Chris4210 where are you?

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@Chris4210 where are you?

Today, my claws come out. I invested my entire life savings into those BLOCKPAY tokens because you promised us that we would get to “share in the rewards from BlockPay transactions as well as value increases from products built by the Company”.
My life savings:
Your promise:
(more promises found on reddit, facebook, twitter, linkedin and more)

The past couple weeks, Development has come to a crawl Chris, this is very damaging as my Developers and I have no idea where the money is. I heard you were starting another company with xeroc and some shark named constantin. Is that true? I even got word that you had my company formally Appraised? Is that true?

I have still not been paid my salary, my bills are past due now, my babies are hungry and you know I sure as hell can’t afford a lawyer to track you down. Barely 2 weeks ago you emailed me and said “Current reserves are around 540 BTC + 25k Euro on Bank account”. Really?

If that is true, then where is all that money?! I see you have been recently taking out hundreds of thousands of dollars, where did all that money go?!

How the hell are we going to be able to continue launching crypto products with no money Chris? A Bitshares Worker Proposal? Your investors never agreed to that!

You agreed (multiple ways) that you would stop trying to take charge of my Developers and Rodrigo’s marketing team too. I guess you fail to remember him yelling at you and hanging up on you?? Even emailing you and telling you to stop it. Obviously that contract has also been breached. My Developers said that you contacted them and stated that you are in charge now and I am leaving my own company? Is that true?!

You agreed (in person with your lawyer/father, and via email) that if more than $2000 was to be expensed that you would get my permission first! Where is the money?!

Your investors deserve to know what I am building, every single week, at a minimum. People love it when I post my weekly technical reports and I will not stop writing them and posting them online to show off what we’re building (including links to our github commits). Apparently, because of this, a couple weeks ago your excuse was “you leave us with no choice but to stop all sales and marketing activities immediately” as if my reports were somehow damaging my own company. You’re kidding, right? If you quit, then why did you start flying around the world on a “BlockPay World Tour”? 1,095 Bitcoins wasn’t enough for you? Now I find out that you are hiding out somewhere in China with your girlfriend. WTF?!
Our commits:
1,095 Bitcoins:

There are currently 762 of us who have trusted you!!!! I’ll be damned if you’re going to steal all of the STEALTH tokens I bought for my company too.
STEALTH tokens:

Attempts to contact you and settle this matter by email, SMS and Telegram have failed. Hopefully this steemit post reaches you. You have left me no choice but to contact the Authorities.

Chris, I was building crypto products before I even met you and refuse to let you destroy my company like this. I gave you 49% of BitShares Munich so that you would pay the bills, and get out there and start marketing the products that I built and continue to build (well, not as of late, obviously).

Going public with this is the right thing to do, as transparency is required Chris! Of course this may damage the value of our BLOCKPAY tokens for a bit, but you have left me no choice. As you are well aware, I have always fought for my rights and I will do so once again. As an activist, I assure you I will not stop until you honor the contracts you have made with us, let us see your accounting, pay all of our invoices, answer my questions above, and settle this with me immediately. Since you Follow my blog here on, we all know you have been notified. Just as before, I will also send you this notice via email, SMS and Telegram.

More posts to come. Stay tuned, this may get bumpy.

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All that I feel comfortable saying publicly is, that I kindly ask @kencode to step down and cooperate with Christoph Hering to resolve the BitShares Munich conflict, nicely.

@Xeroc Since kencode has NEVER owned less than 51% of bitshares munich, please tell me why he should step down? Why would he cooperate, on matters with which he does not agree, with Christoph? He sold 49% of his company in order for Christoph to be the public face so that Ken could concentrate on the actual development of the products, the vision. The company KEN CREATED had the philosophical perspective of benefiting humanity and the world. Ken is being done a grave injustice.

Why should kencode step down?

All that I feel comfortable saying publicly is ... (see above)

From an outside perspective this appears irrational considering the positive view I currently have of @kencode; it's unprecedented to be talking about forcing someone in a separate company to quit to said company's employees.

Let me highlight my own comment slightly:

All that I feel comfortable saying publicly is, that I kindly ask(!!!) @kencode to step down and cooperate with Christoph Hering to resolve the BitShares Munich conflict, nicely.

