OPCW Whistleblower Reveals More Evidence of Douma ‘Gas Attack’ Hoax Staged by White Helmets

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More evidence keeps coming forward indicating that the story concocted by the White Helmets and blindly repeated as the self-evident truth by the US Coalition - regarding an alleged chemical attack in Douma blamed on Syrian President Assad without any evidence and used as the pretext for launching a large-scale attack against Damascus in early 2018 - was indeed a big lie and complete hoax. Just as the independent media, conspiracy nuts, the Russians and Syria have been saying all along.

The official western narrative claims that Assad forces carried out a chemical attack on citizens in the city of Douma during SAA battles with the terrorists who at that time occupied the city, during the liberation of Douma from the hands of the terrorists in early April. The only evidence presented to back up those claims was video footage released by the terrorist-linked White Helmets showing the alleged treatment of the alleged victims in a hospital, and of course the claims of the White Helmets and those by US officials saying they had more solid evidence. They did not, as it turns out, have any such evidence. Just as they had no evidence implicating Assad in the alleged gas attack of 2017 exactly one year prior to this event, though at that time they also made the same claim and used it as a pretext to bomb Syria. It is a repeating cycle.

Like every time before, Bashar al-Assad denied the accusations. Russia began releasing evidence in the form of interviews with doctors and alleged victims, all of whom denied the Western claims spewed by the White Helmets; and the White Helmets were accused of fabricating the provocation, while claims that the whole story was in fact a hoax to elicit western intervention on behalf of the terrorists against Syria began to gain traction.

The US Coalition then carried out massive air strikes without waiting for the independent chemical watchdog group the OPCW to conduct an independent investigation.

Multiple reporters from many news agencies also visited Douma upon its immediate liberation, and they all found that every eyewitness account backed up the claims of a hoax, and no evidence of an actual chemical attack was found. See links and videos below:

Reporters now in Douma Confirming No Evidence of Chemical Attack! - STAGED PROVOCATION, Pretext for War:

‘Whole story was staged’: Germany's ZDF reporter says Douma incident was false flag attack: https://www.rt.com/news/424832-douma-attack-german-media/

The initial interim OPCW report also found no evidence of any nerve agents or chemicals indicating a sarin or chlorine gas attack as US had claimed, as I detailed in an extensive post at the time.

New OPCW Report, Nail in the Coffin of White House & Western Media Syria Narrative: “No Nerve Agents”:

But then the final report released in March found the opposite, agreeing with the otherwise baseless claims by the US and western media, and so
appeared to implicate Syrian forces.

It was theorized by some in the independent media at the time that the US would pressure and bully the OPCW into releasing a final report favorable to their claims by suppressing any findings indicating otherwise or implicating the White Helmets.

It now appears based on the latest whistleblower’s testimony from inside the investigation that this scenario is exactly what took place, and that their investigation found no evidence of a chemical attack and instead the findings even appeared to implicate the opposition (terrorist factions which includes White Helmets). These findings were suppressed by upper management of the organizational in favor of the presented conclusion, however, under pressure by US officials it appears based on testimony given by the whistleblower, who went by the pseudonym Alex for fear of his safety. (Although he did give his real name to reporter Jonathan Steele who wrote the recent groundbreaking report on this newly released insider account of the OPCW coverup.

The whistleblower first came forward last month in a long presentation in Brussels given to a panel put together by an independent whistleblower group. Wikileaks then published a statement given by the panel summarizing the presentation.

According to whistleblower ‘Alex’, who was an inspector from the eight-member team (fact finding mission - FFM) sent to Douma tasked with obtaining and examining evidence in response to claims of a chemical attack - summarized by Steele:

Fairweather, the chef de cabinet, invited several members of the drafting team to his office. There they found three US officials who were cursorily introduced without making clear which US agencies they represented. The Americans told them emphatically that the Syrian regime had conducted a gas attack, and that the two cylinders found on the roof and upper floor of the
building contained 170 kilograms of chlorine. The inspectors left Fairweather’s office, feeling that the invitation to the Americans to address them was unacceptable pressure and a violation of the OPCW’s declared principles of independence and impartiality.

The final report states in regards to alleged use of chlorine:

Regarding the alleged use of toxic chemicals as a weapon in Douma, the evaluation and analysis of all the above-referenced information gathered by the FFM provide reasonable grounds that the use of a toxic chemical as a weapon has taken place on 7 April 2018. This toxic chemical contained reactive chlorine. The toxic chemical was likely molecular chlorine.

