Chaos Out of Order

in #news7 years ago

by James Corbett
January 22, 2017

Well, we've all survived inauguration far. That's a start, right?It's certainly a sign of something when we take some measure of comfort in the fact that the world hasn't quite ended yet, but you don't need me to tell you that. Everyone can feel it deep down. Whether it's the fake news squawking their propaganda louder than ever, or protests and riots mixed with rumors of protests and riots, or wars of words between the newly-crowned president and...well, almost everyone, things seem to be full-on crazy and getting crazier by the minute.

Don't you just wish for some "normality" right now? Wouldn't it be nice to go back to that bygone time of a couple of decades ago when the world didn't seem so insane?

That's the trick. That's exactly what you're supposed to be feeling right now. Allow me to explain.

You see, everyone in "conspiracyland" is familiar with that old Masonic dictum, ordo ab chao. For those who stumbled onto this article from "Fakenewsestablishmentland," that's Latin for "order out of chaos," and it refers to the tried-and-true method of would-be tyrants everywhere for moving society in a given direction. In short: Generate chaos in order to provide the type of "order" you wanted all along.

In order to pass a PATRIOT Act, you need a 9/11. So, if you were a would-be tyrant who wanted to gain total control over the internet via an i-PATRIOT Act, what would you do? If you answered "Stage a cyber 9/11!" then give yourself a cookie; you get the idea. (Bonus points if you suggested appointing one of the key 9/11 cover-up artists to the position of "cyberczar.")

But there's a corollary to "order out of chaos" that often gets overlooked: If you want to transition from one order to the next (an "old world order" to a "new world order," if you will), then you need to create chaos. And the bigger the transition, the more havoc needs to be generated in order to bring it about.

It would be difficult to argue that we're not going through such a transition right now. We are simultaneously facing:

That's a lot of chaos. And everyone is feeling it. There are worries about trade wars and new trade compacts that might emerge in the coming years. There are worries about actual wars that might take place if the bellicose warmongering from certain circles isn't tamped down soon.

To understand how chaotic things are, just look at a few of the radically different but equally plausible scenarios describing how things might unfold in the Trump era:

Scenario 1: Trump pivots to the Chinese boogeyman and buddies up with Putin, driving a wedge between the blossoming Sino-Russian friendship. Raising tariffs, rocking the boat on Taiwan and taking back the South China Sea by force convinces China (rocked by a plunging yuan and a stalling economy) to retreat back into their "Middle Kingdom" shell.

Scenario 2: Trump pulls the US out of the TPP, puts up stiff tariffs on Chinese goods and tells America's proxies in the Asia-Pacific that if they want the US military umbrella they had better be willing to pay for it. China comes along offering its own free trade deal to fill the vacuum left by the retreating Americans. Other nations in the region (like the Philippines and even Australia) turn away from the US and embrace the new China-led Asia-Pacific order.

Scenario 3: Secretary of State Tillerson gets his way and the US labels Russia a danger that must be dealt with. Tougher sanctions lead to more wars of words and saber rattling. Sensing opportunity, Team Trump decides to flip the script with China, making concessions to allow Beijing more leeway in the South China Sea. In return, Washington demands (and receives) Chinese support for sanctions against Moscow, severing the emerging Beijing-Moscow axis.

And those are just the Asia-Pacific scenarios. I could go on, of course. And on and on, if need be.

Scenarios in which Iran becomes the next boogeyman for Uncle Sam, kicking off an even more serious level of confrontation with Russia in the Middle East, contrast with scenarios in which Trump realizes his "only Nixon could go to China" moment in Tehran, befriending the Iranians and re-normalizing relations in a bid to recoup some of the hundreds of billions of dollars in lost business as a result of frosty relations.

Scenarios where the "wave of populism" from 2016 translates into nationalist victories at the polls in Europe, putting the final nails in the coffin of the EU, contrast with scenarios where the EU redoubles its efforts and uses the migrant crisis or the Italian banking crisis (or whatever the next crisis happens to be) as an excuse to take more power.

All of these scenarios are wildly different, some even contradictory. And yet they all seem equally plausible. In fact, they could all be wrong and something even more outrageous could be the story of 2017. If this ended up being the year of the first North Korean nuclear attack or the rise of a neo-Communist insurgency in the West or an all-out cyberwar between major powers or a fake alien invasion, who would even be surprised at this point? We've lost our sense of normal. There is only chaos.

Of course, we have to understand that we have been brought to this point for a reason. In order to get their new order, the powers-that-shouldn't-be had to generate this current chaos. The unprecedented levels of social, political and economic tension we are experiencing right now are part of a game plan. To reset the chess pieces, the board has to be knocked over first.

This presents us with a glass-half-full/glass-half-empty situation. When the game board is overturned, the would-be tyrants waste no time in getting to work, trying to arrange things to their liking.

But their control is not total. At times like this, when the glacial status quo has been liquefied and everything is in flux, we have an opportunity for true change. I can attest to the fact that over the years I have watched as more and more people have unplugged from the matrix and started to learn the truth about false flag terrorism, the central bank fraud, the creeping police state and other such vital issues. Often, they have been woken from their slumbers by a major shock to the system: a 9/11, a Lehman collapse, or some other chaos-generating incident. And so it is that those sowing the chaos may reap the whirlwind of an ever-more-awake public, rejecting the phony solutions that the so-called "elite" try to shove down its throat.

