Re-introducing "Carbon" - the 1st mobile wallet to support eReceipts, NFC, Loyalty Points, SIX-chains...

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Got crypto?

If you've been following the hostile takeover attempt of my company BitShares Munich IVS, then you know that one of [you-know-who's] other slanderous attacks was to try and say that I was violating a copyright by using an alleged famous person's face in the demo video we created of the new Carbon wallet design. In the new wallet, there is a Contacts screen where we tastefully put a bunch of faces to demonstrate how that screen looks, how the UX reacts to swipes and taps, etc. Anyway, I pulled the original video from that post, made a new video for you and have displayed it below.

So, it's Tuesday, I said I was gonna give you a treat today, a taste of one of the other products we have been working on. The Smartcoins Wallet 2.0 (codenamed Carbon) UI/UX is 95% complete (I am never completely satisfied with my work of course, always adding stuff), and is now being exported to flat files so that all the animation can be turned into actual code (for Android of course, but iOS/Swift is coming too).

Oh by the way, I have designed the wallet in a way to where it can be easily white-labeled as well, so if you want a mobile wallet for your chain, just let me know (

TONS of features packed into "Carbon" such as full support for:

  • all BlockPay merchants,
  • fully-confirmed transactions in 3 seconds or less,
  • 44 (human corrected) languages,
  • NFC and v10 QR codes (for eReceipt data, note from your Waitress, etc),
  • near-zero fees,
  • Overdraft Protection (example: it can cash out some of another one of your coins to cover your grocery balance),
  • Loyalty Points,
  • invoicing/payment request features,
  • unlimited accounts,
  • built-in Bridge for coin-to-coin shifting,
  • search/filter Transaction history,
  • Transaction Memos,
  • Export Transactions to PDF or CSV for accounting,
  • WIF Key support,
  • Yubikey Neo "Pocket" support for added 2FA/U2F security,
  • FIDO Certified (in progress),
  • dApp performance (uses C-IPFS ( for app architecture, and "offline" data usage. also, no more App Store "approval" is needed),
  • customizable Contacts and Contact Groups,
  • Bill-Pay tool for scheduling recurring payments to one or more Contacts or Contact Groups,
  • automated/encrypted backups to C-IPFS,
  • PIN/Pattern/Pocket Security options (see the video),
  • eReceipts (actual store receipts saved in pdf form, with the store logo, items purchased, tax info, personalized message from the merchant, etc),
  • 100% Open Source Software ( for security auditing and forking,
  • and native support for 6 different blockchains (Bitshares, Steem, Dash (including InstantSend), Bitcoin, Dogecoin (we might replace this chain though), and Litecoin).

The current Smartcoins Wallet on google play (and my github) has many of these features already, but this new UI/UX should help organize things a bit better for the non crypto-savvy folks. In other words, as "Grandma-friendly" as possible :) --shout out to my Grandma!


Well, I hope you like it so far!

I'll be posting some other treats for you in the coming days too, so if you Follow me here you'll be the first to get the news.

Thank you again for all your Steemy support! :)

Peace, Love, and Agorism,


Great to see you and the team finally breaking free from the bullshit you were put through and moving forward Ken. Wallet looks great.

Thanx so much @the-ego-is-you MUCH love. It has been quite the ordeal. Statists lol, whatcha gonna do.

Moving onward and upward, building building building, thanx again for the awesome comments! :)

Thank you for being a builder! =)

/Bro love from a cooperative agorist to an agorist/another builder. Cheers to making better days together with this radical new ecosystem!

I wish my upvotes could give you more for that awesome reply, thanx bromance :)

You've done so much already. I value your work higher than the upvote =)

hmmm :) let's see if ascii art works on steemit...


Hi Ken, Wht's the wallet business model for eventual costumers?

I can white-label it now for any Client, like coffee shops, supermarket chains, banks, governments or basically any business that wants to promote their brand. Carbon can direct the Bridge and Gateway fees to any crypto or fiat account, essentially turning it into a money machine for the business owner(s). Ping me on Telegram if you'd like to discuss:

Sounds nice. I'm going to contact you on Telegram! Thanks @kencode!

@kencode This looks awesome. I already use your smartcoins wallet, and cant wait to see this in action. I personaly would like to see DOGE left inplace, still have platforms where that is the active tipping system. Would be nice to use this as a main mobile wallet and dump the others im using. Having DOGE would allow that goal perfectly. Either way Thank you for quality information and products constantly.

