Tributes to the real power of a vassal government.

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     Today in Argentina, the media place and remove presidents practically at their whim. Except honorable exceptions, anyone who aspires to an important position in the political arena, needs the approval of the media. In case any candidate does not have the blessing of “Grupo Clarin” (big media corporation), automatically, before such audacity the entire media apparatus begins to operate against this candidate.

     When I refer to the "media apparatus", I mean that the “Grupo Clarín” today has around 100 radio channels with nation-wide reach, 30 television channels (public and cable), several newspapers (including the same bugle, diary that reaches the whole country)

     Faced with a machinery of this magnitude, we can say that by force of constant repetition, the media forge the reality of people. Not because people are stupid, I would not say that (although there are some ...) I refer specifically to that Why should not you believe what your favorite journalists say? After all, a citizen works 8 hours a day and when he gets home, he watches television. He does not have time to internalize, perhaps it does not interest him, nor does it correspond to him (in an ideal world) he receives what the communicator transmits as true. The peculiarity of this mechanic is that it is not spread information, what these journalists do is create a story lacking data and rickety of information or evidence. To my vision, journalists are degraded to the rank of influencers of a social network. They only irrigate us with a fantasy and functional story to the plans of these gigantic corporations. Lying is allowed and promoted in the name of "freedom of the press." I am not advocating censorship, but I am criticizing the blatant lie, using information as a commodity when actually it is a RIGHT.


Silence is for sale.

The tribute of the government to their masters.

     As if this were not enough, the imposed governments are only vassals at the service of real power. Multimillionaire sums are directed to these media and their journalists. Blogs without traffic, read by anyone receive giant sums in advertisements of the government of the day. They buy the silence. It does not matter that the salary of a teacher is below the poverty line, sums of millions go to these diabolical opinion-forming operators. Sadly where the media prevails, governments do not work for social welfare, but are only the puppets of a higher power, always in the shadows.

     Not all governments, obviously, i do not intend to criminalize politics in general. There are great patriots out there who seek a fairer world and fight these dark practices worthy of the most outlandish of dystopias.

     Pay attention to what you consume, do not be fooled. The truth in this era is a precious and almost unattainable phenomenon. Identify the communicators who inform you, look for independent media, do not let them tell you what to think or what to believe. Do not let them tell you who is criminal, dirty up honest governments with alleged cases of corruption without any evidentiary support. The thief is the one who steals, not the one who is told to. Sharpen your perception and discernment is a duty these days.


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Che, gran blog, me gusta Argie News 😊


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Pay attention to what you consume, do not be fooled. The truth in this era is a precious and almost unattainable phenomenon.

Follow the truth, not your emotions.

Great article about Argentina and Latin America in general. We are living in an era with more guns to fight the media, to fight the fascism, to fight the hate.

But yet with all this technology, we are going to live more dark before the dawn.

It is our responsability to save ourselves from the tyranny.


Thanks for coming, glad you enjoy the read. Its true that we have the weapons to fight back, but we still having a huge disvantage. TV has a massive auddience, even these days with all the independient podcast and independient media, tv is still the one unificator, because it goes trough all ages and socio economic level by it easy access, its a hard fight to carry on.

ill reccomend steemit to everyone on my social platforms to increase the public, but ill be forced to wite in english to get more proffit, im planing to write on oth languages but with ll those new changes i dont know yet how many post x day i can write.

Thanks for coming, and read me!

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Well written fam! The silence is for sale really got me thinking! I hope @curie sees this.


Hey thanks for coming! Hope you enjoy the read, im starting this section to improve my english skills (feel free to mark any mistake) and also to open the market of my followers!

Ill really like politic topics and i want to share topics not discussed from the big media, spread information, not only news, of course have my own opinion, but i want to nourish my analisis. But well i am a passionate person, some of my articles be more virulent than others hehe!

Thanks for all =)

Tell Lie Vision ... good one
There was one night when we discussed the TV conspiracy theory.
Where the powers that be used it to control the masses...
Thanks to social media, that's not the case anymore generally

Pay attention to what you consume, do not be fooled.



As i can see, the best way to waste less time on consume, its to find some references, people as lawyers (involved on social topics) senators, jurist and watch the sessions on congresses, and some speeches, i mean to go straight to the source.

With youtube is way easy, more counting on those channels who cut tv shows and just upload an especific interview that you want to watch. A tip that i find preety usefull is suscribe to the youtube´s congress channel and keep up to date of the meetings, im not usually watch the entire session but its a good way to internalize with some politicians and choose those who argue with relevant data, or quote some guy and insta google his name and follow his youtube and twitter, for example ill use twitter to just follow lawyers and congressment. Twitter for me isn´t a social network, its like a newspaper. The problem having a lots of irrelevant people on twitter gets your timeline full of unrelevant stuff and the information just get cover by puppy´s videos from aunt Julie.

The key is choosing the person, i meant found people who is interested on build a better world, (or at least your own country) no matter the color of his party.

Glad to meet you! Hope you enjoy the read!


I am not politically inclined but I do have very good friends who are
But I totally get you, one too many puppy videos is an unnecessary diversion
I did enjoy the read and thank you for putting it so eloquently :)


The heroes from the future history books does exist, they are walking among us today.

Keep your eyes wide open!

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