Czech Republic named the 26th most prosperous country in the world!

in news •  6 months ago

Hi everyone!

It is my pleasure to inform you about another great success of my beautiful homeland, the Czech Republic. Legatum Institute, a renowned company that specializes in surveys and researches, has just published its annual ranking of the world´s most prosperous countries for the last year.

Source: Good Free Photos (Creative Commons)

The ranking is based on a wide range of different factors such as general wealth, standard of education, economic growth, medical care, safety, governance, personal well-being, natural environment, general quality of life etc., making it one of the most complex and comprehensive surveys of its kind.

Source: Pxhere (Creative Commons)

I was very pleased to find out that the Czech Republic did very well in the survey, claiming the 26th spot. To find out whether your country made it in the TOP 30, check out the ranking here.

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Well, Tomas, we know that already, but the thing is why not it is in top 10 :/ I want to see it in top 10. I think here I don't need to tell you how much I love your Country, how much I love its beautifulness. I'm feeling so happy to know about this news :)


LOL, soon.... let me just do my promotions and we will get there in not time:)....

If I have a chance to move to another country, I am sure that my first option is Czech Republic, It has a lot of history and beautiful places.


lol your blog is enough to justify its rank!
what i got to know about czech from you
i can say it is one of the best country to live in
you are just blessed!


Great to hear that! Thanks a million for your positive comment....

Congratulations! The country deserves it! Hope someday my country Venezuela can recieve an award like that. We're very far away from that, we don't even are in a good political-economic situation, but I hope someday my country will grow like yours did. Greetings!


I really hope the political situation in your country gets better soon!

By year 2022, Czech should be in the best 10 in the world.

You have Bitcoin ATMs in your subways. Therefore you should be in the top 10 ;)


hahaha...... I like that comparison and the thought you are paying attention to my blog:)....

Congratulations to you and people of Czech republic to become the 26th prosperous country. This is a big honor for all nation. Great nation, great country. Keep sharing @czechglobalhosts

Thats all fine and dandy but how is their food, their party scene and their women? thats what id like to know

a good post with interesting information about the survey, if my country Indonesia does not seem to enter in the top 30, I have checked in podtingan you .. successful greetings @chezhglobalhosts and forward for the czech country

It's a great milestone achieved by your Homeland, wish yiur country many achievements ahead. ☺️

This country deserves this and much more, congratulations. It is a beautiful country that anyone who knows him is totally in love.

Interesting post..great work...@czechglobalhosts

good post.
It's a great milestone achieved by your Homeland, wish yiur country many achievements ahead.
I have checked .. successful greetings and forward for the czech country

Congratulations on the election of the Czech republic as one of the most prosperous countries in the world, this is the result of hard work of the government and society. Hopefully the future can be even better.
Thanks @czechglobalhosts

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Well deserved title! It's such an amazing country

Don't agree

should be like top 10