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Happy Friday!!

Before I get to this week's product updates, I want to mention one of the reasons why I realized that I am Agorist. I really don't think that it matters much which country you live in, but if you look into the Federal code for your country, and your local municipals obey what your Federales dictate, then in essence, you are literally a product of that country, and they own you. Yes, they actually own you, as if you were their pet hamster or something.

"United States" (for example) is defined as a Federal Corporation (28 US Code § 3002 sect 15A). When your parents held up their hand and pledged their allegiance to the flag, they just became the actual property of that government. Then, their children, and children's children etc are all offspring products of the first product, automatically owned by the same Corporation. This is also why you must have permission to leave (a Passport). They literally own you.

Soooo, let's use counter-economics to render their hegemony obsolete!

Agorist Flag

Stealth - Tons of work done this week on the Stealth automated backups! Backup schemes in C-IPFS must be done perfectly so that even across different types of IPFS nodes (go-ipfs, js-ipfs, etc) the synchronization is seamless, no matter what device is running our software. Nodeio was close, but did not quite cut it so we chose bitswap instead and are making a few tweaks to it this week so that it works perfectly with Stealth backups (automated or not). We are tweaking the protocol to enable filesystem synchronization across the differing networks (kinda like side-chains imo).

So we began writing the Bitswap protocol directly into C-IPFS and this should be done and fully tested in less than 2 weeks. We are also aiming for 33-50% code commenting too so that once we are ready to doxygen the documentation, then we can have experienced coders from all over the world using our software on their various devices as well (I will reveal more about this massive project in the coming weeks).

General code maintenance:

The Bitswap protocol:

We also got the initial API implemented this week:

We tested it running along with the rest of the code and had zero problems. The next step is to put the ZLib for compression and jsmn (json library already present in the c-ipfs repository) and make the internal function calls.


BlockPay - Both the QRCodeActivity and the BrainkeyActivity were failing in case the first node/server was not available. This was the case because graphenej didn't yet offer support for a centralized message broker. Every activity/fragment that needs network data must then manage its own connection. A new message broker feature is being finished this week. But in order to give people some working software sooner rather than later, these fixes were introduced here and included in the latest v1.5.13 release. In that same commit the old nodes were also removed from the list and we're now relying on 2 different nodes.

I am still keeping BlockPay in a private repo for now so that we can get some market traction first, but I will probably make the private repo a public repo like the rest in a couple of weeks:

BlockPay Updates

A bug that made the app crash whenever the user tapped the desired amount and moved on to the QR code screen too fast was fixed in this commit. The root cause was a thread mismanagement that caused a NullPointerException.

In this commit we are introducing the initial stub of a "Setup Wizard" for BlockPay which should streamline the initial setup procedure by breaking it apart into 3 very distinct steps, with plenty of room for explanations and pictures. We have done an initial mockup animation for this Setup Wizard already. If you'd like to see it, it has been uploaded to our Telegram group chat, so just ping us there to have a sneak peek:


Smartcoins Wallet - Since we had to setup new servers (remember, we had to freeze the bank account of you-know-who), this week we have done a lot of testing on the new servers so that we don't ever have a network downtime. This is not cheap, so again I have got to thank @onceuponatime for stepping up to save the project!

We now have the new servers online and running, and we have updated the node-hopping list in the code of the app itself to look for the new servers in the list.

The Transactions display has been undergoing some major improvements as well so that you do not have to sit there waiting for the database to sync up the first time from the full nodes. We use a "lazy loading" process in the background now so as to not annoy the user.

Also, we have gotten back up to speed on the issues that were reported on my github page and should have the rest of them knocked out very soon while we are working on the "Carbon" features at the same time.

Relevant commits for all this work can be audited here:

If you haven't tried the Smartcoins Wallet for android yet, give it a shot!


graphenej - Graphenej is the library that we have built that anyone can use to develop mobile wallets on android for the Bitshares blockchain. See my github page if you'd like to fork it, tweak and compete as I always say.

