Wenceslas Square will see great comeback of trams!

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Hi everyone!

One of the most and visited places in Prague, the Wenceslas Square will witness a major comeback in just a few years as trams are planned to drive through this iconic square again.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

Trams used to serve the Wenseslas Square until the 1980s but they were removed from the square after the underground metro constructions finished.

Source: Pixabay (Creative Commons)

The proposal to return trams on the Wenceslas Square has already been approved and the constructions of new tram lines will begin in two years. First trams are expected to appear there in 2022. The project will surely be appreciated by tourists and visitors of the Czech capital as trams have always been among the most popular types of public transport in the city.

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HI Tomas, Greetings, Visiting you after a long long time, i missed your post regarding prague and czechrepublic, I am back again to see more beautiful places from one of the beautiful places in the world czechrepublic, I hope you are fine and doing great.


Great to see you are still around. Have a good one!

Cool, more trams.

Wow! I really love this place, @czechglobalhosts .

Thank you for such good news and well-chosen
And Czech trams are one of the most convenient.

Czech trams run in many cities of our country.