Back to work! Weekly Update for BlockPay, Stealth, C-IPFS, Carbon and more...

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At the keyboard once again! :)

First of all, a HUGE thank you to @onceuponatime for funding me and my Dev teams so that we can get back to work again.

To recap, all of the code that we produce always has been and always will be open source and MIT Licensed. Anyone who works for me also agrees that their code cannot be claimed as theirs after uploaded to my github (I know that sounds bad, but recently there were "IP" issues raised). In addition to the Developer Agreements, you can see the copyright/license stuff in everything we build, on my github, all over the google play app store and even in the end user license agreement (EULA) of the app itself. I encourage people to fork, tweak and compete. The more people that use our products, the sooner we can change the hierarchical system that we live in now. I am a Decentralizer. In my opinion, our products can literally save lives.


Fyi, I also do NOT sign non-disclosure or non-compete agreements since I am agorist. I believe in the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP), peaceful parenting, free-markets and counter-economics. So, for future reference, anyone who tries to bully me (or harassing my family!) into selling out, signing away my human rights, or discarding my morals can take a hike.

I like to invent and build chain-agnostic crypto infrastructure. The current projects we are working on include Stealth (zero-knowledge super-secure transactions on the Bitshares platform ("unknown" sent "n" "unknown" to "unknown")), C-IPFS (secure, decentralized filesystems and apps, etc), BlockPay (enables any merchant to accept one or more digital currencies at zero cost), Carbon (a mobile wallet that will have a new UI/UX and natively supports 6 different blockchains (including Steem of course), graphenej (a mobile app developers library for the Bitshares chain), Bridge (a library for launching your own crypto-to-crypto swap service), Trezor and Ledger Nano S support (to put some of your crypto into cold storage). Now that funding has been secured again, we can get back to work on all of these projects and more.

Keep an eye on my github as the work gets rolling again:

Some of my Devs had to find other work because of the funding issue, but now most of them are back in the saddle and picking up where they left off. None of my Devs left me. All of them have confirmed that they will be back with me asap (the remaining guy's contract will end on July 10th). I will be bringing back a few of my other long-time Devs soon too.

Starting today, I am resuming my weekly tech reports. I like to keep everyone informed on what we are building and post links to our github commits and talk about the past week, what is upcoming, etc.

For those who are wondering, I am still holding all of my BLOCKPAY tokens. Actually, I think I have bought more of them than anyone. Once the BitShares Munich IVS mess is dealt with (our lawyers are on it), then we will figure out a good plan for the BLOCKPAY tokens and the 600,000 STEALTH tokens that I bought for my company too. With my Dev teams resuming work and new releases forthcoming again, I would like to build as much value as possible obviously so that we all benefit. I will provide more details on this as soon as I can.


Ok, so let's get to this week's updates:

Stealth - The bitshares-core work is on hold this week since he has a serious family issue, but the secure automated backups work via C-IPFS is rolling along nicely. See my github link above. We're getting the kademlia to communicate with go-ipfs nodes now, and through the multistream we're now adding in the secio encryption that we built. The new UI is basically done, including my "3-way switch" idea (Normal, Blinded, or Stealth) and is just waiting for the new bitshares-core calls since we recently switched from the slow libsnark code to CA (Confidential Assets).

BlockPay - Work on BlockPay resumed just this week, so next friday I will have more to talk about. This Dev team needs to spend a couple days getting up to speed first and where they left off etc, then see if there are any outstanding bugs or github issues that need to be addressed, then the 2.0 work can really resume. Decentralizing the app itself, starting on the updated UI/UX, updating the Bridge, etc.

"Carbon" (Smartcoins Wallet v2.0) - Work on the Smartcoins Wallet resumed 3 days ago. Since there was some concern about me posting that Carbon Wallet video demo a couple months ago here, I will replace the "Denzel" avatar with something else and repost the video so you guys can actually see the new design and UX etc. Debugging Steemd now for RPC protocol for transfer operations. Finished the Dash InstantSend code. Yubikey Neo (NFC) support is being worked on again too starting next week. It's no small task to create a mobile wallet that natively supports 6 blockchains and is easy enough for Grandma to want to use it.