We have now finished the implementation of Node-Hopping, and the message broker in graphenej (and better doc styles). This means that, when we replace old usage into new usage in BlockPay and the Smartcoins Wallet, all network messages will be dealt with by a broker (which is very well organized and easily extensible) in one active WebSocket connection to the node (instead of the current mess of having one WebSocket per Activity, which is a bandwidth killer).

We have now completed the base API docs and some code style refactoring for graphenej API classes (classes on the package de.bitsharesmunich.graphenej.api). The code and comment style used are now official Android ( and Oracle ( guidelines.

The relevant commits for this work can be audited here:


Ledger Nano S - Man it's gonna be REALLY nice having a cold-storage device for Bitshares assets. This week, our Ledger Nano S devices arrived so that we can compile their sdk, got the testing server all setup, studied the Ledger documentation a bit more, communicated a bit more with the Ledger Core Devs, and begin actual setup and testing on the device itself..


In addition, more technical research done now on the Ledger Nano S firmware, BOLOS, and tight graphene integration. We also configured the Ledger-specific development environment, and compiled and loaded their HelloWorld onto the device (this was interesting as there was some conflicting documentation on how to run this one).


Status of his BitShares Munich IVS hostile-takeover attempt - Not sure where our CFO you-know-who has been the last month or so, but my lawyer has luckily been able to communicate somewhat with his father/lawyer and figure out how we are going to settle this BitShares Munich IVS mess. There are now 895 of us BLOCKPAY token holders ( so I hope to hell he does the right thing here, but we will know for sure by the 28th as I mentioned in my last post.

I hope you enjoy my weekly reports, we get a lot done every week and I have a lot of ideas for additional products!

On that note, I have another job opening that I will be posting in a couple days too, so stay tuned and thank you again for Following our work! :)

Peace, Love, and Agorism.


Just because they say they own you is not really the full story in my view. Granted you covered a lot in this blog, you did good to mention this.. You know the prisoner that says "they will never take my freedom".. This is even more true for most of us now, we have options. We can project and change our reality.

My general advice: learn not to be a wimpy submissive citizen we were raised and encouraged by our cults (short for cultures) to become. Face it .. violate safe-spaces and be prepared for back-lash as people have a challenge getting from point A to point B. When we all do this, it is going to accelerate what people are willing to try and do to upgrade all the services that keep us enslaved. We need to be smart, tough, slick, and often confrontational to things that stand in the way..

We are the modern Trojan Horses guys. At least we should. Attack them from the inside. They will find out to late where it was coming from... Find ways to surprise them again and again...Let's apply guerilla tactics. We must be unpredictable...

That is right. Non-violence and unity is POWER! :) Governments keep tightening their grip, better do something! See new tsa security by @pressfortruth.

Great Line Non-violence and unity is POWER !!

Cults is short for culture. I don't remember ever heard that one.

We really need to get people up-to-date on agorism and the true nature of government and deleterious effects. Steem and other cryptocurrencies are currently the best tools freedom and non-violent movements have.

Let's Steem ourselves toward more freedom!

Lol .. All while sticking to the non-violent principal..

agree, of course.

Here is video I shared in a prior post. It's Charlie Chaplin and his son.
Before this movie Charlie Chaplin was denied re-entry into the USA because they did not agree with his policitcs.

Bingo! Education is everything. Great words from a brilliant mind. Thanx @jamesc1 :)

yeah men education is the most impotant thing men thank you you are correct

I think that the ideas presented about U.S.A being a corporation and considering it's citizens to be property of the state is completely accurate. If anyone wants to research this further I recommend searching for the Virginia Company as it relates to the founding of the country. Very interesting reading material indeed!

Hello James,
Like I told you at Jeff's Conference. Denounce your Citizenship and you are not property of the State any longer.
Learn your Human Rights to be FREE!
Take care my friend.

