[ANN] - Introducing "Carbon" (Smartcoins Wallet v2.0)

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As you guys have seen over the last couple years, I am not the best Marketer (or video producer), so for this week's report I would just like to show you some of the features list and UI/UX work that we've been finishing up on the new mobile wallet..

Introducing "Carbon" ...

The Carbon wallet now includes full support for:

  • all BlockPay Merchants
  • fully-confirmed transactions in 3 seconds or less
  • 44 (human corrected) languages
  • NFC and v10 QR codes
  • near-zero fees
  • Overdraft Protection (example: it can cash out some of another one of your coins to cover your grocery balance)
  • Loyalty Points
  • invoicing/payment request features
  • unlimited accounts
  • built-in Bridge for coin-to-coin shifting
  • search/filter Transaction history
  • Transaction Memos
  • Export Transactions to PDF or CSV for accounting
  • WIF Key support
  • Yubikey Neo support for added 2FA/U2F security
  • FIDO Certified (in progress)
  • dApp performance (uses C-IPFS for app architecture, and "offline" data usage. also, no more App Store "approval" is needed)
  • customizable Contacts and Contact Groups
  • Bill-Pay tool for scheduling recurring payments to one or more Contacts
  • encrypted/automated backups to C-IPFS
  • PIN/Pattern/Pocket Security options
  • eReceipts (actual store receipts saved in pdf form, with the store logo, items purchased, tax info, etc)
  • 100% Open Source Software for security auditing and forking
  • and native support for 6 different blockchains (Bitshares, Steem, Dash (including InstantSend), Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin).

The current Smartcoins Wallet on google play has many of the above features already, but this new UI/UX should help organize things a bit better for the non crypto-savvy folks. If Grandma wants to use it, THEN I'm happy. ;)

Carbon can also be white-labeled, so just contact us at:

Please Upvote/Resteem : let's bring crypto to the masses :)


If you downloaded Smartcoins Wallet on google play already then you'll get the Carbon update automatically, thanx piedpiper! cool name by the way :)

Automatic update? Great, I'll check it right now!

Yep, I'm makin it so that you can just upgrade the Smartcoins Wallet to Carbon right from the app store, then, C-IPFS will handle it from there so that you'll never need to worry about app stores banning these kind of crypto apps again. More and more dApps will come out soon that won't need app stores anymore, or their frign "approval".

Very cool! Apple's censorship is ridiculous. I think IPFS could change that.

Wait so you're shipping updates over IPFS? So it's a web app you're updating over IPFS... Does Apple allow that? Lol

I was looking for smartcoins wallet in a friends apple yesterday and couldnt find it..

Huh. I see a carbon-wallet-ios repo on their github, but it's empty along with its Android counterpart. That's all I know.

Yep, I created that repo yesterday since we were originally going to just put everything in the smartcoins-wallet repo and sub-dir out from there. It will be much cleaner if we separate it out this way. You'll notice I made the graphene and ipfs repos all separated out as well in there.

It isn't compatible with all phones, my samsung can't handle it

It's not compatable with mine either but I am running a ZTE... I can't wait until it does become compatable though!!

Thanks. I guess I hadn't done that yet because I don't run android :/


I have been storing coins using the smartcoins wallet for the fact that is synced up with the bitshares open ledger. Now the Carbon version looks like something from another planet! I can't wait to download this and blockpay to go worldwide! Thanks for all the hard work!!

It's my pleasure, I love crypto. Thanx again christoryan :)

I have up-voted and resteemed. This is awesome ! I'll go try it out immediately. Just 11 days ago, I wrote about blockpay advancing when the team had a meeting in London https://steemit.com/blockpay/@maryfavour/blockpay-is-advancing-they-are-now-in-london-at-a-blockchain-meeting . That meeting was not for fun. Well done, bitshares and blockpay!!!

Thank you so much maryfavour! I will keep right on inventing, building and releasing even more products so Follow me here on steemit for all the latest. Thanx again! :)

It's my pleasure, @kencode . I have already followed you. Looking forward to more inventions from you. Cheers.

My five year old and I are going to love this. Just yesterday we were depositing more bitUSD and he asked for bitSilver to be added to his SmartCoins account.

Wow after watching the video I was blown away by how steady your hand was this time. Well and that is the most beautiful Smartphone application I've ever seen. Amazing!

Thanx mranderson! Oh, and I love bitSilver. Bitshares has a ton of cool market-pegged assets and tokens that can be traded these days, love their platform. :)

upvoted - check
resteeming - check

MUUUUUCH love, thanx cjhornung! :)

Hey @kencode ...Why Is Denzel Washington's hand white in the video? Lol...Just kidding:) Great job...Can't wait to use it!

