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1919 - The first edition of the New York Daily News has been published.

New York Daily News - the fifth largest daily newspaper in the United States, with a daily circulation of 632,595 copies. It was established in 1919 and was the first American newspaper printed in the form of a tabloid. Its owner is Mortimer Zuckerman. "Daily News" won ten Pulitzer prizes.


"Daily News" was created by Joseph Medill Patterson. Together with his cousin Robert R. McCormick, they were co-editors of the Chicago Tribune and, at the same time, the grandchildren of Joseph Medill, the founder of the Tribune corporation. Patterson and McCormick disagreed with the content and the "Chicago Tribune" publishing form, so they decided to meet together in Paris, where they came up with the idea of ​​creating a new newspaper in New York. On the way back, Patterson met Alfred Harmsworth, editor of the Daily Mirror, an English tabloid. Staying impressed by the tabloid's benefits, Patterson published the first issue of the Daily News on June 26, 1919.
The newspaper did not initially succeed, and in August 1919 its circulation was reduced to 26,625. Still, many people who commute to work recognized the tabloid format as easy to hold, the number of regular readers began to grow. During the first anniversary of the newspaper, in 1920, the circulation amounted to 100,000, and in 1925 it was over one million copies.
"Daily News" used the slogan "New York's Picture Newspaper" from 1920 to 1991, due to the emphasis on photographs. The camera was also present in the newspaper's logo from its first release. The later slogan, taken from the advertising campaign, was "New York's Hometown Newspaper", while the next was "The Eyes, the Ears, the Honest Voice of New York". "Daily News" still publishes large and clear photos, both related to the news, entertainment and sport. In addition, the newspaper contains information about only New York, as well as a gossip column, a sports and opinion forming section, as well as comics and advertisements.
In 1982 and in the early 90s, the Daily News almost ceased to exist. In 1982, Tribune was ready to sell the paper, and in 1991, millionaire Robert Maxwell offered financial support to keep the tabloid on the market. However, shortly after that Maxwell died and the newspaper stood on the verge of bankruptcy. In 1993, Mort Zuckerman finally bought it. "Daily News" has branches in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, City Hall and One Police Plaza.

1906 - The first French car race took place on the Le Mans circuit.


1945: - The United Nations Charter was signed in San Francisco.

The United Nations Charter - a multilateral international agreement establishing and defining the structure of the United Nations (hence it is sometimes referred to as the UN Constitution).
The card was signed on June 26, 1945 in San Francisco by 50 of the 51 member states and entered into force on October 24 of the same year, after its ratification (according to article 110) by the five founding countries (China, France, United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union) ) and the majority of signatories. The countries signing the Charter commit themselves to complying with its provisions as international law.
Although the Charter itself does not contain a catalog of fundamental rights, it raises up to seven times the issues related to human rights (Articles 1, 13, 55, 56, 62, 68, 76) - it speaks about promoting, observing and respecting human rights. The UN has decided to take up the subject of human rights in order to restore them and emphasize the dignity and value of the individual. The United Nations recognized that all people are equal. A prerequisite for the protection of human rights is social progress and improvement of living conditions.
The Charter, along with economic and legal pacts and a universal declaration of human rights, creates a universal system of protection of human rights in a dual sense - subjective and objective.

Three changes were made to the provisions of the Charter:

• December 15, 1963 with reference to art. 23, 27 and 61 (the amendments came into force on August 31, 1965),
• December 20, 1965 with reference to art. 109 (the amendment came into force on June 12, 1968),
• December 20, 1971 with reference to art. 61 (the amendment came into force on 24 September 1973).


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