@kencode An amazing post like your earlier ones. BitShares is going to be in a lot of controversy as takeovers and sudden chain shifts are controlling its primary asset valuation. However, it can become a stable one when it gains a critical price point decision with respect to the dominating market valuation coins.

Also, the mass acceptance of USB hardware/cold wallets like Ledger and also developments in the BlockPay chain are important just before the SegWit announcement on 1st August.
@kencode Sir, what's your opinion on the Segwit and dominant blockchain decisions (tentatively on 1st August, 2017)?

hmm, well i think if bitcoin incorporates both lightning network AND segwit, it still won't be as fast or scale anywhere near to where the Bitshares platform was over 2 years ago. and Bitshares lets you use any coins you want, so why people refuse to look at more than 1 chain is beyond me. never put all your eggs in one basket i always say.

In my research this morning I learned of the influence and backing of the btc core team, i.e. blockstream and MIT. Not good. I am highly distrustful of direction core team will go, regardless of any tech they may produce. Don't think a split will be good for btc, on the otherhand neither will the globalist / statist interests backing core. Time to find a safe haven. I know where that will be for me.

man i am hearing a lot of negative stuff about blockstream lately. even alleged ties to bilderbergers. blockstream produced confidential assets (ca) tech which is what we have shifted to for Stealth instead of using the slow ass libsnarks tech. if you want true zero-knowledge transactions though, there isn't much better out there than ca. open source reveals all too, so it's not like they could sneak a backdoor in there.

Hmmm... Didn't know that was origin of ca. Good it's open source, so it's in YOUR hands to vet the code and insure it's safe and doing what it should.

The other thing is there's more to blockstream than the tech as I mentioned. Tech is just a tool, can be used for good or evil. The intentions of the humans that wield the tool are what I'm suspect of. Look at what those major investors in blockstream have done in the past, and don't assume they care about personal liberty.

With all the rhetoric it's difficult to find the truth. "They" have had centuries of practice hiding their plans and agenda from the public. Here is one article with some facts about patents I found to be quite enlightening concerning Maxwell's position: Here is the core post of his on reddit concerning ct and ca:

The larger reddit thread is worth a read. Unfortunately the very tech you're hoping will be useful for bts stealth is where Maxwell admits they have 2 patents. The controversey is due to a red herring deflection by blockstream's Maxwell saying they don't have patents on segwit, diverting attention from ca & ct. Moreover, it shows blockstream's willingness to involve patents.

You are well versed in the implications of IP for disruptive crypto tech. It was the primary core of the hostile takeover attempt by "you know who". Don't allow it to get a foothold via blockstream patents either.

Bilderbergers do not care about us having any personal liberty.

Good or evil, that is a damn good point! Even though the NSA may have been behind Tor, I know a lot of guys who still use it for good, even though it may have originally been designed for evil.

oh, and the patent thing.. yeah that's all i frign need. we work on bringing stealth to the bitshares platform via Blockstream's CA technology and they look for someone to sue. Bitshares is a decentralized autonomous community (DAC) though, so if they do merge our code, then I guess that eliminates our liability, right?

the beauty of open source is that anyone can fork, tweak and compete though.. true agorism :)

Yeah. Just a friendly reminder if Blockstream intends to use the power of patent law to claim CA is their IP and is their basis for demanding a license fee (or worse, send you a cease & desist order to stop using any code that includes CA), it would render all your hard work worthless.

Another important point made in that article is that preparation for patents is all done in private and remain private until the patent is granted (if the author doesn't want it public). So the claim that BS is not interested in patents for this or that could be reversed down the road.

Just be cautious man. I know from reading your reports how great an improvement CA is over the libsnark approach, but not if it will compromise stealth down the line via some legal trickery of patent law.

I know this isn't news you want to hear as it makes your job harder, but consider the ramifications before you embed any code you didn't author.

Wel then...
Is there a Lawyer in da house?

I would be happy to pay 500 SBD (is that enough?) to get it in writing from BlockStream that we can use their CA technology in Stealth without having any of those problems (or future problems they might come up with for us).

