Prague will host the 6th year of the Signal Festival

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Hi everyone!

I am coming with a great tip for everyone who will be in Prague this October. From Thursday, October 11 to Sunday, October 14, the Czech capital will host the 6th year of the Signal Festival - one of the largest light festivals in Europe.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

A unique mixture of art, city space, light show, new technologies and the renowned Prague´s architecture, the annual festival attracts hundreds of thousands visitors every year.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

This year, the theme of the festival will be the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Czechoslovakia. Visitors can look forward to 24 impressive installations on some of the Prague´s most famous churches, squares, palaces and other popular landmarks.

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Ohhhh damn we will miss it. We are coming towards the end of October!

Wao what a great festival,Everyone wait for this great festival,Prague is most beautiful city in the world,my dream is visit your most beautiful country czech republic,this is my favourite country,thanks for sharing this great information,

Great luck that accompanies them, sure it will be a great festival, I hope you attend, enjoy them and share some pictures!

Photo nya bagus

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From your post and from people's reaction, yes I am convinced now that it will be fun. But I haven't been to any other country yet. I will definitely visit Czech one day.