragraph below but in all fairness HuffPo wrote it so you will have to go to it to read the rest of it. Keep i mind I also happen to consider Huffingtonpost a purveyor of wholly leftist biased repeating and in many cases totally FakeNews. This on the other hand appears to be real news, thank God.

2. Blockchain-Based Social Media

In 2016 @Ned Scott and @Dan Larimer founded the project Steemit, a social media platform running on a blockchain database. Its creation has helped content creators earn a steady income by creating and curating content. In other words, content creators “mine” the cryptocurrency Steem through their content.

For the rest of the story click here

What is nice about this article is it is presented without opinion and bias. The author just gave the content of the interview and left it up to the reader to search out the site for their on opinion of it.

It would be interesting to see the STEEMit analytics so we could see what effect these articles and ads on Facebook like what @JerryBanfield post to see the actual clicks we get from them.

Just my two STEEMS Worth.

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Very nice post, good work
i would be more than happy if you visit my last post and add a comment

Haahaa! Appears to be real news! Made my day!

Publicity is a good thing. And, yes, we are revolutionary!

I love your avatar and name.
Glad to assist in making your day. Hope it persist.
Viva la-Steemit!

The Huffington Post approves of steemit?

That's a great way to kill our platform. :D

Kind of like Dr Kavorkian saying Cigarettes are good for you.

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