500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD 500 SBD

You mentioned WebSockets .. I have not used it but you might want to look at HTTP 2.0 Server Push.

Hi james1.

HTTP 2.0 ( ) Server Push is not a replacement for WebSocket ( ) . The Server Push potentially allows the server to avoid this round trip of delay by “pushing” the responses it thinks the client will need into its cache, so it is used behind the scene to improve resource loading by the client from the browser.

WebSocket for the other hand provides a full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection. For example allows for the creation of an API which is able to consume and push message with an UNIQUE full-duplex connection. The Graphene API which power up the Bitshares blockhain (and this uses the advantage of a full-duplex API interface

Basically it is not a replacement, they complement each other.

You mentioned Nano .. Xeroc has did an integration for Steem on Trezor. It has not been merged but he demonstrated this working at SteemFest. Here is the pull-request.

Trezor 2 will have some major changes and is in the works, so it makes to develop for Trezor 1 as it will soon be deprecated.

What a great update and educational post, again! Thank you for sharing this with us all and empowering us with this knowledge. All for one and one for all!

In hopes this message finds you well, still thriving, easily smiling and taking good care.

Namaste :)

Hi @eric-boucher,

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Wow, this is amazing to read out of the blue. Thank you so very much, joy!
Namaste :)

You are welcome brother!

Thanx Eric, MUCH love man :)

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Is some or any of this included in the ocash that is set to be released by openledger in a few months? Or are these totally separate from each other?

It is the missing pieces to make crypto work, people. Let's just admit it: crypto is largely waste of time without use cases. Bitshares should be well positioned to excel on practical solutions.

Completely separate. BitShares is a platform with multiple businesses built on top of it. OpenLedger is one, Blockpay is another. Rudex and Transwiser are two more.

Great words from a brilliant mind. Thanx.

The struggle against you-know-who soon will come to an end.
I can only wish you luck and patience with that.
You're doing an amazing job with BlockPay!

Thanks for the weekly update.

Reading your post I feel like

Man, everything is being taken care of!

  • infrastructure
  • wallet
  • POS
  • cold storage wallet
  • work opportunity
  • business opportunity

For now you guys seem as the best partner for all of it. I haven't felt as positive for a long time. Grateful.

Wow thank YOU for mentioning so much of it @nutela :)

thanks for your article

Thanks for the update @kencode. What a way to start the post too :D

You seem like a very wise guy. Awesomeness! Keep it up @kenCode!

Talk soon.

Looking forward to more details on the Ledger Nano S development you're working on. Sounds like you guys are busy working on some cool projects.

Cold storage will certainly make sleeping at night easier...

Thank you again for the weekly report. Keep it up @kencode :)

Well Governments Tend To Have A Lot Of Financial, Political Power But As Long As We Have Our Crypto In Hand We're Good.
I Wonder How A Decentralized Government Would Be lol :)

I don't need to be governed, do you?

Financially No, But I Need The Protection That The Gorvernment Offers :p

you have a lot of knowledges to share with us man!


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extremely good article full of knowledge i love reading it.

(15) “United States” means—
(A) a Federal corporation;
(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
(C) an instrumentality of the United States.
So the United States is not a country, the united states of america is.

I have restem and upvote your writing, greeting steemit lover, thanks

This is why everybody needs a gun! And also that is so cool you're trying to get the Ledger Nano S to work with BITSHARES!!! I am so excited for the progress on that because the tokens that are compatible with the Ledger is limited!

Nah, I don't think everybody needs a gun. Let's remove the incentives for aggression first. Peaceful parenting is key, teach the Non-Aggression Principle to our kids.. education is everything.

As for the Ledger Nano S, yep that will be an awesome addition to the Bitshares platform. As always it will be open source too :)

Is it easy to work with the nano? i.e. can anyone obtain the nano sdk and program the device with custom firmware? Are any fee based licenses required or is the sdk open source?

