Fukushima Power Plant Running Out Of Storage Room For Radioactive Waste

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At the Fukushima power plant there are a large number of storage tanks that are being used for storing the contaminated water and other contaminated materials.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has gradually had to increase the number of storage tanks that are being used as a part of the clean-up effort following the earthquake disaster several years ago.

And the space for those storage tanks is said to be nearing the limit.

The government, along with TEPCO officials, hasn't yet decided how they might dispose of the contaminated water. But there have been some suggestions to use the contaminated soil on various infrastructure projects, building new roads etc. A suggestion which locals have already expressed that they aren't too pleased with.

It's been several years after the disaster took place and still there are estimates that roughly 2 billion becquerels of radioactive water is still making its way into the ocean every single day.

According to new research into the matter, scientists from the Kyushu University in Japan, and the University of Manchester, have suggested that there was a significant release of radioactive particles during the nuclear accident.

The researchers suggest that for those who inhale the contaminated particles that they could be facing some serious long-term health risks.

At the moment, the storage tanks at the power plant are estimated to be able to hold roughly 1.13 million tons of contaminated water and they've already used the storage capacity for about 1.07 million tons. That means that about 80 percent of their storage room for contaminated materials has been allocated, with little remaining.

Those tanks are covering hundreds of thousands of square meters and it's suggested that there isn't much vacant space left for them to use.

One idea they've thought of to try and ease the issue, has been to construct larger tanks than they have currently, but even that doesn't solve the problem entirely. Although, TEPCO allegedly still has plans to secure more than 1.37 million tons of storage capacity within the next few years. However, they've also admitted that it's going to be impossible to store the contaminated water indefinitely.

Dumping it all into the ocean has been regarded as the cheapest option thus far. Other suggestions on what to do have been ideas such as evaporation, burial, to release after electrolysis, or to inject it into geological layers.

They want to hear from the people...

It's alleged that officials do have plans to hold a public hearing for the Fukushima Prefecture, as well as other areas, so that people in those communities can express their ideas on how they think the water and other materials should be disposed.

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Even in water if it doesn’t effect people now , it will soon start to and then there’s really no going back in it all. This can be seen as doing more harm

OMG. What a disaster. I remember watching this play out on TV back in what 2011/12. I was emotionally distraught and concerned for weeks. I was actually just in Japan not too long before this happened.

I love Japan, the people, and the culture. As the years go on, you just kind of forget about how awful this is. Obviously it's not reported on the news anymore, because, well, you know Russia Collusion is more important!

Some other great things they don't report 34 priest in Chile resign over sexual molestation, today the biggest priest in Cuenca Ecuador is now in trouble for mollesting 100s of children.....don't know where I'm going with this but it's a shame how propoganda works both ways....what they tell you, and what they don't tell you!

So thank you for telling us through your blog what needs to heard and what should so often be front page.

You are doing a great service and keep up the great work.

By the way just passed 2000 followers. You're support has been greatly valued and I sincerely thank you for that. Have a wonderful day my friend!

From Glens Falls New York! -Dan "World Travel Pro"

Thanks for posting that. That was a terrible disaster that is still unresolved and unfortunately not getting the attention it deserves. It's like the powers that be want to pretend there is no problem because they don't have a solution for it.

Send it to space?

Water is way to heavy for that... getting even a single liter of in into space is a huge huge huge engergy investment.... let alone millions and millions... I don't think it's feasible...

That’s true. Back to the drawing board :)

Or we could use that water as fuel...but it would release radioactive gases into the atmosphere. How about purify the water or completely evaporating it?

Wow so unbelievable that this still not resolved after all this time! They need to find a better way. thanks for Sharing @doitvoluntarily ! upped and resteemed!😒😳

My cousin by marriage runs 2 nuclear power plants one in Pittsburgh and one in Philadelphia. We were talking about the effects radiation has on the environment, animals etc. it’s horrendous if they release it into the ocean. We also started talking about the “elephants foot” the most radioactive object that we know of. Pretty scary stuff. Great post btw

Dumping this substance in the water is really harmful to both human and Marin life forms. I feel a more efficient and better way should be revived on how to get ride of this waste .. it might be the cheapest means now but would do more harm than good in the near futur