Plans To Revive Civil Asset Forfeiture Fall Flat

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Civil asset forfeiture is a highly controversial practice that has been used to generate billions in revenue for the state and to enable widespread abuses against property rights for individuals. It's a practice that allows law enforcement to confiscate your property if they simply believe the property has been involved in some crime.

They will be allowed to keep the property even though there might be no proof to support their claims that the property was involved in any crime. What they say goes and it's up to you to prove that the cash you had on wasn't connected to what crime they say it was, or your house, your car, your boat, and so on.

Police departments around the United States have been engaged in civil asset forfeiture for many years now and the funds have contributed to a variety of questionable items for numerous police departments.

Aside from helping local police departments acquire costly military-grade equipment, this unconstitutional practice has also helped the police to buy things like $600+ coffee makers, concert tickets, ski trips, Hawaii vacations, popcorn makers, gold-plated whistles, a $5 million helicopter in one instance, and more. One department even spent hundreds on a clown.

The majority of the funds that are confiscated under this practice are said to be coming from property owners who were never indicted for any related crime.

And so it's no wonder then that so many civil liberties advocates and legal experts etc have called this practice a corrupt "policing for profit" scheme and so many have fought strongly against it for quite some time now. Thanks to their efforts, a variety of states have passed their own rules trying to push back against civil asset forfeiture; rules that require a criminal conviction before property can be confiscated.

However, recently the DOJ announced that they were going to increase their civil asset forfeiture efforts around the country. The US AG Jeff Sessions indicated that he was in favor of civil asset forfeiture and sees it as being a “key tool” that's necessary for police to do their jobs. It's hard to see how this could be a key tool though seeing as it violates the basic foundations of due process. The DOJ recently issued a new policy that encouraged both local and state law enforcement officials to pass their civil asset forfeiture cases to federal prosecutors which is a process that's likely to bring less protections for the targeted individuals. And by doing this, those law enforcement officials can bypass the new rules that have been established by various jurisdictions to try and curb this controversial police practice.

Just last week, efforts to try and ramp up civil asset forfeiture seemed to fall flat after a bipartisan effort in Congress was successful in blocking Sessions' plan for a boost in asset confiscation.

The coalition voted last week to block a directive from the Justice Department that was seeking to encourage civil asset forfeiture seizures. They were able to do this by passing an amendment that had surprisingly received overwhelming support.

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I guess we ran out of other people to loot, so come home and steal from ourselves.

Civil assets is one of important assets.....

I guess so!!!

This practice is such 🐂💩💨 !!! They do similar 💩 Like that here in Canada !! At the very least wait to see if they get indicted for the offence !!! Another total money grab by the government as if were not taxed to death enough to begin with , I even quit smoking 5 years ago once it cost 10.00 dollars a pack , its All tax !! Like everything else , if it might be fun , etc, they will tax the 💩 out of it , and then take your house away !! Haha ! End of Rant ! Going home to bed soon LOL Steem on my friend , Great post as always @doitvoluntarily , upped and resteemed !! 👍✌

That is just so wrong 😡

Now I wonder if the cops were thinking about this when I saw them groping little girls at the clubs while they dig trhough their purse and steal whatever they have of value then yank their chains and bracelst and rings off and scare them to death. Or when they do a bust and although they collected $100k in cash theres only $20k reported. Is that the same thing? lol. Money for the donut fund?

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... for now. Everyone knows that the State will NEVER let go and will ALWAYS try again, as has been seen with constant violations of the 4th amendment

Theft, pure and simple...



Its such 🐂💩💨

I found the clown.




They realized the cops would eventually steal from them Id bet.


very nice and thank you for share through this post.

This law is made so that the ruling party can destroy the opposition party from rising to power.. just like the old days, when two kings have a fight, the losing king loses all his wealth as well

nice post @doitcoluntarily

This is the method of robbing the modern way. very concerned.
many countries are now using this method.

sounds like some scary sh$t !

Just another reason to own crypto because if you hold it offline (and know what you're doing), it can't be stolen.

Also so far the Supreme Court is still coming down on the side of the people in this. So far...

Thanks for this. I guess it could help with the war against terrorism and that may be why Sessions is in favour of it. But yeah, it could also cause financial harm to many people. Kind of like with the whole privacy thing and the government spying on people. It may be helpful for the fight against terrorism but people like to have their privacy. This might also be the main reason why many people in America want to be able to own guns. Then you can have privacy by default because people won't wanna spy on someone who owns a gun? But if it is the government I guess it is different.

If you don't stop bully's stealing off you, (gvmnt), it makes no logical sense t to think they will ever stop doing so.

If they are going to try to confiscate it you don't really own it and what freedoms do you really have? Government and its contributing entities have become obese and bully like in how they manipulate the law and restrict freedom in America. We are supposed to be a free country with democracy and liberty however it is so ironic how we are an oxymoron unto ourselves.

Don't worry things are turning around fast!