Right on wrt peaceful parenting and the need to raise children without modeling violence.

The Nano is tough, as I learn more about it I will share it in my weekly reports :)

Peaceful Parenting needs an acronym too, but please don't say you practice PP. ;)

In particular I'm interested if any retail nano S can be reprogrammed with an SDK and whether the SDK requires a costly license. Or do you work with special nano S devices for prototyping that are programmable, but retail nanos are not programmable that way.

And for the record, I 'P' every day, multiple times, so I DO in fact practice PP, some days PPPPPP...

lol, at least someone gets my weird sense of humour ;)
As for the Nano S questions, what I do know is that we have not had to pay for their SDK, and the retail Nano S is the one we are building on. The Ledger Devs have been extremely helpful too, good group of guys over there.

That's great to hear ken. I like programmable HW I can hack if I want to!

I don't think that owning a gun makes you aggressive by nature... I am a loving hippy at heart, and have no desire to shoot somebody. However, I am 100% a believer in self-defense. Does that make me aggressive in your opinion? If nobody had guns, I wouldn't feel the need to have one. And if all crypto exchanges were reliable, I wouldn't feel the need for a hard wallet either :D it's all about how MUCH do you trust other people, and I don't think that aggression really plays a role in my actions, except for aggressively acquiring more crypto (: and when you say it will make an awesome addition to the bitshares platform, are you designing an app to store BTS on the Ledger (google chrome app) or are you building a Ledger interface for the bitshares online exchange / DEX?

I have a lot of faith in Bitshares in the near future and I don't really like how it seems different for sending/receiving, with regards to other digital assets. But yeah, I didn't mean to come off as hostile or aggressive and I'd love to hear more about specifically what you're designing!

Agorists like myself believe that self-defense is absolutely justified if you are meeting force with equal force, never escalate. Remember also, that you can meet "their" force with non-violent means such as implementing ideas for freedom and creating products that will render their incentive for force useless.

Why create a nuclear missile at all if #1 nobody is willing to fund it, and #2 there is no reason to build it in the first place?

Don't get me wrong either, I am not anti-gun nor am I anti self-defense. I love to go shooting, I am obviously quite good at it (I was a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor afterall), but I see so many more productive ways of defending you, and all of humanity, by peaceful means. Through code.

As for the Ledger Nano S, we are writing the firmware for that device so that you can securely store and transfer all of your Bitshares assets to it and from it.

Very good points made sir 😄 Yeah unfortunately I'm not too useful to the coding world, as of yet. The best I can do is promote revolutionary technology (such as this).

And also, when you say all your bitshares assets, you mean any asset available on bitshares? Or just BTS? I'd love to be able to store BTS, STEEM, SBD, EOS, etc on my Ledger!

Any and all assets :)

Awesome! 😎💯❤️ I'll definitely be checking in to see how that's going down the road! Thanks for everything you're doing Ken!

Thanks for the weekly update

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Really appreciative post right there ...
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I did not know I could store BTS on my ledger! Cool

Not yet, we just got started.

Amazing post! I personally use the trezor and find it nothing but incredible. The trezor is by far one of my best purchases and it's extremely user friendly. Although the ledger nano S is the most popular external hardware wallet on the market right now, it is backordered for what seems like an eternity. The trezor is an excellent alternative if you're looking to get an external hardware wallet relatively soon. I got mine shipped to my house in less than 2 weeks; however, I did pay the extra expedited shipping cost.

Thank you for the informative post... I love the content you have chosen.. Followed and upvoted.. Do follow me @bindu

Exclusive interview with Moneymaker from the darknet........ Continuation of the article in our blog!

Hello Ken, hope you are doin well?

Do you happen to know if the NanoS is preprogramed with the apps needed?
Where do I find the additional apps for additional coins to store onto the NanoS?
How do I get them downloaded to my Cell phone?

Do you have a post or know of a post that explains all this.

Thanks, and be well...

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