Me too, but iirc they dumped support for their server/node software or something, and trying to get any help from the Doge community to get a node running on their chain proved too time consuming, especially if it is no longer being updated. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I like Doge too, it would suck to have to leave them out.

Thanx for the nice comment @glitchout01 :)

thanks @kencode i think the scarest thing about creation and innovation is weather the public will accept your product.. but you pushed through and breaking grounds.. congrats..always here to support in a little way i can

when carbon?

ASAP of course :)
Now that the UI/UX is improved it's time to start the coding of the animations (not easy). I want this wallet out as soon as possible.

The thing is, the more features that you add to a software product, the more of a cluster-fuck it can become, so every now and then a revamp like this is needed imo.

Verry good, please follow back

A very valuable info for me, thanks for sharing, I will resteem your post on my Steemit blog. Thank you @kencode


thanks for this article, and i want to follow you and your wallet :)

Impressive work Ken. Looking forward to trying it out!

it's nice to see you online again man :)

Wow cool. I was just saying to someone yesterday how much loyalty systems and cryptocurrency have in common. Now I see a wallet for both.

Yep, thanx to the dense v10 QR codes, we're able to pack all kinds of data into the transaction for the customer. I don't see any other crypto wallet providers out there doing formatted eReceipts, Overdraft Protection and some of the other stuff the Smartcoins Wallet already does. Anyway, thanx for the comment stephen-somers :)

Very cool. I hope you have an iOS version coming soon.

Now, that is something useful! Crypto is bullshit without a proper way to use it!

fukna right it is. without the infrastructure to support cryptos, it makes it kinda hard to use it. thanx for the comment @funkit :)

Good post thanks

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This is great. If you don't mind, I'm going to add this to my list of cryptos to write about. I'll try to remember to tag you in it.



My question is, if it is producing eReceipts, does it then become TAXable?

If the merchant charged you a separate tax for the purchase of their goods/services, then the wallet will show that money due/paid as a line item on your eReceipt (exportable to pdf and csv for accounting).

Oh okay.. Makes sense. But by tax, I actually meant do the receipts communicate in any way with your bank? Or is everything still 'off the grid'?

Fuck the bank. No, this wallet stays totally off their grid man.

Love the attitude my bro xD When I saw that response I literally almost teared-up from laughter :D

BTC and crypto is really giving us a prime opportunity to keep our hard earned profits. Love it! I actually also recently made my last post (Few hours ago). I think I will cover something around the benefits of crypto, and taxes in a future post. Talk soon :)

Impressive stuff! Any plans for Trezor support?

Yep, but Ledger Nano S is first... :)

Awesome! Looking forward to it.

Please don't make me get another phone (Android) just to use this app |:-) Looks great!

I actually went from an iPhone to Android my last upgrade because it's more crypto friendly. Great job @kencode. Has apple open up to Bitshares like they did to Dash?

Thanx konelectric :)
Apple has their applepay service i think, so anything that competes with that is probably frowned upon, I dunno. I will try my hardest to get us approved in their app store though. Now that Bitshares is getting a lot more attention and volume, you'd think they would see the benefits for showing support for Bitshares. Who knows though, all I can do is try, and try, and try, never stop :)

Wow this is awesome! Whats the dependencies for adding new coins?

Well, I don't want to add any more than 6 chains to the mobile wallet, but I do keep everything oss on my github page so you are more than welcome to fork our stuff and tweak it to your liking :)


Nice post, you got my upvote and resteemed, you can also follow me @stevearticlepro

... and the ICO???? ;-) nice one, man. Sure I would love to try it!!

Not sure if an ICO is gonna happen, you-know-who has plenty of our money already, ask him. Yeah, I'm just a little bitter right now. Anyway, thanx for the comment marcosespes1, if you like, you can always try out the current version of the wallet here:

If you need any help with it, just let me know.
Thanx again! :)

well done Ken,

Your da Men Carbon wallet cool !

Pls give us a ios version :)

That sounds perfect,can't wait to see the finished product.

Great post as aways my friend :)



This app is just beautiful. I will follow you because your news is very useful. Thank you for sharing.

Great post. This type of wallet very helpful for cryptocurrency user.

@kencode Sir, it may not appear good but I have just a sincere request that if you have many Steem Dollars in your account, it will be great if you can transfer a few to me. I will give it back to you after I earn some money. A few Steem Dollars may not be a big thing to you, but it can pay a part of my expenses. So, please Sir.

Do you have a release date planned?

Nope. But as we add features, and code in the animations etc, I post weekly reports here on steemit, and I keep our coding fully open source as always and auditable on my github:

Fantastic. Thanks