Hope this helps

You should be ashamed of yourself @xeroc. The slave that is used to enslave their kind is still a slave, but a lonely slave.

It does not matter who is right or wrong. There is no justification for you to assert your privileged "authority" into this matter.

This is one of the most disgusting things I have seen. Well thanks for helping me make some decisions.

Dear Ken,
Thank you for your message and questions. I will come back to you and the community as soon as possible to answer open questions adequately and in the most transparent way possible.

We are still waiting for your lawyers answers regarding a time to meet.

Best regards,


Thanks for keeping a polite tone! I really hope you both can hold back any anger and not try to harm each other. If you are men of integrity - which I believe you are - you will be able to reach an agreement that not only avoids harming everyone, but ends up making us all stronger. Please take a long look in the mirror and remain humble. All the best!

Mr Chris. I don´t know you I have nothing to do with your company or money. You have managed a nice, low tone answer for everyone here to see and not going nuts on you.
Now, pick up the phone and call Ken straight away, dude. (Just plain advise here)

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Looking forward you both will find an agreement and moving forward. Both must retreat.Nobody will gain something if you guys come to a conflict. Don't waste your/our time convincing us who was wrong and who was right. I assure you that if you not stop the "fight" ASAP, both of you will harm your reputation... fair or not.

I have still not been paid my salary, my bills are past due now, my babies are hungry and you know I sure as hell can’t afford a lawyer to track you down.

Kencode stated that he is unable to pay for lawyers as he hasn't been paid for his work, surely waiting for responses from his lawyers is an indefinite waiting period then? Can't you talk without involving lawyers? I thought you were working together? Go get HR involved, lol.

Ich hoffe, alles wird gut, Chris!

I dont think you need a lawyer to answer some of kens questions Chris. Its very fishy that ken, who we have known for years, has to come on here and adk where you are and where the money is.
I hope this doesnt hurt bitshares.

@kencode I don't mean to insert myself into whatever is going on here. But VIVA is in the middle of an ICO and frankly we could use some qualified developers.

The ICO hasn't raised the multi-millions that some of these projects have, but we're not really trying to blow up right now and instead we're focused on steady sustainable growth.

You mentioned three problems we might be able to help with...

I have still not been paid my salary, my bills are past due now, my babies are hungry and you know I sure as hell can’t afford a lawyer to track you down.

We have enough now we can pay a regular salary to devs, it's not a hell of a lot but it's enough to pay some bills and put food on the table.

Anyways, I like your work. I have the deepest respect for you as a developer and as a human being. Our assets are audited and verified and I'd like to extend a hand up if we can help you.

If you're interested in coming over to see what we're up to, then please stop by and ask for an invite to #crownholders , you can show them this and they'll know I nominated you for a merit crown based on your contributions to blockchain tech.

As William said viva is looking for good developers to help with the project, it would help pay some bills and if they can achieve their plans this I think would be a great opportunity for you. Accept the invite and have a chat with William and see what you think

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After your offer to Ken I see the potential that his current bad situation can transform to one of his biggest bless in life. Amazing! I bet he can't think clear at the moment because he seems emotional too much stressed but I am confident when he calms down a little bit he will realize/recognize the big opportunity. Crossing fingers and expecting the best turn out for all involved.

WOW, now that is the Steemit spirit, we really help each other here. Could this be a new milestone for Steemit? First job contract over the chain? Long life to you and the Viva project, Mr. William

I hope everyone doesn't upvote this. It's good to be transparent, but this doesn't have to make it to the trending page.

Let's hope you find an agreement! Ask for support from the Bitshares community. It is in everybody's interest to see you succeed with Blockpay and Stealth.

I agree, transparency is important but Blockpay and BTS holders may be hurt by this news. It's important we all know what is happening but without scaring away investors.
I also decided to NOT vote this post even if I fully support you and your project.

Agreed, vote removed

Same here, vote removed.

Well there seems to be some very big issues with any one of those behaviors from a BitShares Committee Member, BlockPay CEO, host of BitShares Beyond Bitcoin.........."Leading" the team who arguably brings the biggest value potential to BitShares with promises of stealth, global adoption, partnerships. To keep this in the dark to the general public and have a immutable ledger that can't be faked to fit the story later would end much worse.

