The Crowd Funded Whale Experiment

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Today I learned of a project started on Steemit almost a month ago under the account name @crowdfundedwhale. You can read the original annoucement post here Introducing the CrowdFunded Whale Bot Project. The premise as I understand it seems pretty easy. If you are a creator of content and supporter of the project you can be added to the auto vote bot.

There is no minimum amount to be considered a supporter but @crowdfundedwhale has reserved the right to remove anyone from the list at any time if their content isn't considered good enough.

As an experiment I have sent a whopping 2 STEEM to the project along with a volley of upvotes. If you are a creator of original content and have a few extra STEEM lying around maybe you should think about tossing a few to @crowdfundedwhale to get a little extra upvote power behind your posts.

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I'm thinking of doing a similar project with #steemprentice if anyone is interested feel free to let me know.
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Oh nice. Lemme try toss some STEEM.

Awesome find, where did ya pick that up at today?

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