Uber: Merging Multiple Modes Of Transportation

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Uber is expanding to provide a growing number of transportation options from its app.

They now are looking to offer not only the traditional taxi-like service that many have experienced, but they're now also branching out into car rentals, bike rentals, and looking to provide train options as well.

Earlier this month, Uber announced their acquisition of an electric bike sharing service known as Jump and their new car rental project, referred to as Uber Rent, allows people to find cars for short-term rentals by using their app. Another partner of theirs, known as Masabi, is enabling them to provide public transportation tickets to those using the Uber app too, so that they can get onto a bus or a train.

According to the CEO of Uber, the increased variety of transportation options (they hope) is going to make it easier for people to live without a car.

Transportation is regarded as the second largest household expense and this might be a major driving factor in why many people are opting to go with ride-sharing rather than purchasing their own vehicle.

Might flying taxis being coming in the near future?

Uber has previously unveiled their plans to pursue urban air transportation. And it's been suggested that we might see those vehicles take flight within just a few years time, by 2020; with passengers able to use them by 2023.

Despite the progress that they've made they are still engaged in a number of legal battles, with various jurisdictions trying to crack down on the ride-sharing business.

A top court in Europe just recently ruled that member states could move forward with a ban on the company. Uber maintains that they are dedicated to working with city officials in various regions worldwide.



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Thanks for sharing this. Uber has already changed the face of transportation so It's exciting to think they can change it again. If I were able to rent a bike or a car thru Uber wherever I go, then I wouldn't have a need to own a car. Unless of course I wanted to own a car just to rent it out thru Uber.

Flying taxis is a very smart sollution. Wish that it come true bye 2020. Good luck

Holy crap, will the blockchain wondernerds out there please hurry up with our DLT version of Uber so we can watch this disgusting-corporate-dog shit the bed and go belly up? Please, please, please. Going to be a beautiful day when I can hire somebody in my neighborhood and know that the full payment is going to him and not being scalped by some useless intermediary. There will be better price discovery in markets so that drivers are actually compensated fairly based on what they offer/their performance/ratings rather than manipulated rates by some hungry corporate shitbags.

Wow. Uber is really changing the transportation system. I hope they continue to improve. I really hope they do

Good post thanks to share about Uber.

This news is surprising, today in Argentina Uber has not been as successful, however if you have all these projects of bicycles and trains, the same government will grant the necessary licenses to lead the passenger transfer.
Thank you very much for sharing this surprise news dear friend @doitvoluntarily

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