But Alex explained this is the opposite of what the evidence actually found, the evidence being as the interim report worded it, “Various chlorinated organic chemicals were found”, in amounts no higher than levels deemed safe for drinking water, certainly not high enough to conclude chlorine had been used as a weapon.

As Alex put it, “if the finding of these chemicals at the alleged site is to be used as an indicator that chlorine gas was present in the atmosphere, they should at least be shown to be present at levels significantly higher than what is present in the environment already”.

Furthermore, when the analysis of these levels came back from the labs, they were kept from the team leader and never given to him to use in his final report.

The inspector did, however, have the analysis from the samples of blood, hair, and other biological data from eleven alleged victims who had gone from Douma to Turkey. In no case did the samples reveal any relevant chemicals. On this basis he wrote in his report that the signs and symptoms of victims were not consistent with poisoning from chlorine. Instead of an attack producing multiple fatalities there had been “a non chemical-related event”, it said.

These findings and this conclusion, however, were not released in either the interim report, which doesn’t explain that the chlorinated chemicals are low ‘normal’ levels, or in the final report; but both were replaced by whitewashed versions, the final report much less accurate and more obviously straight up biased propaganda - by actually stating the direct opposite, as we saw above.

Alex described this omission as “deliberate and irregular”. “Had they been included, the public would have seen that the levels of COCs found were no higher than you would expect in any household environment”, he said.

Alex said the implications of these suppressed actual findings, being that no chemical attack took place, were dramatic because they pointed towards a staged provocation by the opposition (terrorists). Alex described this, the implications that the whole event was a staged hoax and provocation orchestrated by the White Helmets, as “the elephant in the room which no-one dared mention explicitly”.

The analysis of chlorinated chemical levels were given to higher leadership bypassing the inspector, who only managed to get his hands on them a few days before the release of the interim report. That is when it became apparent these levels were well below declared safe levels found in common household chemicals and drinking water. But no such explanation would be allowed in the interim report, nor the actual investigators’ conclusion that no chemical attack was carried out.

And then the final report concluded blatantly that this was in fact evidence of a chemical attack, also ignoring the engineering report that found the two cylinders allegedly containing the chlorine delivered in the attack were not dropped from the air as theorized in the official story, but were rather placed there after the fact!

The evidence that the US knowingly lied to use this event as a pretext for an unprovoked act of war against Syria, pressured the OPCW into reporting whitewashed versions of the findings to cover their steps, and that the whole event was indeed a staged hoax and orchestrated propaganda stunt continues to mount, and appears to be overwhelming at this point. For this is now the second OPCW whistleblower to come forward, casting serious doubt on the veracity of the OPCW reports as released to the public, the first releasing a controversial document in May.

If further evidence beyond the overwhelming evidence already available before the release of the OPCW report was needed to persuade one that this event was nothing but a Western-backed White Helmets propaganda stunt, it looks to have now arrived.

Of course the corporate media won’t be covering this bombshell news though, because it threatens to expose the deceitful tactics of the empire, of which they are but one branch, and it would soon dismantle their entire precious narrative. If you ask me, the sooner that happens, the better.

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A very obvious ill performed staged cheap act, yet they didn't bother and used it as a pretext to attack Syria..

See, for us Syrians, we have no issue combatting yet another empire and see it fall, that's our fate since ever:

"Damascus has seen all that has ever occurred on earth, and still she lives. She has looked upon the dry bones of a thousand empires, and will see the tombs of a thousand more before she dies. Though another claims the name, old Damascus is by right the Eternal City." ~Mark Twain

The thing is, the rest never learn and whoever attacked us throughout history didn't end well, even in recent history when the mighty colonial France invaded and occupied Syria, Paris itself got occupied by the Germans... We will outdate everybody else, it's even written in prophecy books, don't take the twisted versions, seek the original ones, the burning of Damascus will happen long after Jesus 2nd coming and finishing his task on Earth and just as people gather for the final day.

But we feel pity about those who never learn and have to become criminals, killing and then getting killed so they'll end up in hell fire for eternity, and while they're here we will see their empires fall.

Now it's the US turn, will be followed by Israel after the latter sucks out the former dry.

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You need to meet my buddy Tom Duggan, he lives in Damascus, and says it the way it is.

White helmets are MI6 and CIA funded, via the UK, bunch of terrorists the lot of them, all of the above! The royals gave an OBE to the founder they just killed in Turkey, to distance themselves from the useful idiot!