It's a race between us and them, but in this window of opportunity there are more people than ever before who are at least receptive to hearing the truth.

Still, I do find it worrying that almost all of my imagined scenarios for the coming year involve war between major powers.


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As I warned about two years ago in my published novel, the powers that shouldn't be are setting the stage for the final social cataclysm, the ultimate chaos to usher in a New World Order. As Kissinger just said at the WEF Forum in Davos, the "disintegration of the old order" is in full swing. Now I fear they may have the guy in office to kick off the final social cataclysm which I believe will start between Israel and Iran.

Trumps ties to Israel, via his financial backers and the incredible amount of Khazarian Mafia (Ashkenazi Jews) in his inner circle is unbelievable: Link

As for ties to Iran, Russia has signed a defensive treaty with Iran: Link. Also China is heavily dependent on Iranian Oil, and Russia and China are being forced together by Nato's encirclement plan, encircling Russia and China with missile defense systems.

I see these things, and I know of the elite's order from chaos plan, and I worry. However, if we expose them I think we can force them to alter course.

Peace. Great article Corbett.

Talking about Davos, the 3 next pandemics have supposedly been named there. That is according to Jon Rappoport (starting at 31:00):

@titusfrost Scary how much I agree :) Just wanted to add Trump's majority of cabinet picks are completely anti-Iran full of BS propaganda.

You got another follower

While there is no concrete evidence that Albert Pike's 1871 letter to Mazzini was authentic, I think it would be prudent to keep in mind what he allegedly said, because it certainly "rhymes" with what you are alluding to:

"The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the 'agentur' of the 'Illuminati' between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion. We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil."

What few are yet to understand is the extraordinary technology that Iran has that they gained from Mehran Keshe and his Keshe Foundation - . In December 2011, they plucked a fully encrypted high tech CIA drone out of the sky, landed it unharmed and then reverse engineered it. See . They repeated it a year later with a more pedestrian drone - . And Iran has given this technology to Russia, which they used against the Donald Cook in the Black Sea - twice. This article tells that story briefly and much more about Keshe. The power of this technology is receiving no publicity because it threatens the control system of the global elite on many levels. I know about this because I've been tracking it for years, have written about it on my blog at and have begun to sell their products at . But the real game is hidden from the public - as ever. But America has to be shit scared of this technology, along with Israel and those satanic Khazarians masquerading as Jews who run the world we see.

@richard.presser Good info and you got a new follower :)

What is the gravitational coil?
Do you have a video?
Sounds like a perpetual motion snake oil trick.
Like X-Files, I want to believe. Make me, if you don't mind.

Can't remember how I came across your website. It is no exaggeration to say you changed my life with the information you supply and most importantly the way you back it up. Inspiring stuff and I am now a pain in the Royal arse! Thanks James.
PS would love to know what you think of Lawful Rebellion in the UK? I'm just researching the subject and think you might be interested as it serves 2 purposes. The first is to withhold tax from crown so not to aid their unlawful behavior and the second is most important. The 2nd purpose is to bring yourself out of the system and fight them on a level playing field.

Best regards


I don't know about lawful or unlawful anything.
I know that Derrick Jensen always blows my mind. He may be too radical for what you're thinking of though.

The first link with Tucker Carlson interviewing a protest organizer is almost impossible to follow. It is literally insane.
You have Tucker doing his best to discredit the guest and his organization (I still have no idea if it's real or not...i gather it's fake? He must be trolling FOX) and the guest looking like he was literally pulled off the street to be interviewed. At one point they're talking about Chelsea Manning and Tucker switches the name to Peyton Manning and the guest doesn't even notice and later we have the guest stating that they were planning anti-Trump protests but changed their minds 30 minutes ago and are now protesting anti-Trump
Confusion and chaos is the only take away i have from this interview. Stupifying television, literally i feel stupider for watching that whole clip.
Great piece though.

It is my understanding that the meaning of "order out of chaos" has been hijacked by psychopaths, and actually has its roots in sacred geometry.

Now can you tell me about the New World Order - who's the new and who's the old?
The answer is that whoever wins with the most stuff is the New until they get Old and lose.

I don't know anything about that, other than what I read on Corbett.

I was only joking.
I too, am brainwashed by Corbett.
I'd ask you to join our cult but you're already one of us.

At times like this, when the glacial status quo has been liquefied and everything is in flux, we have an opportunity for true change.

So eloquent, so true. Awesome James, I love it.

I hope those of us in the liquefied strata can prevail, and the threshold of those able to see the chaos as just another controlled stimulus for it will be a subtle but effective clue to many others who see our skepticism and reluctance to react and give them pause. Maybe we can restrain the chaos that arises from fear and emotions that cloud judgement with a more rational view of things as you present here.

Good work James. You have managed to help subdue the rising level of tension I feel within myself, and that's been with me most of my adult life.

Like liquid cymatics, changing tones and forms.

Out of the scenarios that you presented, I'm leaning toward #1, at least so far. What I fear more is the chaos from within. I was hoping that after the inauguration, the cockroaches would retreat back into the woodwork. That doesn't seem to be the case, however. I saw Michael Moore's entreaty for the Democratic Party to change, bringing the LGBT community more into the decision making process thereby driving them further to the left. The Women's March yesterday and the "vaginalogues" by Ashley Judd & Co. show where the left is heading. We can count on the MSM to make governing as difficult as possible for the new president, distorting domestic as well as external issues. I wish President Trump the best, but he certainly has his work cut out for him.

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