LOL! funny, i thought the same thing after i published it :) thanx steemit-life, I'll keep you posted on everything right here if you Follow me, thanx again! :)

Lol! Thank you Sir...Already followed:) & Have a fantastic day @kencode!

Hey @kencode, any ideas about making the smart coin wallet capable brale or maybe even read aloud the transactions via a "voice" button.? I know that's kind of a silly question but an app this appeasing I figure sky is the limit.. I also think an extension to the app that would allow somebody to print off miniture transaction receipts would be neat considering a lot of the older generation loves those receipts.. haha Thanks for your time.

Yes, and no. There won't be an additional button for screen-reading since there are tons of third-party apps that do that already. But, I can tell you that where text is displayed on screen, it is raw, readable text, not an image with text in it. This way, all the screen reader apps that are out there can do the standard top-to-bottom reading of the menus and active buttons. :)

As for the receipts, that is already built-in, see my "eReceipts" comments above.. :)

Thank you, I have been watching blockpay for a while and love that soon enough it will be in every POS on Earth! 😁

Next time I'll use a better soundtrack too..

Yes great cover song! ...& Of course I love the original by The Temptations as well:)

oh hell yeah!! and don't forget Devo and Kraftwerk, man! :)

I'm envisioning the "Whip It" video now! Lol Classic stuff:)

Absolutely super cool! Thanks for the hard work, Ken!

MUCH love xanoxt thanx! :)

awsome work, the effects looks really good and the overall interface very clean

That's the truth! Did you see how flawlessly the graphene hovering was taking place... AMAZING!

I hope so, it's really hard to make so many features look nice and still be somewhat user-friendly, so thanx! :)

fyi - I received a threatening email this morning stating that "Denzel Washington, Mike Myers, and others" appear in the video, so this is why it is no longer accessible.

IOS anytime soon?? Looks great by the way.

The new dApp architecture will act as the new "app store". The biggest hurdle will be sneaking the tiny C-IPFS app itself into the Apple store since they have given me the most problems in the past. Once iPhones (or jailbroke iPhones) can connect to the C-IPFS network, you're in like flynn.
Thanx automaton :)

Kudoo @kencode...enjoying it alreay! where can a tip some Steem, "Upvote" is not enough lol :-) ...cool stuff. I'm firing up for more meetups here to share the love of Crypto...."Carbon" is also a cool name.

Wow, great news and application!

hey smailer! where u been lately? anyway, thanx so much! :)

thank you, really helpful.

Thanx joshuazeus24, I hope you like it! :)

Hi ken, may i please ask what this is about? Does it involve steem? Can you please give a summary of what this is about or a link? I just started seeing your posts and i can't figure much though i have seen blockpay and bitshares.

IMHO I think their products are all about every platform and supporting communities that are building towards a sustainable decentralized ecosystem where people have more control on where and how they invest their value.

Definitely about steem since I think the wallet will have native STEEM blockchain (graphene) support.

@kencode will v2 still include Stealth function?

Exactly, I want to bridge the gaps and all the infighting between chains. There doesn't have to be "one chain to rule them all" since each chain is unique in its own way, just like humans. Chain-agnostic systems like BlockPay and Carbon can bring us together in a peaceful way.

Steem is mentioned in my post above, and in the video as you can see @surpassinggoogle so Steem is very high on my list of supported chains.

Stealth will be included most likely in Carbon v2.5 since I will be making our testnet live to the public in a few months, for a few months, first. This way everybody can beat the hell out of it before we do its official release as a v1.0 product for the Bitshares platform, and then integrate it with Carbon. I'm not going to store my life savings on chain until thousands of people have reviewed the code and proper security audits have been done first, and that takes time. Once it gets their seal of approval, then Stealth can hit the airwaves :)

Thank you alot. So is the app like a social community or like an exchange platform? Is it one, that will allow buying steem using credit card? Is all about graphene-type blockchains?

In its simplest terms, Carbon (the existing Smartcoins Wallet, but from v2.0 forward) is just a mobile wallet for the Bitshares (graphene-based) platform with native support for 5 additional chains. Rodrigo Crespo (the BitShares Munich CEO) is busy right now opening up a subsidiary company that will facilitate fiat currency support for our apps too. So once the lawyers finish with all their damn paperwork then we can probably add the credit card purchasing option you mentioned too :)

Well, the Smartcoins Wallet started out as just a wallet, but has grown to much more. If you download it on google play you'll see how you can send and receive any digital asset there is from the Bitshares platform. Their web wallet is quite nice too, check it out at openledger.io. I love your username by the way surpassinggoogle, thanx for the comment :)

The UI should re-enforce the name "Carbon" with some carbon looking elements.

Good idea, but I'm not sure if that's even gonna be the new name yet or not. Carbon is a cool codename though, as mentioned originally on the btstalk forum where I was trying to get some more ideas for a cool new name for the app. Maybe we could call it Meshly, this was another idea that I had. It's decentralized, chain-agnostic...

