Florida School Shooting : The Dead Will Not Return

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They have been thick days that seemed not to advance. After the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas School in Parkland, Florida, the entire nation suffered a catharsis: how many innocent victims are needed so that in the United States there is greater control of the possession of weapons that stops the flood of dead?

Terrible as it may seem, we will surely witness more massacres because there is no way that much of the political class - it is no coincidence that the lack of backbone of many of them has to do with support through generous contributions What the National Rifle Association does to them - take sides when parents and relatives of the victims who were killed by bullets on February 14 ask them to make a clear statement: are they willing to support the ban on the sale of semi-automatic rifles such as AR? 15 who carried the murderer who killed the lives of 17 people in Stoneman Douglas? It is the same weapon that has been used in other massacres committed in recent years.

Simply the politicians who in a Mephistopheles way have united their destinies to the interests of the NRA are condemned to go off on a tangent with fallacies, half truths or vagueness to avoid putting their finger on the wounds of those who fell by the bursts of weapons manufactured for wars and Not for civilians with Rambo fantasies. The deceptive speech offends at this point: prohibit the efficient devices (bump stocks) that accelerate the lethal capacity of semi-automatic rifles. Let's increase the age to 21 to buy one of these powerful weapons. Let's make sure that gun dealers do a more thorough review of the buyers' background. These are some of the offers when the survivors and relatives of the victims of this latest massacre demand that once and for all the murderous nonsense (always invoking the Second Amendment) to allow the sale and free circulation of weapons designed for a blood orgy .

Before recognizing that the great white elephant is the free circulation of all kinds of weapons in a first power that, as far as massacres of this nature are concerned, remains in a very bad place, politicians prefer to detour: the problem is not weapons , but those who shoot them. What needs to be tackled is that the mentally ill can obtain them legally. If your purchase is restricted until you are 21 years old, you can prevent unhinged children from carrying them. The origin of evil is in violent video games and not in weapons. The right to have firearms is inalienable. A well-learned script.

What is silent is that the weapons have no other purpose than to hurt or kill, and what varies is the magnitude of the damage according to their ability; not all the massacres that are committed are the product of an alienated mind, as in the case of the Pulse nightclub, whose author did it for a religious crusade; The killings with AR-15 have been carried out by 19-year-olds like the most recent in Parkland, or individuals around the age of 60 as the person responsible for the mass shooting at the Las Vegas hotel. As for video games, they are the same ones that kids see in other parts of the world, where killings with AR-15 rifles are infrequent or non-existent.

It is unquestionable that the problem of arms in the United States lies in the obscene ease with which anyone (sane, angry, crazy, radical or cautious indistinctly) can buy the most destructive artifacts. The rest of the arguments only serves to patch up an endemic evil that is handled as an absolute right and not as a modifiable constitutional right.

Recall that the ultimate commitment of the NRA is with the million-dollar industry of arms sales Politicians are the vehicle that loads the ammunition of such a powerful lobby. It is worth remembering what President Donald Trump told the members of this association on April 28, 2017: The eight years of assault on their liberties under the Second Amendment have ended abruptly, they have a friend and a defender in the House. Blanca.

The days advance thick with the survivors spitting truths that politicians can no longer avoid. They do it for the dead that will not return...........

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They did not do anything when 20 something toddlers died. Toddlers. This sickness runs deeply in america. The problem all comes from the leadership that we have. Instead of having leadership that guides to the wellbeing of the majority... leadership in this country is about money... who has the most money and power. Not about real leadership. And that shows in everything. Sandy Hook didn't move them. Nothing will.


True @idestroy agreed with your point about leadership. Thank you for taking your time and share your words.

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Have alwayed felt there should be a more rigid restriction for the sales of guns. Cause over the years you've had cases of shooting by people who legally have these rifles. Because something is legal doesn't make it right

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I hope something can be done, but I fear there is nothing that will work.
Trusting our security to the government has not worked.
Also, trusting armed teachers (for instance) will not work completely.
Sociopaths will always find a way to harm people.
No one can prevent such tragedies.
We must accept the presence of homicidal jackasses in our society.
And we must realize that no government can stop them.


Good thought @hunterwritlarge in the end people have to put their faith in government and prepare themselves to face similar tragedy in future.