Czech Republic will host another year of the unique Castle - Chateau Night!

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Hi everyone!

If you follow my blog regularly, you must have noticed that my homeland, the Czech Republic, is known for an abundance of impressive castles and chateaus. Now if you are a fan of history and/or old architecture, there is an event that you certainly should not miss out on - the legendary Castle - Chateau Night ("Hradozámecká Noc" in the Czech language).

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

This year, the Castle - Chateau Night will take place on Saturday, August 25, but do not let name of the event fool you - it will not be just about castles and chateaus. On that day, starting at 6 P.M., a number of old Czech churches, palaces, temples, villas, mansions and - of course - castles and chateaus - will open their gates to brave visitors who will have a unique chance to experience and see things that are normally not accessible to the public.

Source: Wikimedia Commons (Creative Commons)

To name at least a few places that you can visit during this year´s Castle - Chateau Night, I can mention, for example, the Vallenstein Palace in Prague, the Karlstejn Castle, the Cervena Lhota Chateau, the Rabi Castle, the Sychrov Chateau, the Kromeriz Gardens, the Hradec nad Moravici Chateau etc.

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Ahh dang I miss it by a few days! I hope September is filled with fun events as well! :)


September is a great month, good weather:).... not so hot like now....


That's what I like to hear. Yes my cousin said it was in the 30s in Prague last week. Must be terrible, especially in some of those old buildings where the heat just gets trapped inside.

Amazing the sky in first photo looking magical that i like a lot ☺


Thank you for stopping by. Have a great weekend. Tomas

Fuck man, These castles are way more impressive than here in Romania where I am staying at the moment. Even the "Dracula" castle got nothing on these.


LOL, we sure have some amazing places to visit.... I am sure Romania is pretty impressive as well though.....


Hmm there are actually 2 dracula castles...the touristic one and another one...which one do you mean? The touristic one was kinda boring...looked good but the tour sucked :D


The brann(do i spell it right)? castles(the touristic) I was so disappointed about it. But it made me sure that has to be more unknown castles that got more than that!

I am reading 1st time to your blog. But it is great to know your culture


Warm welcome! Have fun on the Steemit, it is a great place to hang out and make connections with other like minded people.....

I will make sure i dont miss out on it any more. I will advice my family out there in Czech to please have a visit to this Chateau night. Thanks for sharing about this event. Iam gladly impressed by it. Keep up the good work @czechglobalhosts and Tomas.


Oh, they absolutely should visit at least one of the locations..... Have a great weekend.


Yeah i have actually informed them about the place. The fact is that they knew of it and are just coming to join the nights. I wish I could be there with u but we are miles apart.

Hello friend, I will be waiting for your publications of this fantastic and extraordinary event. It would be great to be there and live that close. Congratulations.

Thanks for sharing :D :D

Good news for the people of Czech.



wow very beautiful and best news, and Nice your homeland, thanks for sharing this good news, i am follow with you and vote @czechglobalhosts

every countryhave a very interesting story, I like the story in your country @czechglobalhosts

wonderful to know ~ ✨ ~

Your all picture are awesome

Saya hanya mengikuti Anda, saya pikir itu menarik untuk mengetahui sejarah sejarah Republik Ceko ...

Great event....very fabulous looks very wonderful and so exellent..and the old building looks very beautiful...i think this event will be rock...every peoples enjoying a lot in this event... Czech republic is my favrite country.....thanks for sharing..