Do you know if this app is coming to the iOS system any time soon? It seems to be a well thought out app.

Yes it will be in iOS and Android as well as every other POS System in the world!

That's the plan. Thanx christoryan :)

Thanx ethetrutho :)
Yep, that's the plan. I hope Apple likes the new version, but even they don't, we have a C-IPFS "Plan B" for that already too. Instead of fighting them, it's much easier to just render them obsolete.

Any plans to add support for more cryptocurrencies as time goes on?

Natively, no not at the moment. The cost to research and add coins is not small. Also, I have to say no to a lot of feature requests like this because for every new feature that you add to a software product, you potentially make it more confusing for the user, which almost always equates to less mass adoption.

Very interesting announcement. I'll look into it! :)

Very cool, I wish I had your kind of talent.

Aaaah, Wall Street, I love that flic. Everyone has talents bluehorseshoe, so thank you though for the compliment. Have a great weekend! :)

You can still benefit from his talent by owning some blockpay :-)

Looks great, but apparently not available for my Samsung SM-J100H

Android 5 or higher is required, so if google says your phone is still not supported then there's not much we can do for that, but, if the app actually crashes then the details of that are automatically logged so that we can track it down for you.

Thank you for your answer! Unfortunately I'm stuck on Android 4.4.4 and no updates available.

aaah, yeah that would explain it. When you do get a new phone though and you need some help just let me know, I'm always online. :)
keybase io / kenCode
kenCode at protonmail ch

I'm very tempted to buy one just for this purpose now =)

Do the private keys remain on the device? Does it curate its list of nodes and connect to bitshares that way or does it connect to special servers?

The user holds their own keys, and there are multiple full nodes that our apps connect to, which themselves are connected directly to the Bitshares "Witness" nodes. If you are extra geeky I encourage you to check out the open source for yourself on my github page (for the wallet, see the smartcoins-wallet and graphenej repos specifically):

Awesome to see this ever improving as a great tool / way to get the utility of crypto closer to the hands and involvement of more every day people.
Keep up the great work that is appreciated by so many in many days to come.

It's a labour of love, thanx so much virtualgrowth! :)

You are most welcome kencode!
Yes, the greatest kind of work that is not work, but (much more of) a passion!

Thank you for your work, we were waiting for it

and I have a lot more coming too, so Follow me here to grab the updates thanx so much on0tole :)

Holy cows did that thing just come to life!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

##graphene and blockchain is Alice ,!!😱😰😰👻👻👻👻

Thank you for sharing! I came to know many interesting things!

no, thank U olga :)

this is great, it looks great. i love it.

Hey jabberw0cky! Thank you, MUCH appreciated :)

Cool, I'm looking forwards to its release on the Google Play store!

Quick question - you mentioned a bridge, is this utilizing the blocktrades platform or is it your own bridge? Are all tokens supported?

Keep up the great work! I've added you as an approved author on my steemit blog.

It is using Blocktrades, yes. As the bridge supports more tokens, the apps will support them automatically. You can still download the v1.x wallets there now, but 2.0 will be a simple upgrade of the app, so it wouldn't hurt to grab a copy now and start getting familiar with it. Either way, I hope you like it and if you have any feature ideas for it too just let me know. Thanx for the kind words, and the Author-ship! :)

Will I be able to send/receive OPEN.GRC through the Carbon wallet? It's currently not possible to receive such tokens through the request screen, but it's possible if you send the coins from a bitshares account directly to the wallet's bitshares account.

Also, is there a release date for the carbon wallet? Will it be a simple update within google play, or a new app?

Cheers :)

this looks pretty awesome and i think could become the next 'killer app' ;)
May i ask what it takes for a currency to be addet? because i am currently working on some better Dash with fair distribution at start without this premine ico shit :D

Hey Max :)
Better than Dash?? Man, I like Dash. Bitshares is a pretty awesome platform, you might want to check them out too before you get too deep into the R&D of your own blockchain. Adding native support for new coins is not as easy as it sounds though, so I have to say no to that for right now. It involves a lot of research and developer time, support from the community of that coin, etc. Check out Bitshares though, I'm sure you'll like what they've built so far. :)

Everything u mention doesn't had a good start, Dash aka Darkcoin had an incredible premine and bitshares also have way too many bagholders to succeed nowadays but do as you like i just wont buy them ;)

Great news, great product.)

Thank you gshumway! :)

looks very promising not only design-wise but it looks responsive and like something we could benefit from. Nice contributing to the community!

Thanx poga88887 :)
I hope the wallet is much easier to use now with this new UI/UX. One of my goals is to get Grandma using crypto too, so time will tell. It's a labour of love though :)

Fantastic post, thanks so much for sharing this!

This is so great, thank you for sharing