I can tell you that I definitely drew back some of my recent excess risk, but I still have kept a good chunk in BTS. If this disaster was handled anyway differently than Ken has so honorably done here.......I'd cleared everything and never have given BTS (possibly even Steemit) another thought.

This is the time for large stake holders to wake up, turn off the autopilot and get this vehicle back on the road.

IMO Bitshares survived much worser situations in past and still florish ... pity for sure that people who worked together over months are getting divided in this manner ...

Personally thinking, we should not talk about other people disputes if we don't know both sides and i'm pretty sure, nobody except Chris and Ken, have this knowledge ... well .. good luck to you both - pity to see community getting somehow splitted again ...

update: he has finally agreed to meet with me this coming week. i will post again as soon as i can. also, a friend has loaned me 2btc to help get my family thru this month.

Good to hear :)

Ken do you have an address we can send donations?

50% off

No joke.. putting some low buy orders in to catch weak hands, muaha! :D

Now I understand why the investors and business partners want him out of the company! Check this out!

Sympathize with each other but you are losing this money :((

I was wanding why the last Blockpay vidio featering Chris was removed. This might explain this. Real hope things work out.

The labour cost is much cheaper in China. Block pay must already found Chinese resource to get woke done in much more faster way

Sounds like Ken was working for free. How much cheaper can you get then that?

I'm glad that I'd sold all my blockpay tokens for steem a while ago.

Since the first day I invested on the BlockPay tokens, I did a background check since I am from the US. I found out, that KenCode has over 2000 sues from people expending a refund from him from products he said that he would deliver. Like the solar, lotto scam. Kencode run out of his country to Germany to avoid fraud and scam prosecution from the state of Florida. He had open investigations by the state of Florida. As an investor , I totally agree for him to stop working for the company. As you all know the ICO round that Bitshares Munich made, the money was to operate the company and grow the business. That money is not from Ken even if he has a 51% share of the company. The company owns the money not him. Please guys open your eyes. This is a legal business case, don't speculate if you don't have any legal or business background on these topics!

Good post.

Oh god, what a shit show. I wondered why Blockpay wasn'r rising together with BTS and STEEM. Now I know. Wasn't easy to find the real reason, though.

This should all have been checked BEFORE a business agreement was made with a known scammer. BLOCKPAY should never ever have entered into that, whether he is a good developer or not.

You always end up like that with people like that.

Well the price of BlockPay is not connected to BTS or steemit it has no relation at all. The price of BlockPay has not been affected as I hold BlockPay tokens too, so I am not worried about that. This scammer shoukd be taken out of the company before he makes more shit, he has a US search warrent!

Has not been affected? What planet you live on, Its at an all time low!
Steem and BTS just go thru the ceiling.

Please check again price just hit its highest 0.31% it just went up by 24 points!

I'm joining fuzzy on mumble again for his weekly radio show (fast-forward the audio to 47min14sec):

Rodrigo, Angie, Martin and Miguel (BitShares Munich IVS related, and BlockPay Ambassadors) expose some very interesting points (fast-forward the audio to 34min7sec):

Angie also seeking him:

Anyway, thanx to so much moral and financial support from the Steem and Bitshares communities, I am hereby resuming my weekly reports. Here is the first:

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update2: this is priceless (fast-forward to 18m:20s)..

Excuse my ignorance, but all I hear is from this Hering guy to be in China and working to grow bitshares and his company.
Why have you as the tech guy not been in China as well? I suspect with all the crypto hype, there should be enough money to go there.

I have been part of these hangouts for a couple months now - and I never saw you speak up there. Why is that?
Instead of making weird comments on somone being investigated in a live show, why not join the show next time?
This Hering seems to be there quite often .. why would he if he did something wrong?

Anyways, is bitshares munich going to attend the consensus conference in NY (the company is sponsor of the conference)?
Please share some photos of you guys standing next to your booth in New York (if you have any) - your pics from blockshow looked great!

Still having hopes for BLOCKPAY to rise high again!

I am a big BlockPay holder, and you KenCode, Ken Solar are destroying the value of your own company and the effort of your business partners and investors. Your salaries should be removed and you should get out of your own company and let the guys work. I dont get it why if you have an international warrant you are still discussing things that you dont deserve!