Trezor and Ledger Nano S - Trezor work is on hold for a bit since they are upgrading their firmware and I do not want to waste time or money on something that may become outdated or obsolete. Ledger Nano S support (also for Bitshares and Carbon) will begin in a few weeks after my last Dev gets off his existing contract that he had to take.

Bridge - This is basically done already, it just needs to be installed on our testnet. The Dev for this product is working on the C-IPFS portion of Stealth right now though, since I feel that Stealth is a higher priority.

graphenej - We are adding to this library again starting next week. This lib allows mobile developers to integrate their android apps with the Bitshares chain.

Next week I will have even more to talk about, so please Follow me here and spread the word!

Let's Agorise the world! :)

kenCode AT protonmail ch
BlockPay group chat:

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At the keyboard once again! :)

Your keyboard will have orgasms again like many of us had when we saw your post :)

PS it's a metaphor of course

...before many years @kencode's new laptop...

LOL!!! ;)


Good for you, Ken! Nice to have you back at the keyboard!

aaaaah so cool thank you Terry!!!!! :)

You betcha' kencode. See you soon!



thanks you

You betcha!

I just created a new acronyme for you, @onceuponatime and your devs;


(Good Guys Always Win)

hehe cute, thanx mariandavp! :)


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Sorry for the noob question, but can anyone tell me if the number of "account value" change after you withdraw steem to convert them to bitcoin? OR does the value only show what you have earned since the creation of your account no matter how much steem you have withdrawn?

that is ok I follow you.

Awesome work, Ken. Exposure to new safer cold storage options like Paper, Ledger and advanced Blockchain vaults are high security reserves. Love your work!

Thanx Daniel, with so much money flowing into crypto lately, we really need to make sure we are all security auditing and backing up to low-tech as well, hence the reason why I push free and open source so hard. If I can get more people to fork our code and compete, we are one step closer to changing the world.

Thanks for the reply, Ken. With the new EOS integration and all new ICOs turning up at different fractions of the blockchain, it is quite important that people as well as crypto investors know about hard forks, bubbles and cold/ transferable storages to ensure proper returns and security of their valuable investments.

Really glad everything is getting worked out for you Ken! I also hold some BLOCKPAY and am looking forward to watching your team progress.

At, we are also looking to build and fund a dev team to work on services that will bolster the ecosystem. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from you.

Take care,


hey Rob! :)
dang man, what's it been now, like over 2 years since we last spoke. man i hope you are well! yep, i am heavily invested in those BLOCKPAY tokens myself, so I hope once the financial mess is cleared up that the financial wizards can get us the rewards that were promised. thanx to onceuponatime for stepping up we are all getting back to work again now and i will be expanding our ops here considerably over the coming weeks.

If the services you are speaking of are crypto, decentralist, agorist style stuff, then I could probably put together a small team for you, but I do not handle legal or finance, so you would have to secure that, but for the products that can change the world.. I'm with ya. lmk

All great to hear! Keep up the great work!

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I've listened the resent Bitshares hangout with tragic news about BlockPay. Good to know that you are still operating!

damn straight, adapt and overcome.. thanx pal :)

Thanks for the passion you show!

Sounds good Ken, rock on!
I hope you'll be able to resolve the issues with your company soon, one way or another.

Upvoted and resteemed. @onceuponatime @kencode I hope you the best.

Thanx skapaneas! :)

So good to read you are back on track!

You and us all deserve it. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Hay @kencode,

I'll just want to thank you for your work. Graphenej was very inspiering for me to create and improve SteemJ.

Keep up the great work!

That is very good news! I'm glad to see you and your team back to work! Your project has so much potential.

I do not know much but you seem to do a good job;)

I'm glad to see you on the keyboard again @kencode.
Keep up the good work.

great job ken and team. I cant wait to see this exchange that was discussed.

thanx so much jabberw0cky! :)

Hi Ken im new and my vote doesnt count much but i resteemt and follow u
life is full of obstacles especially for those who want to make this world a better place with there know how, keep fighting the good battle against the dark forces that wants to exploit and enslave the humen-race

Keep goin :)

hell yeah! :)

Thanks for taking the time to share with us. Well thought out article.

Tough read, but I made it through... I am new to crypto so I am trying to absorb as much as possible.

a great place to learn about Bitshares is on Telegram..
learning about Steem can be done right here on Steemit of course..

I am making good progress with learning what is happening, but I am only now starting on studying up on Bitshares...

back to ur keyboard n works.

very wonderful story ken. thumps up

it was very pretty inspiration to watch ur blog.

Stoked to finally see an update from you ken. I knew there would be a way.

Big thank you for all you do for this ecosystem!

Yes, let's agorise the world.together we can do it

Definitely :)

Great article, thank you for sharing. Followed and upvoted!

Good luck for you,Ken! keep making some news for me !

Please continue work on the Trezor! I bought one the other day and love it! It would be incredible if it supported some of the better cryptos instead of just the mainstream ones. Cheers mate and Steem on! Resteemed

I'm going to seem like an idiot here but what are blockpay tokens or where could I read about them? I googled it but only came up with a ico notice and a company called Blockpay. These projects all seem interesting and you've obviously reached a good number of people so if buying a few blockpay tokens is a way to invest count me in!

Welcome back to keyboard Ken!

It's nice to be back, thanx xdauqzaru :)

thanks for sharing your knowledge @kencode, following you and look forward to learning much more :)

great job keep up the good work

nice writing man. welcome back, also its a good informative article. Thanks

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@kencode: I have followed you and will definitely will look forward to you for more lovely content which no doubt will be useful for user like me. Thanks for finding out the time for us.

it's really good to hear, I look forward to your progress and that of your team. we have to work really hard to move the world to a higher hieght

good people are always winner :)

Great post..thanks for your effort & sharing such awesome post with us:)) upvoted

Congratulation @kencode for coming back and thks to @onceuponatime for supporting u hand your team. The community is behind all what u have been building and u can count on me to follow and support what you guys are doing. I'm always looking forward to use what u are building. Steem On man!

MUCH love thanx so much pnc, stay tuned! :)

Congratulations @kencode
You took 4 place in my Top 100 of posts

WOW that is so cool, thank you soooooo much!! I'm honored, MUCH love!! :)

All of this sounds very promising. I will keep an eye on your work, @kencode. I will be following you =)


Please do and thank you @abn :)

I want to tell you you are genius my friend I vote you

MUCH love mahaelsayed thank you :)

After reading more about bitshares last night, and more today, I decided to open an account! bts: nandi-bear

Welcome back buddy. Good post and worth reading. Thanks.

All great to hear! You make a good job!

Awsome. Very interested in the c library for different protocols .Curious to explore implementation in raspberryPII and beaglebone black. We have developed a smart lock and now thinking may be it could be part of some contract implementation to provide decentralized access to facilities

Great news @kencode ) thanks for the heads up and update !

I resteemed it and followed you :)
I'm looking forward to see some interesting stuff in the future :)

These are great news!
I hope to hear you again on the next Beyond Bitcoin Hangout

I'll try to be there with fuzzy and the crew each week :)

this will empower us all !

and btw.
I'm agorist but I didn't know about this until know!

imo, Agorism is the root for all human freedom, peace and love.

people are waking up to the fact that they don't need to be ruled over.

Finally, some long expected good news!

Great work.

This guy is amazing
Great great great work mate
I wish you success
I am your new follower

Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you tzimis :)

re-steemed + upvote + follow

Thank you soooooooo much :)

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Very good news, I'm big blockpay fan . Installed app, and show it to my friends, how easy it will be to pay with coins. Keep up the good work #GGAW
Looking forward to BlockPay Ambassador Program :)

nice to have you back at posting, i really enjoy your content, keep it up.


Keep up the good work , real inspiration (:

E senzaltro il futuro prospero questa moneta

aaaaah, grazie @robydom :)

You are Genious. Your work is great. I Learn many things from you.

Wow this is awesome.


Follow @ herman2141 hai kawan steemit wherever you are and vote on steem okay

thank alot for your post

Great article!

Am really glade having you back on the keyboard @kencode
keep on doing what you know best...
Long live steemit
Long live kencode


Esperto, complimenti , hai tanto da insegnarmi

Great post!

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Seems pretty interesting.
Hope any problems are stitched up and good luck with the future

Thanks you!!!


Thank you very much

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People like you lead the crowd. It is inspiring to see you guys back....way to go.. skies the limit..

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good spirit

keep up the good job kenny..

Great post.....
I want to know what mit license is???it would be a great help to me if you reply me

great article

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can online transactions be totally free?

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